How To Plan (And Actually TAKE) The Ultimate BFF Trip

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Yes, we’ve all “planned” to start a commune with our best buddies. But apparently we have to wait for our kids to move out or something. And since that may or may not ever happen, we probably need to plan something that’s a little easier to pull off.

Just because the commune is on the back burner for a decade or so, it doesn’t mean you can’t take a BFF getaway here and there. You just have to make a plan that’s a little more do-able. Moms are nothing if not geniuses at figuring out how to *Tim Gunn voice* make it work! If you’re desperately in need of some girl time — or just desperate for a little time AWAY — we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to make it happen.

Find that elusive “week that works”

What’s that sound? That’s your friends laughing about finding dates when everyone can get away. But you can do this! Pick a date far enough in the future when there aren’t already a ton of commitments. Then make sure all of you guard that date with your life! Getting away with your girlfriends is actually a huge boost to your mental health. Who says? Oh, just SCIENCE.

You’ll probably need to spend the time between now and then creating Pentagon-level plans for getting your kids fed, dressed, to school, to sports, and in bed at a decent hour while you’re away. Trust me: worth it.

Skip the hotel and rent an RV

If your concept of RVing is retirees and big family trips, you’re behind the times, sis. RVing is a seriously amazing way to travel. There’s no running through the airport to make your flight. No absurdly expensive hotel rooms. And you can stop wherever, whenever. What a cool way to see the Oregon coast together. Or take that bucket-list trip to Yosemite.

Renting an RV is the perfect BFF getaway, especially since it allows for lots of flexibility. If you’re concerned about being around crowds right now, an RV allows for plenty of social distancing without being stuck in a hotel room.

And there are about a million options to Go RVing. From folding campers and travel trailers, to sports utility RVs with built-in garages and luxury motorhomes. You truly have all the comforts of home, like gourmet kitchens, sparkling bathrooms, comfortable beds, outdoor entertainment centers and multiple TVs to enjoy all of your guilty pleasures. (Ok, that’s actually nicer than my home.) You and your crew can park it, open up a bottle of wine (or several), and let the oversharing begin in total comfort.

Make the grocery list

Moms cannot live on gummy bears alone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t load up on all those snack foods you try not to have in the house. You’ll also want to plan an epic “first night” dinner. It’s going to feel so good to cook with your friends, knowing you can eat whenever you feel like it, probably next to a roaring fire. Or the ocean. Or a desert vista… Sorry, where was I?

The other great thing about an RV trip is that if you forget an ingredient, no big deal. Just stop at the next market. Many RVs have plenty of storage space so you can shop somewhere new every day or get everything for the whole trip before you head out on the open road.

Many RVs have ample storage space so you can store plenty of cleaning supplies, hand sanitizer, soap and anything else that makes your RV feel more like home.

Brainstorm an itinerary

On some level, the whole point of getting away with your pals is getting away from schedules and “have tos.” But it’s worth investing a little time in planning a nice mix of relaxation and excitement. (Although for some of us relaxation is excitement.) Winging it is cool until the friend who wants to go, go, go clashes with the friend who wants to block out time for daily naps.

This is another way the RV comes in handy. That friend who wants to hike, shop and explore can satisfy her wanderlust while others can enjoy the glorious amenities of the campground or bask in the glow of the quiet, kid free moments. When you’re ready to move on to the next spot, no one needs to repack a suitcase or tip a valet. It’s the ultimate in flexibility and convenience.


When you Go RVing, you don’t just vacation, you live your best life—and every stop is an adventure in a home-away-from-home. As much as we love our families, there’s nothing quite like a week away with your besties. Ah, AWAY. It’s that place that’s easy to find and, with your squad, impossible to forget.

Wherever your away may be, find it in an RV. You may be surprised to learn that there are several types of RVs to suit every budget . Plan your away at

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