How To Block Out the Haters

How To Block Out the Haters

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Every mom knows a Karen…but not all of us know how to deal with one. This episode of Momsplained reveals the secret to success when it comes to blocking out the haters. Because moms just don’t have extra energy to deal with an ounce of bad vibes.

We moms don’t have time for negative energy. Or even have energy. So, let’s talk about how to preserve every ounce of energy we DO have.

First, you don’t have time for Karen. The Karens of the world make feel badly with their judgy comments and their perfect instagram posts. Whether it’s Karen or Amy or Julie, if she doesn’t make you happy, she’s not worth the time. Think of bad friends like unsupportive bras you still have in your drawer from the 90s. They don’t do anything but hang around uselessly. So get rid of them!

Second up – avoid the gossip mill. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the who’s and what’s of the school. Even I want to know who started fart-gate at the assembly, but sometimes you have to take a break from the drama and all the negative talk.

We’ve talked about avoiding, but how about being proactive? Break them down with love! That’s right. You know the surly woman at your office or the difficult school nurse who seems to LOVE sending your kid home sick? Your blood pressure is already high enough, so take the high road this time. Try smiling at a scowl and of course, drink coffee. Coffee always helps!

Plus, making these moves make for a great example for the kids. Girl, bye. You’ve been Momsplained!

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