Husband Surprises Wife With Her Own Pregnancy - Yes, You Read That Right

by Maria Guido
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You Tube vloggers Sam and Nia are used to recording all of the minutiae of their family life for the world to see, so it makes sense that they would record a pregnancy announcement. What made it special though, is that the couple did not work together on this one. Sam surprised his wife Nia – with her own pregnancy.

The couple uploaded the eight minute video to their Sam and Nia You Tube page yesterday and it’s quickly going viral. Sam informs us in the first minute of the video that his wife Nia mentioned to him the night before that she was two weeks late with her period. He then explains that she doesn’t flush the toilet at night, because she doesn’t want to wake the baby. Then we get a glimpse of her actual pee in the toilet (thanks a lot, Sam).

Anyway, back to the video. Sam actually takes a dropper to the toilet and performs a pregnancy test himself, which would be creepy and kinda weird if they weren’t such an adorable, happy couple who vlogs for a living. Here’s the video:

This video should come with a “These are professionals, do not attempt this at home” warning. Sam’s excitement is so contagious, you actually forget that you’ve been staring at someone else’s pee via You Tube. Seriously, could this family get any more adorable?

I am going to voice a very unpopular opinion: I hate parenting viral videos. I know, I know. I’m a mom blogger – I basically HAVE to like them. Well, I don’t. But this one? It’s long and filled with overshare and I want to hate it – but this husband was 100% committed to making a joyful moment for his wife and kids – and he succeeded.

That’s pretty awesome.

Congratulations Sam and Nia.

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