Brave Soul Snaps Grinning Selfie While His Wife Is Giving Birth In the Background

by Maria Guido

This week, a man took a selfie at the exact moment his wife was giving birth to their daughter and posted it to Reddit, as one does. That’s right — mom is pushing a human out of her vagina in the background, while dad is grinning like a fool in the forefront. This image perfectly illustrates the difference between the sexes. The general reaction to the photo has been that either this man is brave — or very, very stupid.

Gil Solano posted the image of he and his wife in the delivery room, with the caption “My wife wanted to make sure that someone took a picture of the expression on our faces when our daughter was born today. So I took one.” One smart commenter points out, “This is awesome, but you might be dead when she regains full mental capacity and finds this.” Another says, “I would have ripped my husband’s face off if he did this. No lie. And I like to think I’m pretty chill, generally speaking.”

Actually, the comments on the photo are as entertaining as the photo itself:

Today your family gained one life, and lost another.

RIP OP, you will be missed by some.

Sorry to hear she’ll grow up without a father.

Enjoy your celibacy.

Post updates to this regularly so that we know she hasn’t killed you yet.

According to Jezebel, Solano’s wife saw the photo and laughed. Delivery room selfies should never, ever become a thing — but you have to admit there’s a lot of joy in this photo. Yes, it’s only being expressed by one of these people — the other is literally in more pain than she’s ever experienced. But something about Solano’s expression is so endearing: he looks excited. He looks fun. He looks like someone you’d want to struggle through those first months of parenthood with. Anyone who’s been through the newborn experience knows a sense of humor is priceless.

Solano updated on his Facebook page that his daughter was born without any complications — a healthy baby girl who’s “as pretty as her mother.”

Congrats to the new parents, but to all the men out there who see this…