Husband Sends Wife Hilarious 'Sexts' While Doing Housework

by Julie Scagell

This Reddit husband is one hilarious housekeeper

Everyone appreciates a clean house. What’s even better than a clean house, you may ask? A clean house you didn’t actually have to clean yourself. And what’s even more amazing that a clean house you didn’t clean? A clean house your husband cleaned while also sending you hilarious pictures of his shenanigans.

Reddit user Dirty ol Sob decided to do just that — and send his hard-working wife some snaps of himself also hard at work. The key word being “hard.”

“My wife really likes it when I do house work so I sent her these pictures while she was at work hoping it would turn her on,” he wrote next to some, um, pictures of him in various stages of cleaning, including but not limited to doing laundry (and a large load at that), washing the dishes, and vacuuming — though it may be easier if the vacuum was actually plugged in. Oh wait, I guess he noticed that part.

Of course the feminist in me is like, “Of course he should be cleaning, they own a house together.” I mean, when someone says to me, “You are so lucky your husband cleans/gives the kids a bath/cooks dinner, he looks at them like, “Oh, you poor bastard, you have no idea what you’ve just stepped into.” And I usually do. They aren’t my kids or my house, after all, they are ours and we both have full time jobs and why are any of these things up to a woman to do blah, blah, blah. You get the drift.


It’s clear this husband is kick-ass and has an amazing sense of humor. And who doesn’t want a husband that makes you laugh. And cleans. Let’s be honest.

It seems the internet agrees:

And my personal favorite and new phrase I am shamelessly stealing from this complete stranger:

While it’s true, chores should be shared equally among partners, it’s not always the case. We all know husbands (and yes, wives) who do little to nothing while the other carries the load of housework, errands, kids, and let’s not forget the “mental load.”

The original poster mentioned that “the only thing he accomplished” was his wife and her coworkers getting a good laugh at his expense.

But, it’s clear he did a whole lot more:

Who’s thinking any spouse who reads this will be engaging in some “chore play” of their own in the near future? Hint: You’ll probably never hear a complaint.