How To Text In a Pandemic


How To Text In a Pandemic

by Team Scary Mommy
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The coronavirus has changed the way we do lots of thing, like shop, school and socialize. Masks are the new norm, parents have become teachers and 6 feet is as close as we’re going to get to anyone. Another thing that has changed is the way we text. GIFs and acronyms are more popular than ever which means you need to be up on the latest texting lingo. Momplained’s Michael Birmingham has got the new phrases you need to make part of your vocabulary ASAP. Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube.

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If we know anything, it’s that grocery shoppers, runners and even bike riders can get a little too close for comfort. So the next time someone violates your space, hit them with BUSTY. Back Up Six feet, Thank You. Enough is enough people. You need to learn that social distancing only works IF you keep your distance. So, BUSTY and we will be back to normal in no time (we hope).

For more great acronyms you need to know, watch this episode of Momsplained. And don’t forget to check out Scary Mommy on They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we made sure to have the best GIFs for moms. That’s right, we have our own channel, filled with amazing GIFs that sum up what every mom wants to say. Find us at and you will never have to talk to anyone every again. You’re welcome.

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