You Can Buy A Dual Box Of Cheez-Its And Wine To Help You Deal With 2020

by Julie Scagell
You Can Buy A Dual Box Of Cheez-Its And Wine To Help You Deal With 2020

This Cheez-It and wine pairing is here to save us

Some people enjoy a bold red with a wedge of brie or like to pair a crisp Chardonnay with a juicy sliced pear. Apparently, there’s a new gang in town who like their Rosé with a side of Cheez-Its, and really, who are we to judge?

House Wine and Cheez-Its are partnering for a second time to take summer up a notch with a dual pack of White Cheddar Cheez-Its and House Wine Rosé. You may remember the dynamic duo sold a similar pack last year that was part red, part regular Cheddar Cheez-Its but it’s Rosé season now, and its release is just in time to celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day on July 25 (or as some of us like to call it — Tuesday).

Original House Wine

“Following the success of our first edition of Cheez-It and Wine, which sold out in minutes, we knew we had to bring the partnership back this summer with a new flavor pairing,” said Jeff Delonis, Senior Director of Marketing for Cheez-It. “White Cheddar is a long-standing favorite of Cheez-It fans and what better match than light, refreshing rosé? Not only does it perfectly complement the cheesy goodness, it’s also the unofficial wine of summer!”

But wait, there’s more.

The wine side of the pairing has the equivalent of four bottles of Rosé, enough to last most of us through one news cycle. The limited-edition box is only available on starting at 2 p.m. ET on July 23. “Unlike rosé, availability probably won’t last all day,” the website reads, “so snag one before it sell out!” The box is selling for $29.99. Sure, you could purchase your wine and Cheez-Its separately but where’s the fun in that? We’re all juggling a lot right now, it’s time to make things easy.

Original House Wine

“Similar to the many varieties of Cheez-It, our wines run the full spectrum of flavor,” said Hal Landvoigt, winemaker for House Wine. “We’ve seen rosé skyrocket in popularity over the past few years, especially during the warm summer season. For the second year of this partnership, we knew the pairing had to feature rosé as the perfect complement to the real-cheese flavor in Cheez-It White Cheddar.”

If Rosé isn’t your jam, House Wine also provides a handy guide for all of its wine and the perfect Cheez-It to pair it with.

Original House Wines

Of course, now’s not the time to imbibe with friends, but they’ll certainly be impressed if you bust this bad boy out during a Zoom call or during a late-night FaceTime chat with your bestie because you’ve lost your shit for the 11th time today and you just need a moment in your closet to cry into some crispy crackers.

Or, if you still like your significant other at this stage, you can even share with them as you tuck in for yet another Netflix binge. The possibilities really are endless.