How to Help Your Kid Make More Friends


How to Help Your Kid Make More Friends

by Team Scary Mommy
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Growing up is hard to do. It was hard enough to fit in when we were at-school in person. Now, try meeting people when you are 13 doing virtual learning over Zoom. Yikes. Here are some tips for helping your kid make more friends.

Step 1: Join Something

Activities separate from school offer a whole new pool of potential friends. Bonding through a sport, an art class or camp can happen naturally through collaboration and teamwork without the same level of social stress that sometimes happens at school.

Step 2: Ask The Teacher

Fitting in at school is possibly one of the hardest parts of growing up. Speaking to a teacher for advice on how to get your child involved in lunch meet-ups, virtual clubs or other organized activities can help. The teacher also might have a better insight into other kids who your child might connect with, so you can set up a strategic playdate.

Step 3: It’s Not About You

Look, even SpongeBob had a hard time growing up. Check out the new show Kamp Koral to get a laugh at how SpongeBob and his friends grew up with the same trials and tribulations we all had. From Bikini Bottom to your own backyard, growing up is an adventure. We all had to grow up and make it through awkward fashion trends.

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