Santa Claus Is Older Than You Think — Here's Kris Kringle's Birthday

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Santa Claus looking out a window — how old is Santa Claus?
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How old is Santa Claus? The question is a good one. Seemingly, the man in red never ages. But at the same time, not too many stories exist that show Santa as a child. Yet like most figures, Santa obviously has an origin story. Santa Claus, also known by the monikers of Saint Nicholas and Kris Kringle, has been traced back to a monk from hundreds of years ago named St. Nicholas. According to History, he lived around 280 A.D. in Turkey. Based on his acts of goodwill, he was known as being someone who looked out for the less fortunate. He was especially kind to children.

The feast day of St. Nicholas is often celebrated on December 6, which is the day he reportedly passed away. Historically, people considered that a day of luck based on his good spirit. And, of course, he will always live through Santa Claus today.

Does Santa Claus have a birthday?

This is likely a question you may get from your kids — especially as they learn the importance of birthdays. And, nope, Santa’s birthday isn’t Christmas! Plenty of resources state that it’s on March 15. That makes Santa a Pisces, in case you happen to be into the zodiac.

How old is Santa Claus?

According to EmailSanta, which connects kids to the man himself, Santa officially stopped counting around his 550th birthday. With so much on his mind, it makes sense that he’d lose track. So, how old is Santa Claus? This year, Santa Claus is estimated to be 1,750 years old — but, hey, he doesn’t mind his old age.

Are you curious about how old Mrs. Claus is? While she doesn’t reveal her age, sources state that she’s slightly younger than Santa at 1,139 years old. It’d be intriguing to know how many Christmas cookies she’s baked in that time!

How can you celebrate Santa Claus’s birthday?

Lucky for you, Santa seemingly has everything he needs at the North Pole to plan a pretty fantastic party. And since he’s celebrated well over 1,700 times, surely he knows how to best honor each year.

Still, it can be a fun tradition to celebrate every March 15. Maybe you can make cookies at home. Just because it isn’t Christmas doesn’t mean you can’t dig into some peanut butter blossoms or snickerdoodles. You can also do good deeds for your loved ones. Kindness is a big part of the holiday, and Santa’s birthday is a great excuse to spread some love and gratitude to the people you care about.

How old is Santa’s oldest elf?

If you know anything about Santa, it’s that he’s employed several elves at his workshop to help make all of the toys your children receive. That, and plenty of other workers outside of the North Pole, but it’s OK to pass credit to the elves during December.

ISpotSanta is one of the best sources to learn about Santa Claus and his elves. They state that one of the oldest elves around is 4,000 years old, and he goes by the name of Kringle. The youngest is only 700 and is named Buttercup. As you can see, Santa is always on the lookout for new elves with plenty of holiday spirit.

How old is Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer?

In comparison to Santa and Mrs. Claus, Rudolph is reportedly much younger. In years, Rudolph is only 82 years old. His popular story, created by Robert L. May, debuted in 1939 and introduced the world to Santa’s most unique reindeer.

Rudolph was always extra special based on his red nose. He often leads the other reindeer through the night sky with his ability to shine a light in the darkness. He’s the youngest of all of the reindeer, and it seems like he completes the whole pack. (That is unless you add in Olive, the “other reindeer” — but technically, she’s a Jack Russell Terrier.)

How old is Dasher the Reindeer?

Dasher is known as Santa’s oldest reindeer. He and the rest of the reindeer were first mentioned in 1823 in Clement Clarke Moore’s poem “A Visit From St. Nicholas,” better known as the “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” poem. So, that would make Dasher 198 years old! Fun fact: Dasher’s at the front of Santa’s sleigh because he’s the fastest — hence his speed-themed moniker.

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