How Baby's First Holiday Looked In My Head vs. Reality

How Baby’s First Holiday Looked In My Head vs. Reality

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Sponsored by Babies"R"Us

Sponsored by Babies“R”Us

It’s here: the most wonderful time of the year. Or maybe not. Here’s how my baby’s first holiday season looked in my head versus how it actually worked out in reality:


Dream: We walk together as a family sipping hot cocoa as we pick out a freshly chopped tree.

Reality: Arrive at hardware store on the same day as half of humanity, unsuccessfully try to change baby’s diaper in hardware store parking lot, and spill hot cocoa all over front seat.


Dream: Sit by the fire catching up while your aunt lovingly rocks baby to sleep.

Reality: Hide in bedroom to stay away from young twin cousins with runny noses and uncle with dirty hands who keeps asking to hold the baby.


Dream: Making new memories on baby’s first trip.

Reality: Baby won’t sleep a wink at night in a strange house. Thank god for the vibrating sleeper that lets you have a nap while she chills all afternoon.


Dream: Baby is tucked in — finally time for some adult conversation and holiday cheer.

Reality: Doing laps of Grandma’s living room in the stroller until baby falls asleep.

So I’ve accepted that the holidays may never be picture perfect, but I’m going to roll with the bumps along the road and make it through (one lap of the living room at a time).

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