Women Impacted By Harvey Need Tampons -- Here's How You Can Help

by Julie Scagell
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Many organizations pulling together to donate feminine hygiene products

There has been a giant push for diaper donations since Hurricane Harvey made landfall and rescue began. There are thousands of residents displaced and living in shelters — and many fundamentals are needed. But in addition to necessities like food, clothing, and diapers — women need a little extra help, too.

Tampons. Sanitary napkins. Feminine hygiene products. Imagine being stranded without those?

Obviously, most that fled the storm brought little more than the clothes on their backs. Food, water, and basic staples are being brought in by the Red Cross and many other volunteer organizations, but what are the thousands of displaced women meant to do about their periods?

If you would like to donate to the women impacted by Harvey, there are a few specific ways we all can make a big difference:

Amazon wish list for Junior League of New Orleans

Use the link above donate menstrual products, diapers, and other products directly to the Junior League of New Orleans Diaper Bank who are now accepting donations specifically for Harvey relief.

The Action Network Donation Page

You can use this page to directly send monetary donations that will be used to purchase feminine hygiene products for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. “All donations will be given to the Homeless Period Project – Rio Grande Valley to purchase and send the products to the affected communities,” reads an announcement on their site.

Happy Period Houston

#HappyPeriod is a “social movement of girlfriends” whose mission is to provide feminine hygiene products to those living in low income areas or are homeless. You can donate here or by adding items to their Amazon wish list here.

Trusted World

Trusted World is no stranger to helping out during times of disaster. They have helped victims in Louisiana after Katrina and are still helping victims to this day. They are a part of the State and Dallas County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and are pitching in to help with the aftermath of Harvey. They have a temporary collection site at 15660 Dallas Pkwy Dallas, TX 75248 (9am to 7 pm) for those that can donate in person. You can also donate via their website here.

Support The Girls

Support the Girls collects and distributes donated tampons, pads and undergarments to three temporary shelters in the Texas area. They are now accepting donations for those affected by Harvey. They are estimating they will donate over 70,000 products for women during this disaster. If you would like to donate, contact or send money directly to Support the Girls (c/o Grace Whitley), PO Box 581, Wylie, TX 75098.

Coastal Response Center

The Coastal Response Center, located in Coden, Alabama is collecting items such as cleaning products, trash bags, and food items but is also looking for pads and tampons for the women impacted by Harvey. They are also hosting fund raisers this weekend in Mississippi to raise money to purchase products for victims. Please call 251-824-1135 for an updated list of products and where to donate.

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