Guy Asks Reddit If He's The A**hole For Talking To His Wife's Boss Behind Her Back

by Cassandra Stone
Guy Wants To Know If He's The A**hole For Discussing His Wife's Job With Her Boss

This husband called up his wife’s boss and got her demoted at work so she could better suit his needs

In today’s edition of “Men Are The Absolute Scum of the Earth,” yet another husband is proving himself to be a real piece of work in Reddit’s “Am I The Assholesubreddit. How so, you ask? Well, he decided his wife was too stressed and tired from her job to be the wife he wanted at home, so he went behind her back and got her demoted at work. And people wonder why women don’t feel secure in the workforce!

In the post, which has since been deleted from Reddit but still lives on Twitter (because the internet is forever), the husband begins by explaining that his wife has a high-level, demanding corporate job.

“What she does is extremely stressful and I don’t blame it for taking a toll on her. Recently, though she’s been having a really rough time with work and is clearly stressed out about it. She’s visibly upset much of the time, but she doesn’t seem to want to discuss the specifics with me,” he complains. “She’s even become forgetful and somewhat unuseful around the house recently — she seems to always be thinking about work.”

Ah, yes, there it is — the part where she’s not cooking, cleaning, or gardening to his satisfaction and rather than thinking “hey, maybe I should do my part around here or pick up the slack so she’s less stressed” he just goes full-throttle AWFUL with what he does next.

“She wouldn’t talk to me directly about it and I knew I had to do something, so I found her boss’s phone number and reached out,” he writes. “I simply told him that she has been listless and despondent recently, and that I worried about her performance at work as well as what it’s done to our home life. Basically her boss corroborated everything I was saying, and it seemed clear he felt the same way about her behavior. After some time talking, we both came to the conclusion that a reassignment was necessary.”

So this woman’s husband and male boss had an unspoken agreement that a demotion was in her “best interest” without ever consulting her or attempting to communicate with her about their issues.

What could possibly go wrong?!

“After the news came down to her she became hysterically upset – she thought she was being demoted essentially and she didn’t understand why,” he whines. “The thing is it really isn’t a demotion, there’s no pay cut involved, just an executive decision that was made for her own benefit. I’m really not comfortable telling her I was involved with this I suspect she’ll freak out at me, but I do think what I did was correct, and I believe her boss was reasonable enough to understand that also.”

Hmm. Well, I’m not a psychologist but methinks if you’re afraid to admit your role in making someone extremely upset, it’s because you know what you did is wrong.

Not surprisingly, plenty of horrified Twitter users chimed in their thoughts about how dreadfully horrible this dude is.

May this woman find the stress relief she so desperately needs through getting her employer fired and divorcing her husband. The end.