How To Care For Your Poon in a Pandemic


How To Care For Your Poon in a Pandemic

by Alison Bucalo
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Yes, it’s a pandemic and we have to social distance but we don’t have to skip our visit to the gynecologist. Whether it’s in-office or online, we have to keep up with our poons! Madge the Vag tackles the topic of vaginal health during the pandemic with Dr. Lily Hanna. Subscribe to Scary Mommy TV here:

Nowadays, we are all Zooming for meetings, birthdays and holidays. The same can go for our vaginas! Gynecologists are able to schedule telehealth video sessions with their patients. Don’t worry! You can keep your clothes on and your legs closed for this. If you have a concern about your vag, a telehealth visit may be the first step where you can chat online with your gyno to give her all the facts. Your gyno can then decide whether she needs to see your vag up close and personal or not.

I know what you’re thinking – if it’s just an itch down there, it’s probably a yeast infection and you can deal with that one on your own. You don’t have to. There are ways to still get tested for yeast infections or other similar infections without having to self-diagnose and potentially make a mistake. Your muff doesn’t like mistakes! Trust me! I know! Gynecologists are saying that you can get yeast infections kits at local pharmacies and drop them off curbside for your gyno to check for you! Bye drive-thru fast food, hello drive-thru fast vag test results!

There are certain issues that require going into your gynecologist’s office, however. Here are some “red” flags (pun intended) to look out for: excessive bleeding, uncontrolled pelvic pain or any sort of pelvic pain that isn’t part of your routine cycle.

And remember, whether it’s a pandemic or not, you should never neglect your vagina’s health.

Happy hoohas!

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