The 'Sleep Hoodie' Is Every Tired Parent's Dream Come True

by Valerie Williams
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A hoodie we can discretely (and comfortably) nap in? Shut up and take our money.

If you have kids, you’ve been there. That moment where you realize your body is simply not having it anymore. You’re so tired you can hardly see straight and at this point, you don’t even care where you sleep, but a little comfort would be awfully nice. Enter the Hypnos hoodie: a garment for all tired parents who have no shits left to give and will sleep anywhere they possibly can.

The Hypnos hoodie is currently part of a Kickstarter campaign to produce the item for the eager masses — it’s less than $3,000 short of its $30,00 funding goal with almost two weeks left on the campaign. From its website, we see the hoodie is marketed as something to make napping easier when the wearer is traveling. According to Refinery29, the hood is equipped with an inflatable, ergonomic neck pillow that supports the wearer if they want to snooze on the go.

Co-founder Josh Woodle says the hoodie is aimed at globe-trotting millennials and those partaking in “new travel culture” but sorry, Josh. Your target demographic should totally be parents. We’re sure millennials get tired and that work and leisure travel is exhausting but there’s no demographic on earth more pitifully desperate for sleep at all costs than parents.

Can you imagine all the ways parents could make a sleep hoodie part of their everyday lives? Stuck at the pediatrician’s office after being up all night with a croupy toddler? Sit back for five glorious minutes and let your magical, invisible neck pillow cushion you into dreamy-dream land. Watching TV with your sprouts and there’s no room on the couch for you to lie down? Inflate your pillow, relax and nap in your own personal heaven. On an airplane and your infant is asleep in your lap making it impossible to move in any way? The Hypnos hoodie has your back. Or your neck, rather. Mr. Woodle, you’re missing out by not pushing your product on parents. Trust me on this.

We know it’s a “tired” trope (pun intended) that us moms and dads are always exhausted but there’s a reason the notion of parental sleep deprivation is trotted out all the time — it’s fucking true. Show me a parent who hasn’t experienced periods of sleeplessness due to a teething baby, a scared preschooler, a fussy toddler or a teen who won’t obey their curfew. Parenthood is synonymous with sleepy and most of us would do anything to grab a little nap here and there. This item seems a bit gimmicky, but could certainly come in handy if you find yourself with a precious few minutes to snooze and no pillow in sight.

Naturally, the hoodie isn’t cheap with the base model starting at $89, but genius costs money and this might be well worth the expense. Check out their video for more information and join me in crossing fingers that the Kickstarter is successful and our dreams might come true. By actually getting some sleep so we even have a chance to dream, that is.

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