How To Keep All The Grandmas Safe

How To Keep All The Grandmas Safe

by Alison Bucalo
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Covid-19 is still here so, wear a face mask! You might just save a grandma’s life. It’s science, people! Today, on Momsplained, we are talking about masks and how they’re not just for Halloween anymore. Here are three ways to not kill a grandma! Subscribe to Scary Mommy TV:

First up, wear a mask. Seems like a simple step. You put on your seatbelt. You wear sunscreen. You wear bras. Why not wear a mask while you’re at it? Think of the benefits — you don’t have to worry about how bad your breath smells, you don’t have to wax your mustache and you don’t even have to fake-smile at Linda across the street when she’s talking about her petunias! When this pandemic is over, I don’t know about you, but I’ll still be wearing a mask! Just try and stop me, Jill!

I know what you’re thinking – not wearing a mask is your right. Give me liberty or give me death! Well, if you don’t wear a mask, a grandma just might get the second one. Simply put, if you’re having a big family BBQ in the backyard and you’re not practicing social distancing, you just might be distancing yourself from your favorite bar or restaurant even longer than you thought. Oh, and you also might be killing grandma when you’re crowded around the potato salad.

Finally, have some respect. Think of all those people working out there, putting their lives at risk so we can have a visit at the doctor, a haircut at the salon or just buy some groceries at the store. How’s that song go? R-E-S-P-E-C-T wear a mask would you please?? I think that’s what Aretha sang. Oh, and don’t be a racist because low income communities of color are losing more grandmas to COVID-19 than any other group. It won’t kill you to wear a mask, but it might kill a grandma if you don’t.

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