How To Start Running

by Julie Kottakis
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If you want to start running all you need is two feet and a heartbeat. No more excuses, moms. Follow these easy steps and get those legs pumping! Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

First things first, you have to dress for the part. Get a cute running outfit. Not only will you feel cute, but proper running wear will help you reach your goals. If you’re wearing something that’s not comfortable like those baggy sweatpants you normally wear to drop-off, you may find those around your ankles after about a block of running. If you’re dressed like a runner, you’ll be more in the mood to run. And don’t you forget the girls! I’m talking about your boobs. They need to be harnessed in a proper sports bra. Or two. Whatever it takes. Your knees should be going up and down. Not your boobies. Ouch.

Don’t worry. Your cute running outfit doesn’t have to break the bank. Walmart, Target, H&M – they all have great running wear at great prices. Nothing like some good deals to leave some extra cash in your pockets, which you’ll need for running shoes.

Running shoes need to fit. You’re a busy mom and you don’t have time for blisters and black toenails. Those sneakers you slide on to go to the playground? They are not made for running. They’re basically slippers at this point and you know it, Debra.

When it’s time to start running, put your mom skills at work – plan it out but start small. Alternate between walking and running. You want to actually LIKE running, so don’t go crazy to start. The buddy system also helps. Pick a mom you know will not let you get away with missing a run. But most importantly, watch the video above to get all the tips. Oh, one last thing. Don’t forget your mask! This video was made before coronavirus. So, although we don’t show it – wear the darn mask when you’re around people. When you’re a safe distance away, take it off. Yes, it’s that easy!

Exercising is great modeling for our kids! So, grab your sports bras and pee undies and get moving! Girl, bye. You’ve been Momsplained.

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