I Hate Playing With My Children


Six little words that strike fear into your heart.

Six little words that can bring you to your knees, take you down to the ground, break your back, and muddle your mind.

‘Mum, will you play with me?’

Curly Mop, newly four, had just started kindergarten, and we were suffering through a slew of half-days.

I had picked her up at noon and we now had three hours before we had to return to collect the Bombshell. After a sandwich, she peered up at me through her lashes and uttered those six words.

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Some of you will hate me and call me a bad mother, but I’m just being honest when I say I cringe when I hear those words. I hate playing with my children. Give me a Barbie doll and I will dress it and undress it happily for hours. Give me a book and I will read it to whomever is listening. Give me some Legos and I will build you something amazing. Give me a board game and I’m happy to roll the dice. But don’t ask me to ‘play’ because there is nothing fun about playing.

‘Pretend it’s the circus now, but I’m not a clown. Pretend I’m a butterfly. Ok, Mum?’ said the Mop.

‘Ok,’ I replied.

‘You have to say “here comes the butterfly,”’ she told me.

‘Ok,’ I said enthusiastically. ‘You’re a butterfly. I love your sparkly wings. Can you teach me how to fly?’

‘No Mum, you don’t say that. You can only say “here comes the butterfly.” Okay?’ she said crossly.

‘Ok. Sorry. Here comes the butterfly,’ I said, chastised.

‘I’m not ready yet, Mum. You can’t say it yet.’ She dashed into the next room and I heard the contents of the dress-up box being emptied onto the floor. ‘I’m ready,’ she called.

‘Here comes the butterfly,’ I called. Out she danced, wearing some wings. She did a whirl and promptly went back into the playroom.

‘Ok, now pretend this is a show, and I’m a Barbie bride girl, and this is my wedding.’

‘Ok,’ I replied.

‘You have to say “here comes Barbie bride girl”’ she told me.

‘Ok,’ I said. ‘Here comes Barbie bride girl.’

‘I’m not ready yet, Mum. You can’t say it yet.’

I was beginning to detect a theme.

‘Playing’ with my daughter basically consists of her telling me to ‘pretend’ something. We don’t actually get to do whatever she is pretending, it’s strictly a verbal thing. Pretend I’m a mermaid. Pretend this is my home. Pretend you’re a shark. But I don’t get to BE a shark. I just have to SAY I’m a shark.

So I find myself doing the most horrendous things to get out of ‘playing.’

I need to go to the toilet. I need to make a cup of coffee. Is that the phone ringing? I think I hear the mailman. And the worst: I’m just going to check my email, which is just slightly better than ‘would you like to watch TV instead?’

I know that it won’t be long before all my girls are too old to want to play with me anymore. I am sure that I will feel bad that I didn’t play with them more when they were little. I feel bad about lots of other things, what’s a little more mother guilt piled on top?

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I relish the ‘shows’ the girls put on, where they dance and twirl and sing. I love them because they’re cute but also because I know my place. I am the appreciative audience. I ooh, I ahh, I clap and I take pictures. I am not expected to be involved and that is fine. I will genuinely be sad when the shows finish, when they grow into self-consciousness, and no longer want to be the centre of attention.

But imaginative play where there is no opportunity to use my imagination drives me nutty. Being barked orders by a four year old is no fun, and so I will continue to live in fear of those six little words, ‘Mum, will you play with me?’

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About the writer

Shannon Meyerkort is a writer, blogger and mother of three girls under seven. Her love of writing isn’t simply because you get to do it sitting down. When she isn't doing the school-run or making vegemite sandwiches, you can probably find her writing at the kitchen table. Follow her blog Relentless or find her on Facebook. You can also buy her book, The Brutal Truth About the Third Child, on Amazon. If you want to know the truth, that is.

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Kris 3 months ago

I’m not proud of it, but yeah, I don’t like playing kiddie games as well. My mom and dad and grandparents never played with me as a kid. I think being there for your children is important but it is also important to let them learn how to amuse themselves. After all, they are not the center of the universe and they should know that. My little one is 6 and I think she’s ready to learn that, so I let her play by herself. When she asks me if I want to play, I sometimes say I don’t feel like playing, and she totally understands and does her own thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with her – we go on mommy and baby dates, I do her nails, watch movies with her, talk to her, eat with her and everything else, I’m just not down with playing kid games sometimes. I do make home made playdoh with her and do other creative stuff, just really not into dolls.

Brooke 4 months ago

Great suggestion about the timer!!!!! Thank you!

Darrah 4 months ago

Oh my God! I googled, I hate playing with my children, and up came your blog in the search engine. I’m NOT alone! I LOVE my children. I couldn’t wait for the day I would become a mother. It was what I dreamed of my whole entire life! Then they came along. I loved nursing, cuddling, bathing them….I loved the baby days. Then something happened and those sweet little babies began growing into toddlers. Damn, why didn’t someone warn me! haha! Then as they began to put sentences together words formed, Mom, will you play with us? Oh hell no! Not those words! I’ll happily prepare snacks, cook from scratch, help with homework, take walks, take them to the pool or park, I’ll even play games or read but please, just please DO NOT ask me to “play”. I don’t feel quite so horrible now….to know I’m not alone.

jacqui 4 months ago

Nope, I hate the barbies and the shows too.

Toni 5 months ago

I am so relieved to hear this is not just me. We have it pounded into our heads so often that we’re not appreciating our children if we don’t spend every second catering to their every whim…it’s nice to know I’m not the only mom who is no good at, and does not enjoy, “playing.”

Jackie Bixby 6 months ago

I love playing with my young children, some activities I definitely enjoy more than others. Sometimes it is difficult to play certain things because my daughter 2 or son 3.5 do not want to play by the rules and yes that does make some games & play that much less enjoyable for me as an adult which is totally normal. We as women need to stop being so judgemental about our differences in parenting techniques and styles, we are not better than the next person because we choose to do something differently, or because we enjoy some activities more than others. We are all just mothers who love our children just the same and we should be sticking together and supporting one another as life is already full of enough obstacles against us.

Heidi Coggins 6 months ago

Sad. I miss playing with my guys.

Chris Cottone 6 months ago

Enjoy these precious moments. It will mean the world to your child, for one day they will not ask you “to play” with them. Then one day they will not want anything to do with you, and you will wish and long for the day that they asked you to play with them.

Summer Cox Embler 6 months ago

I do not understand the level of, well, it seems like anger directed at this. I also don’t understand why other parents (especially mothers) feel that they need to judge other parents for how they parent. The other thing I don’t understand is how such a large portion of these commenters have little or no reading comprehension. If you go around and say that everything about being a parent is the best ever, you’re obviously lying. As long as a parent isn’t abusing or neglecting their kids, who cares how they parent? I fucking hated playing pretend with my kids and I’m glad I don’t have to do it anymore. There are many things I genuinely do not enjoy doing but do anyway. How does that make me a terrible person, exace? I think some people need to unlike this page…

Lee Skiftun 6 months ago

To bad you can’t enjoy your dauther , when you play pretend games with your childen, your childen will alway remeber what a great mom you are , or you can be the not fun mom! Up to you , but your missing out a lot of great stuff

Jill Hill 6 months ago

I always feel guilty, thought I was the only one…playing with my 5yr old is him bossing me around, telling me what to do and how to do it but never actually doing anything. Id read a million books or chase him around the park, anything other than ‘ free playing’ but I still do it everytime! Someday I know he will stop asking and I will miss it.

Phyllis Sisolak 6 months ago

For those of us not blessed with children, this makes me feel more sad for Scary Mommy than for me.

Tara Topper Bentz 6 months ago

Ladies, to all the perfect mommies that have all day to hang out with your little monsters thumbs up to you. Get a grip on reality. The author is being sarcastic. If you had children so you could play all day then you should have gone to never never land because clearly you never wanna grow up!!!!! It is a parents job to teach them right from wrong and to teach them to become civilized members of society. Not to entertain them at every waking minute of the day. What will your teenager do for entertainment when your not around to do so?? These kids grow up to be needy little show offs because they need the attention that they will be deprived of.

Lindsey Obremski Wertman 6 months ago

Omg i love you! This is so me!!!!

Crystal Strickland 6 months ago

I have a time limit of course, but the truth is that I adore playing with my son. He brings out my inner three year old and it’s comforting knowing I still possess that innocence.

Lauren 6 months ago

Verbatim what I deal with daily. Thank you!!

Marie Sanders 6 months ago

I’m a big kid and LOVE playing! But of course, I appreciate the time I have with my daughter (she’s sick) and don’t take it for granted. Any time I get to spend with her is precious to me.

Eileen Teresa Laurent 6 months ago

I hate dolls and girly stuff. So glad I had boys.

Laura Putnam Pate 6 months ago

Agreed…building, play dough, bubbles, board games I’m all in. But the imaginary stuff and the stuff explained in the article blah. It is like eternity to be doing that stuff

Bridget Nerney 6 months ago

Im rubbish at lego ☺☺

Kelly Fosdick Forsyth 6 months ago

I guess this makes me lucky, because I love playing with toys and love playing with my kids.

Crystal Womack Poe 6 months ago

How about we try and stop mommy wars already? Aren’t yall getting sick of it? I know I am. You can’t come and talk about ANYTHING anymore bc it turns into this shit. It’s ridiculous and childish. Let’s all be grown up parents and discuss the subjects without the name calling and rudeness. Isn’t that possible?

Alexandria Smith 6 months ago

I love these posts cuz it always makes me feel like less of a failure. I love all aspects of being a mom but playing is my least favorite. I like teaching them New things…. Not wanting to play doesn’t make us bad parents by any means.

Angela Wyss Kelley 6 months ago

Damn, I love how you piss people off!!

Rachael Van Os Morgan 6 months ago

I am right there with ya! There are so many other ways to engage and interact with your kids than playing with their toys or getting involved in made up games. I will read, color, draw, play catch, blow bubbles, watch movies, have dance parties, sing, and be silly all day long. I won’t, however, get down on the floor to play with toys or get involved in the pretend play scenarios because my kids are too bossy. Nobody is going to make me feel bad for admitting how much I can’t stand Barbies and cars or being told my fairy princess or zombie act isn’t correct.

Diyana Deville 6 months ago

Actually I do like playing with my kid. As an adult, it simply reminds me how nice it is to b a kid n how much i miss being a kid. Im a working mom..playtime is definitely a stress reliever.

Charlotte Kern 6 months ago

I was good with it until about the age of 8. After that, I had to think up reasons why I couldn’t play.

Dawn Meyer 6 months ago

I delight in sharing any part of my son’s life that he wants to share with me. Even if it’s stupid. Even if I’ve done it 1,000 times before.

Rachael Van Os Morgan 6 months ago

There is nothing wrong or horrible about this post. The mother who wrote it is ranting about something many adults struggle to deal with: the bossy young child. They tell you to do or say or be something, but when you don’t do whatever it is exactly the way they expect you to, the imaginative scene quickly morphs into a dreadful experience. I’m with her on this 100% because there is nothing fun about being bossed around and then getting scolded by your child. The author never once said she doesn’t enjoy the time she gets to spend with her children, or that she doesn’t engage with them in other ways. She just doesn’t like the pretending games, and I don’t blame her one bit.

This whole “I’m a better mother than you” thing needs to stop. What good does it do anyone? We all have our struggles. We all fall short and feel guilty and wonder if we are good enough. Why add to that the scorn and judgment from others? Everyone can sit on here and argue with each other and put each other down until blue in the face, but nothing positive will come of it. Why not support each other or offer some tips or friendly advice?

Sophia Rosina Luna 6 months ago

So much bitching about what you moms will do and won’t do. YOU gave birth to these children and they look to YOU to lift them up and support them! Suck it up and play, IT ISNT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE!

Joedéé Hall 6 months ago

They’re only young once. Spend as much time with them as possible even if that means doing something you dislike

Sophia Rosina Luna 6 months ago

Ill admit I’m not always in the mood, but I cant fully agree with this (personally) I work upwards of 14 hour shifts as a nurse, and after an awful day there is nothing that makes me more happy than interacting with my kids and seeing their smiles, hearing their laughter, and looking at them in complete awe at the amazing little people they are.

Jesi Reed 6 months ago

Playing is how children learn. Pure and simple

brandi 6 months ago

I feel the same way as the author. I’ll color, read, paint, play with legos and blocks……if my child would let me. “I want mommy to do it!” Ok, let’s do it together, “no mommy do it!’ Ok, mommy do it. But no, not really the minute my hand touches anything; crayons, blocks, train tracks, it’s snatched from my hand. I’m not actually allowed to touch anything. I’m pretty sure all he wants is to make sure I’m paying attention to him. But he is just as stingy with me as I think he is at day care, and know he is with his cousins. We have 50 Thomas Trains but he can’t even share 2 of them. He never likes how I stack the blocks or put the tracks together and he has to have the crayon I pick up even though there are 15 others on the table for him to use. I find it all tedious. If he wanted to play I would play. He just wants someone he can dictate to and order about.

Tara Tillmanns 6 months ago

I’m not going to berate her like others or say she’s a bad mother, it sounds like she is far from that. I just feel sorry for her, because she even admitted that all too soon these years will be gone and there will be regrets over this. I don’t love every single activity my daughter wants to do but I do love doing things with her, watching her little brain work, seeing the world through her eyes.

Kathy Bennett 6 months ago

I don’t mind the “pretend play”, but oh how I hate playing Monopoly, especially Spider-Man Monopoly. IMO, kids benefit from exposure to different types of play & as parents, it’s okay to enjoy or not enjoy every little thing.

Mike Cowan 6 months ago

Its all well to admit her reasons to wanna not “play” with her daughter during that time. But as a Dad of two girls I know the feeling. The problem isnt her want to Not play with her daughter in such a way as it is that she needs to explain or teach her daughter how to play..imagination time, both with and without others. If the mother shows her daughter that when you say youre a butterfly then you need to be the butterfly, at least for a few moments. Especially when playing with others. Plus her daughter needs to be taught how it done to imagine it, do it and then to let others have a turn at imagining something too. So Mom, just teach her how Imagination Time is suppose to work instead of just being bullied by her or giving up on her. Its your duty as a Parent to Teach them, Your Responsibility to Guide them and Your Gift to Love them Enough to show the the Right way to Play Well with others…. My Favorite thing about this story, is that the Child is Actually Trying to use Her Imagination. Instead of being told or shown something by a TV or Computer. Kids arent given a enough chances to do this these days cause alot of parents will place their kid in front of the TV or hand them a Tablet or phone first before ever Showing them the Mind is a Much Funner Place to Play then on TV or such. Hmmmm Imagine That!!!!

Susan Harwick 6 months ago

However. Grandmas love to play with them. Especially when it is with their saved toys.

Katie Morgan-Lloyd 6 months ago

I love playing with my son because he loves it when we play together. Seeing him happy makes me happy. Watching him play alone makes me feel sad and guilty, even when he is fine with it.

Julie Smith Emmons 6 months ago

I was a nanny before having my son and now I have a home day care. I have spent many many MANY hours playing. I totally agree with the point she’s trying to make! I don’t enjoy the “you pretend this, now you say this, now we do this…” Part of pretend play either. There are lots of things I enjoying doing with the kids, that’s not one of them!!

Karen Buck 6 months ago

Maybe—your kid’s a bully! Lol

Deb Schlichte 6 months ago

I love to play with kids toys…reminds me of a gentler time and places and brings a calmness to the atmosphere:)

Stefanie Gebeloff 6 months ago

Ahh I’m not alone.

Donna Rose 6 months ago

I love playing with play dough, probably more than my daughter…

Alison Berry 6 months ago

Who was I talking to about this? Imaginative play where you aren’t allowed to use your imagination LOL Carmen Dickson Michelle Greaves Michelle Karniewicz one of you???

Ashley Racicot-Hedge 6 months ago

Children actually learn through play. It does not matter if they’re playing alone or seem like they are being bossy. Try to take some play moments and make them teachable moments with children.

Shauna Credit 6 months ago

Brilliant! So glad to know it is not just me!

Nicole Taylor 6 months ago

I don’t like playing with my kid because I don’t know how. I can’t do the whole “make the voices for the dolls out loud thing” and stuff like that. I was required to play silently, as in no noise. Building toys and vrooming cars I can do. Even teaching her how to drive rc cars I can do. Kinda. In small doses.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

…..the women who responded to the article saying they don’t play with their kids because they don’t like to or have to?
Don’t be tedious.

Amanda Mirambell-Grice 6 months ago

The post didn’t say she DOESN”T play with her kids. It says she doesn’t LIKE to do it. If your comment was not referring to the writer of the article, then who the hell else was it aimed at? Santa Claus?

Dawn Pelej 6 months ago

YES! Exactly. Here is pretend playing with my son:
Mom, you be this guy
Ok (does something I think said guy would do)
NO. Not like that. Like this.


Dawn Pelej 6 months ago

AMEN!!! I will read you books until my voice gives out but please don’t make me play action figures.

Dawn Pelej 6 months ago

I will play board games, legos, video games, read books until I lose my voice…basically anything with structure but just playing, that pretend playing…I hate it and like with most things I hate, I stink at it.

I am so so so so so lucky that my husband doesn’t mind it and is really good at it. He can play endlessly. He has funny voices and all sorts of stuff they do. It is one of the many reasons I am madly in love with my son’s father. Because some days my husband drives me nuts…but then I see him taking his 300th prat fall for our son and I remember that he is a pretty great guy.

Rozmarin Szabo Bruncaj 6 months ago

I enjoy my child, my family. It’s not about enjoying pretend play, or picking up a toy a millionth time, it’s about that little creature is mine and he needs me in every way to survive. I like being there, I like to be wanted and I will do anything to keep us in tact and prosper.

Crystal Marie Barnes 6 months ago

I have a boy, I don’t do dress up, but I hate playing cars cause they get lobbed usually into my eyeball. I’ve always taught my son to be independent when playing because he is an only child. Granted he is only turning three, but I agree with the post, some ‘play’ blows. We take the time to count and learn colors and the alphabet. I don’t discourage his imagination, but if he demands he gets a reprimand. Period. Teaching kids to be respectful is also a big part of play. I don’t know of any school that will ever tolerate a kid demanding a teacher. And this woman doesn’t like getting demanded. Also if you think telling someone to entertain their kid, because they made that choice to have them, think of all they do for their kid. Cook, clean, bath, clothe, etc. I am not a typical mom but I’d be damned if I said I don’t ‘play’ certain things, and some supermom barbie doll perfection tells me that all the time I spend on and with my kid isn’t being spent right because I’m not doing exactly as I am demanded.

Barbara Rosengaard 6 months ago

My morning drive every morning to school for my 5 year old consists of me asking what my little pony I’m pretending to be and I ask for a “scene”… It gives my 5 year old a few minutes to figure that all out. Once she does though I put on the best Rarity or Pinkie Pie or Twilight that I can. I’m never Applejack… That’s the main part that bothers me!

David Smith 6 months ago

Oh I know she isn’t. It’s just super annoying. Lol

Sara E. Rorebeck 6 months ago

Stop. Judging. Each. Other.

Charity Moats 6 months ago

I thought she meant like she didn’t actually like playing, i think a 4 yr old barking at h3r to say a specific line in a specific way at a specific time would be no fun also. So i would probably say mommy doesn’t like this game can we play something we both like? At which point I’m sure the 4yr old would melt down and throw something at my head.. but idk anything about 4 yr olds. My oldest is 2.5 haha

Charity Moats 6 months ago

Legos are my favorite. I mean i like to plain trains and build the track and i like to do the potato head thing too but i honestly love the legos and playing pretend ♡

Alecia Masters 6 months ago

I would give ANYTHING to be able to rewind time & go back to when my son was smaller & play Legos & Hot Wheels with him. He’s 11 now and the time has flown by. Embrace the fact that your kids want to play with you bc before you know it they will be teens & its it cool to hang with your parents.

Anna Lozano 6 months ago

Well I guess I’m weird because I LOVE playing with toys. I dont wanna grow up, I’m a toys R us kid.

Samantha Ranson 6 months ago

Lol everyone all mad cause she doesn’t want to play pretend.. Who cares? She’s just admitting her feelings out loud which all these other moms are too afraid to because people or society will judge. Good for her

Amy Saille BadonkaRonk 6 months ago

First, read the article. She does play with them. She doesn’t like to play pretend, but does anyway and plays other things.
Second, not playing like children with our kids isn’t the same as ignoring them, or neglecting them, or never interacting with them. If you enjoy that, great! But it’s a very modern way of parenting, not something that has been done for generations. Why would it make you angry that one of the billions of other mothers on this planet does things differently than you like to do things?

Alena Belleque 6 months ago

I was prepared to dislike this based on the title, but I agree with the author – “play” that consists of following orders without any opportunity for imagination is horrible; I won’t do it. BUT I take those moments to teach me daughter about respecting other people’s feelings. And if she won’t listen or I don’t have time or energy to deal with it, I politely but firmly decline and either suggest another activity, or “schedule” a time for it later. Even at 3 it generally works. And if it doesn’t, well, I’m the adult. I can either side through it or she can accept she’s not the enter of the universe. Redirection to reach a kiss to include other’s imagination isn’t generally that difficult, it just takes time.

Melissa Tanner Barile 6 months ago

Kinda glad I had twins! They played with each other, so they really didn’t even want to play with me!

Jessica Kelley 6 months ago

I didn’t have to finish this one, I know where we’re going, no need to relive

Nina Bee 6 months ago

Thanks for this, I have 3 kids and am constantly feeling guilty about this it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

I don’t think I said that? Hmmm.
Yep. Nope, didn’t say that. I wasn’t even referring to the writer. Thanks for stopping by, though.

Kelly Kettnen 6 months ago

So because she’d play only Legos, read books, barbies or board games and hates pretend play that makes her a bad parent? Ooookay!

Amy Saille BadonkaRonk 6 months ago

Oh, and before somebody opens fire, I did not neglect or ignore my son. We did, and still do, many things together. But I didn’t then, nor do I now believe that any parent has an obligation or responsibility to PLAY with their child/ren as if they, themselves, were still a child. I see nothing wrong with doing so if that’s your style. But I grew up in a family where adults were adults and children were children, and we kids never conceived of our parents playing with us like another child would. And since I’ve never had a problem with that, and feel that a child using his or her imagination to play and self entertain is part of developing a useful life skill, I feel there’s nothing wrong with not entertaining my child during his every waking moment. TYVM.

Amy Saille BadonkaRonk 6 months ago

Michelle — your post spoke of the Lord which tells me you probably consider yourself a Christian. How about a little judge not lest ye be judged?
I fail to see how not wanting to play like a child means that a mom is “really ungrateful & crappy”. What a truly mean thing to say about somebody you haven’t even met. If you could ask your Lord what He thinks of your attitude and comments, what do you think he might say about you if His only knowledge of you were these two things?

KC Medlin 6 months ago

I hate my kids too. I feel ur pain.

Amy Saille BadonkaRonk 6 months ago

I also hated playing with my son. I arranged play dates, had him in nursery school, and babysat other children so he had plenty of other kids to play with. When it was just he and I, I usually told him that I’m a grown-up and grown-ups don’t play. So he learned to play by himself. Very much like I did when my mother told me to “go play”.
He’s a teenager now and I have no regrets about not catering to his every need or filling in all his time for him. Yay for moms who enjoy playing with their kids; more power to you. It wasn’t my thing and that is, was, and always will be okay.

Tyla Lea 6 months ago

This is sad …

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Of course there are times I’m busy or tired and I’ll tell her to go read a book. I didn’t suggest anyone let their kids dictate when, where, and how every time they want to play. My statement was my opinion on parents who believe in not playing with their kids because the relationship between them is not a friendship, or because they simply don’t want to. Why have kids if you aren’t willing to get goofy with them? They’re kids. These are the same parents who complain that their kids get into stuff and won’t settle down.
Try engaging them a little, maybe? Redirect that energy towards something else instead of getting all ticked off at them for being young and inquisitive.
It’s also a beautiful way to bond, not to mention, the time spent makes for great memories.
I know every kid is different, I understand parents have a right to do as they please, so don’t for one second assume that I called any of you bad mothers because you don’t play. I just don’t agree with that method of parenting. I feel play and whimsy is an integral part of a healthy relationship between parent and child.
If you don’t like that, suck it up and move on. :)

Nicole Lynn 6 months ago

So find a game that you enjoy with your children! I may not enjoy “tea party” with my daughter, but I love it when we read books together, or play “hairdresser” and do each other’s hair. It doesn’t have to be thomas the train w/ my son, we can do candyland which is sorta fun. I dunno-we are the parents, we can choose the game haha. And I remind my daughter when she complains about her brother that I brought him into this world so she could have someone to play with :)

Dawn Gee- Wessel 6 months ago

I’ll be honest, I got all judgmental and nearly went off about how terrible this post was… Then I remembered, I hated playing with my kids too! Hahaha! I’m a grandma now, and a second time around mom, and I have mellowed a lot… Funny how that happens… I play now. I share spoons. I ignore bed times. Totally not like I was when I was a young mom!

Angela Alvarez 6 months ago

Lol! That’s funny! Does she pretend play Frozen? Like she’s Elsa and you’re Anna? Lol

Dawn Gee- Wessel 6 months ago

Can I get an amen!

Angela Alvarez 6 months ago

Omg… My daughter is 2 and a half so we’re still on Lego Duplo, but I swear my husband said to me a week or two ago, “I think you like them more than the baby does…” Guilty as charged! I just ordered her 4 sets online which came yesterday and we were super excited! But hey, I’m hoping she’ll one day be into barbies as much as I was one day! Lol!

Jennifer StJohn 6 months ago

The author said she plays with her daughter. She just doesn’t always like it. I play with my son, but there are so many times I can put the same puzzle together before I’m suggesting something else.

Shelly Campling 6 months ago

My 2yr old son loves to play, we play chasing games up the house and peek a boo ( which he does so well with his hands in front of his face standing in the middle of the living room) :). But I’ve tried playing with his cars with him and reading books to him and it lasts 5minutes because he just loses interest with playing with me. He seems to rather play with his dad over me and his dad being a 9hr train trip away makes it hard. I try and do dancing and singing with him at home but he will enjoy for a while but then he gets over it, same with colouring in together :( kinda breaks my heart actually:(

Kelly Becker 6 months ago

Feel the same way. I cringe whenever my daughter asks me to play Barbies with her. While I love spending time with her..i can’t stand Barbies. Which is funny bc they were my favorite when I was her age.

April Leon 6 months ago

Margie, I think it’s great that you’re playing with your kids. They’re learning that way. Also, it’s a great way to show kids you love and value them. Our families deserve our time and attention.

Penny Sather 6 months ago

Love the magformers/magnet tiles. I play with them while watching TV.

Meredith Wang 6 months ago

I don’t really like legos, but I love magformers or magnet tiles. I actually play then even when my kid isn’t

Lisa Osman 6 months ago

I feel the same way…oh I am happy that I’m not alone

Toni 6 months ago

reading this was like reading about a day in my life!

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

That’s exactly what I say Nina. And, I was more referring to the moms or dads that can’t ever say NO not right now. Luckily, my kids don’t ask me to play house or barbies very much. They save that with each other and with friends.

Jhana 6 months ago

I hate bath time too! And reading before bed (actually, any reading out loud). I am with them alone from 2-7 every day. By bath time I am all set!

Jhana 6 months ago

who says I don’t enjoy them? because I don’t want to play Barbies?

Jhana 6 months ago

No one is saying that. You are putting words on our mouths. All we are saying is we choose to spend time with our kids in different ways. Don’t be a jerk.

Jhana 6 months ago

Ok, I will because you told me too!!!

Jhana 6 months ago

This! I can’t believe the nastiness and sanctimony in these comments. It’s gross.

Jhana 6 months ago

eh..sometimes they’re also assholes.

Jhana 6 months ago

That’s how you end up with spoiled kids who have no idea how to entertain themselves. We are parents, but we are not ONLY parents. Sure, we love to spend time and do fun stuff with our kids, but they’ll be just fine if i don’t want to play Barbies. They know I’m good for other fun stuff.

Jhana 6 months ago

don’t be sad. our kids will be just fine :)

Jhana 6 months ago

I am a mother, but I am not ONLY a mother. My kids are not the only purpose of my life. I love them, we hang out, we play (sometimes), but doing things for myself is not selfish. Choosing how I spend my time with them isn’t selfish. Kids need to learn that they CAN do things themselves, that their parents are not at their beck and call, that they are independent people. Kids who don’t learn these things can’t function without being entertained by someone. They don’t know how to do things on their own. What’s the point of having kids? I LOVE them. We’re a family. Your own issues are yours only. My parents never played with me. We’re very close. Don’t give other people grief who choose to do things differently than you. I could tell you you are doing your kids a huge disservice by being up their asses all day. That’s MY opinion. But I wouldn’t, normally, because whatever. You do your thing.

Frances Pam 6 months ago

This is something that I can relate. People make parenting as if it were honey and tea, but parenting isn’t honey and tea and ever since my children have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder I now have the difficult task of really teaching them to play because they have no concept of playing with toys or pretend play. This is something that doesn’t come naturally to them.

Jhana 6 months ago

Same! I was all about it-until I realized how mind numbing it is.

Jhana 6 months ago

Chutes and Ladders. You’re almost there and then..BAM…chute to the bottom. Both my kids knew to never ask me to play that game.

Jhana 6 months ago

There are plenty of ways to spend time with kids and interact.

Jill Vaughn 6 months ago

Love scary mommy! So real!

Jhana 6 months ago

No one is saying that, though. we’re just admitting that sometimes, playing with kids can be tedious. most of the people who have agreed with the author stated they choose to spend time differently with their children. Not a single one claimed they NEVER spend time with their children.

Jhana 6 months ago

Because you shamed me I will now change everything I do in my life. Also, you are perfect.

Jhana 6 months ago

I was hoping you would? But seriously, they don’t need me to “entertain” them. And we wonder where all these “helicopter” kids come from…

Janet Gramlich Fox 6 months ago

What? There is nothing that I love more. Such a heartwarming and bonding experience and time that you can never get back so don’t waste it.

Jhana 6 months ago

my parents NEVER played with me. I am not harboring resentment as an adult.

Rebekah Lynn Bialecki 6 months ago

I wish my daughter WOULD play with me “sigh”

Jhana 6 months ago

and? are her kids not playing?

Jhana 6 months ago

Rarely play with them, yet by some miracle I can understand them fine..hmmm…

Jhana 6 months ago

I hate playing with toys, period. I’ll do it once in a while, but it’s soul sucking for me. I prefer playing chase, tag, dance parties…but toys? Nope.

Jhana 6 months ago

all the friggin time :)

Theresa Litzinger 6 months ago

Kids need the interaction with their parents.

Nina Karoline Jacobs 6 months ago

Playing with your kids is not catering to them, it’s caring and you are nurturing their imagination. It’s sad to think as an adult you only want to do what you want and not something your kid wants. Why have a kid then? It’s sad.

Nina Karoline Jacobs 6 months ago

Not bossy, just future leaders!!! 😉 lol

Nina Karoline Jacobs 6 months ago

Spending time with your child isn’t catering, it’s caring. A parent should do what a child likes to do not just what the adult likes. That’s selfish. You can always say not right now, mommy’s busy, and not be so cold about it.

Lo Soto 6 months ago

she is sucking it up as you so kindly said. judging other moms. hope you feel great about yourself.

Shannon Dixon 6 months ago

oh my god this is hilarious!!!! Just yesterday I got to ‘play’ mermaids and witches with my daughter, I dont really do much, just get told my role, it always a non verbal role. Funny little bossy creatures they are!

Margie Ferris-Mandell 6 months ago

That’s why I gave my kids siblings.

Taylor Catino 6 months ago

Some of the greats books, inventions, etc. Were created with/because of imagination and creativity. Adults have become numb to the creative side of their brain.

Taylor Catino 6 months ago

We aren’t supposed to play with toys? Creative and imagination dies because of the adult world. Yes, we need to be adults but playing and kid toys and playing pretend still works the brain in beneficial ways to even adults. We just don’t correlate the two.

Laura Morehead Dahlman 6 months ago

I get the annoying pretend play all day…everyday. her favorite is I am the GRANDMA and she is the Mom. Talk about make me feel old. She has lots of pretend friends and I have to play with them too. Get to watch their dance recitals, weddings, playing school, restaurant and the list goes on. Glad she has an imagination but I don’t like being bossed by a 4 yr old for not doing it just RIGHT

Valerie Rogers 6 months ago

My mom had 4 if us and didnt have time to play with us. She worked her tail off day and night to take care of us!! She never sat around doing nothing or used the tv to babysit us either. We were outside getting excercise while she was baking homemade bread, canning friut or vegs from the garden, scrubbing out poopy cloth diapers, hanging clothes on the closeline, scrubbing and waxing floors, or preparing a homecooked meal for when we all sat down together, then helped us with our school work after doing dishes and putting the baby to bed on all often 2 hours of sleep. Honestly I could never measure up to how hard she worked 24/7. It was a way of life back then. People worked hard! They didnt sit around complaining about it or creating drama about what others do.

Andrea Ferguson Williams 6 months ago

Dolls? No, but I try. Legos? Bring them on…

Cathi Huffman Cox 6 months ago

Aww!!! Really!?

Sandra Molina Lobel 6 months ago

Really. One can only play Transformers or Power Rangers so much before you go nuts! So yes, I do tell my kids (3) no often enough. But one, they have eachother. Two, I do plenty with them outside of the home. We are rarely in fact home most days. Between playgym, parks, library story time, play dates and numerous classes…I’m done.

DonnaMarie O’Connell Castaneda 6 months ago

It’s this just a platform for self righteous mother bashers…?
Really….?, I didn’t play when I was a kid.

Hoku Lani Kona 6 months ago

She doesn’t, but quality time isn’t the battle I choose to show that in. Neither is babying myself over a condition that can’t improve.

Pauline Merchant Klupp 6 months ago

Play with the kids You don’t have to play all the time but play with them

Bernadette Ryan 6 months ago

Yup!!! Mother of 20 and 22 yr olds…. so much easier to play with them now!

Lynn Hart 6 months ago

Legos that is!

Lynn Hart 6 months ago

I think it’s one of the few toys I like! Puzzles, art, board games can be painful with the fighting, video games I can do a short time…. But please no figures to move! They always complain I’m not ” doing it right”!

Cassandra Arballo 6 months ago

Play with toys… Not so much… But I LOVE certain cartoons!

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

I know one kind of parent who plays house, dress up ect. A parent with an only child that doesn’t have a choice. I do crafts, coloring, Legos, outside play. But house? Hell to the no. That’s why I have 3!

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

Yes. But, it doesn’t mean you need to cater to their every request. I don’t do toy play but I love doing crafts, reading and outside play. It’s not WHAT you play that counts it’s the quality time spent. And if you have more than one they play together as well.

Louise Granquist Asten 6 months ago

I enjoy playing toys with the kids. Grandmas are different.

Nikki Velázquez 6 months ago

You play with your kids. Good for you. But judging others who don’t? You can go to hell.

Elizabeth Haney 6 months ago

I’m sure people who can’t have children would throat punch this woman. I get that it can be rough being pestered by a boat toddler, but think of the alternative: a silent home where no one will ask her to play with them. Ever.

Nikki Velázquez 6 months ago

I’m glad it’s not just me.

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

Sure play sometimes. But I sure as hell don’t have their play requests on beck n call. In my opinion that’s how you raise entitled brats. Sometimes mom and dad have grown up shit to do!

Kelly Kettnen 6 months ago

Half the commenters I bet didn’t even read the article! She NEVER said she doesn’t play at all but hates playing PRETEND! I color, do experiments, play Legos and playdough but I HATE hide n seek! does NOT make me a bad parent! I play candy land and go fish but I feel satan invented monopoly! Bad parent for feeling that? Hardly!

Kristen Butler 6 months ago

Dont miss out on there childhood. You may not like to play but it means everything to your kids when you spend time with them. Its apart of parenthood.

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

Just invite a few kids over to your house. You can spot the ones that have every hour structured for them and have mom for main play companion. They are the ones saying “I’m bored, what do you have for us to do” within 15m while my kids and the others are running around outside having fun. That kid makes a one time appearance at my house!

Kelly Kettnen 6 months ago

I have 3 boys, anyone wanna lend me their daughter to play barbies for a bit? Lol
Tad tired of Legos ;

Erica Arent 6 months ago

My two cents: The title of this article ruins any point she was trying to make. Don’t give the article a title going for shock factor, then expect rational responses. Because the article clearly explains she does not hate playing with her kids, she simply hates playing make-believe… But that would have been a much less eye catching title… But in my opinion, if someone actually does hate playing with their kids (not just hate playing one certain way)… then I feel sorry for them. Because I can’t think of anything that brings me more joy…..

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

Michele- I’m sensing your kid will be the one invited over for a play date and will be saying, “I’m bored” after 15m. Those kids make a one time appearance at my house! I’m like kid I invited you over so I don’t have to play.. Lol

Melanie McKinnon 6 months ago


Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

Really? If my spine was messed up my ass would be reading the story on the couch. Your child isn’t going to be deprived because mom sometimes makes choices for herself. In fact you could say it teaches them empathy, understanding and that you don’t get your way all the time.

Jennifer Feckler 6 months ago

I was talking about some of the other commenters on here.

Vanessa Lacey 6 months ago

Well any mother who DOES NOT like to play tea party, or house, hide n seek, or any of those so called childish games, cannot be my friend or my daughters. :p

Zoia Kouznetsov 6 months ago

Somebody please give Margie “mom of the year award” so that we can move on. Gosh!

Natalie Jenking 6 months ago

This mom says that she also plays games and reads books….she just doesn’t like playing “pretend”

Natalie Jenking 6 months ago

Good for you for telling the truth. I also didn’t like playing pretend. I would play games, colour, do crafts, and many other things, but did not play pretend. I usually got the kids to play pretend with each other or make a play date so they could play with other friends. Not everyone likes the same things. That’s life.

Megan Stuck 6 months ago

The people who are saying you shouldn’t have kids if you dont want to play with them and you do whatever they want so they are happy? Well 1. Entitled brats here we come. 2. I hate giving my kids a bath. Should I have been steralized? Cringing knowing when I have to wash their face they will not only scream bloody murder but try to climb out of the bathtub slipping everywhere isnt allowed? You mean as a parent we aren’t allowed to have dislikes? Come on. Everyone is allowed to have dislikes about it. And it seems most of you didnt read the article. She specifically stated a certian type of play she disliked. People are ridiculous. One person is honest ( I do not believe anyone who says they dont have something they dislike) she gets told why did you have kids? Meanwhile we hear stories of others doing horrific acts to small children. They are the ones you should focus your energy on. Not this woman who was honest, and actually pretty right on.

Romy Rayner 6 months ago

I’m instructed to be a different breed of dragon every day of my life and have to ‘incubate’ a never ending stream of dragon eggs in the hearth.

Jennifer Osso 6 months ago

Maybe try reading the post again. She just doesn’t enjoy PRETEND play. Not play all together. There are many other ways to engage with your kids than play princess or super Hero’s. Board games, reading, crafts, coloring, cooking, outdoor games…not exactly ignoring your kids if you do that.

Laura Curtis 6 months ago

I am actually saddened that the comments have somehow descended into a war amongst mums and parenting styles. Someone once said to me that “motherhood is a different journey for everyone, a journey that is difficult but made even more difficult when we turn on each other regarding hiw we bring up our children.” This is so true. I actually agree with a lot of the comments here from both sides.

Mary brings up a good point and actually it is quite refreshing for someone to be honest the reality of being a working parent. I work to be able to make money to pay my mortgage in order that I can provide a roof over the end for my son. I work to be able to afford the car to take him places. I may not play with him as much as other mums but I talked to him all day and he knows that he is loved. The point is that every parent should engage with their child but that engagement will be very different and neither is right or wrong. My son watches far too much tv for my liking but for some reason the only way to make him stop crying is Peppa Pig. I don’t ignore him when he is watching Peppa Pig but quite frankly if it works it works.

I am if the opinion that parents should be friends, they need to be parent first and foremost. We are here to set boundaries, teach right from wrong and teach them to behave like responsible teenagers/adults. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t play with them or even be their friend to an extent, as long as they ultimately know is in charge.

Teri Sorkin 6 months ago

I love this blog because it makes me feel like I am not alone. But then haters are the judginess I try to avoid!

Heather Garza 6 months ago

Well good for you guys for growing up and not wondering that about your parents a round of applause to you. And yes I did read the article (I am not one to comment on something I didnt read) and do you think that the kid doesnt pick up on the fact that mommy doesnt really like playing with them? Kids are very receptive. I get your back hurting and its hard for you to get up. I have fibromyalgia, two bulged discs in my lower and upper back and arthritis thru out my back. So what who cares I still get up and play with my kid and enjoy it. I have three kids and they are my responsibility to take care of, play with etc. I was just stating my opinion on this crap article get over it. You have your opinion and right to say it and so do I.

Julie Murphy 6 months ago

My 4 1/2 year old daughter is impossible to play with sometimes. She argues, bosses me, and does her own thing anyway. Those are the times I either refuse or stop playing with her. Other times, we craft for hours or read books or play at the playground/ride bikes no problem. I’m being honest. Don’t care if that makes me a bad mom. Mom wars are the downfall of motherhood.

Shaye Boucher 6 months ago

Parenthood isn’t all rainbows and gum drops. Doesn’t make us ungrateful. Makes us realists. Everyone parents differently. Not everyone likes playing with toys, but doesn’t mean they don’t spend quality time with their kids. You made a very huge assumption in your comment.

Heather Rudolph 6 months ago

So many people constantly using the same lame excuse I’m there to be my child’s Friend, I’m here to play them, I’m not here to teach them, blah blah what the hell did some if these even have kids for to say you have a kid?? Confusing how some parents don’t take responsibility for any part of there child’s life! We have you life now figure it out bc I’m to busy doing whatever I want?? No wonder there’s so many messed up kids in the world that don’t behave or respect one another. Bc parents say it’s not my responsibility.

Debra 6 months ago

I am so glad to read this. I could have written it almost verbatim. My 4 year old does and says the same things and I use the same excuses to get out of “playing” aka being told what I can’t do and what I can say!

Charlene Kidd 6 months ago

I too dislike the “play” time. Playing with things I’m all for it. It’s just very difficult to read my girls mind and do what she wants.

Jhana 6 months ago

Oh man, I don’t like to play ANYTHING. I am awful. I like to watch them play, and once in a while I am down with building something, but that’s why I have 2 kids-they can play with EACH other! Just yesterday I agreed to play something with my 6 year old which went down almost exactly as the author described. It was a fashion show but I could not choose what to wear, or where to sit, or what to say. Super fun.

Jhana 6 months ago

well, er, the name of the blog IS scary mommy…what were you expecting?

Katherine H Jett 6 months ago

You shouldn’t let your child talk rude to you like that in my opinion.

Emily Tucker 6 months ago

Or arrange dollhouse furniture!!!

Emily Tucker 6 months ago

Sometimes I play with her and sometimes I don’t. It depends on what she’s asking me to do. She has learned on her own what I will and will not do. And frankly, she more often than not plays by herself. By the time she gets home from school (7 hours ofx being around people) she prefers “alone time.”

Anna Reardon 6 months ago

Amen! I want to run away when I hear “those 6 words”. I too will miss these days and have mommy – guilt about not doing more of it…but it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like to play..what I have to keep in mind is all the fun stuff I actually do.

Sheila Meyer 6 months ago

This is my daughter to a tee!

Rachel E Sims 6 months ago

I don’t like pretending either. And it shocks and saddens me that I don’t because I loved it when adults imagined things with me as a kid and swore I wouldn’t grow up to be one of those boring adults that just sits around and talks. And here I am!

Angie Maragno 6 months ago

My year and a half old will grab my hand and lead me over to where he’s playing. When I have the energy, I find it precious, sweet and endearing. When I’m whooped beyond repair, I dread it. It’s not a bad thing to want time for yourself and not want to play with your kid(s) all the time.

Hannah Lacaire 6 months ago

This is the best way to teach kids fairness and learn to play (at some point maybe work) with others. If you don’t want to play and teach your children no shame in that, more job security for paid clinicians that then in turn end up teaching them at a later time, probably past the developmental stage in which they should learn.

Danielle 6 months ago

I cringe too when my daughter asks to play with me. It is usually just about the time that I can finally sit down to take a rest after being up and doing something, or when I am just finishing my break and need to get back up and work. She wanted to make paper dolls with me the other day, which I was down for. However, when we finished she got teary eyed because I had spent all the time on MY doll and not helping her with hers. She wanted to do it “together.” That means I have to be able to read her mind and wait for instructions.

Kellie Metz 6 months ago

“If you don’t like playing with them, why even have kids?” Most stupid comment on this thread. I didn’t have kids to have playmates, i had more than one kid so they could play together and I’m a 31 yo adult and thankfully i don’t have to really do things i don’t want to do. I “play” in adults ways(not dirty lol) with my adult friends

Kimmie Arnold Dillard 6 months ago

Yes this is so me,

Jennifer Blalack-Henry 6 months ago

This article makes me sick! Very sad

Stephi Dennison 6 months ago


Marla Gusler Holman 6 months ago

I can understand this. My first child loved me to read to her and use character voices, which also made it fun for me, but my second child had NO patience for character voices and would get mad when I would slip up and accidently use a different voice (because I’d read that book to her sister a thousand times in that voice) and yell at me and basically no fun. I still read to her, but I didn’t enjoy it, which really sucked since I love reading, and reading aloud, but when I can’t express anything into it, thrrppp. It’s like work, then.

Erin Hay Kellen-Solesky 6 months ago

I will play real games like monopoly or super Mario brothers with my kids but the bossy pretend stuff. Nope. No way.

Jen-Rob Stonerook 6 months ago

I build legos with my kids, play mindcraft, work puzzles, paint, playdoh build, garden with my kids, cook with my kids. You name it. Why have kids if you dont want to enjoy them when they are young????

Cassie Collins 6 months ago

Here is my thought if you do not want to spend time and play no matter what it is with your children, why even have them? If you knew you would have to play with them. I love being a mother and pretending and playing anything, if it makes him happy okay. This article pretty much makes me mad, should get deleted!

Leslie Walker 6 months ago

My parents, or my mom for that matter since she was a SAHM my never played with me. I played on my own. I turned out just fine. But, I’d rather spend time with my kids than clean a house antsy. But, my kids can also play on their own.

Sheila DeStefano 6 months ago

That sounds like me and my daughter just yesterday. How is it “playing” when they are telling you exactly what to do and say? LOL!

Jessie Gillespie 6 months ago

I like some of the things my daughter likes to do – singing, running around, playing music with pots and pans, blowing bubbles… But there are some things that make me cringe, too. I don’t like painting or drawing with her, because she always seems to be upset with what I draw. I also don’t like wrestling, because *I* get hurt. I think the object of the game is to find something you both enjoy. But in defense of the author, sometimes kids are A-holes, even the most darling and lovely of them. And that’s not much fun no matter what you’re doing.

Alicia Johnson 6 months ago

I’m totally with you. I hate playing. I will color, dance, sing, go on walks, snuggle, read, etc, but don’t make me play.

Ri Miller 6 months ago

Lol, I entertained myself as a kid! I’m sure if I asked my mom if she realized she was supposed to entertain me, she’d have a good laugh

Erin Boyce Fritz 6 months ago

I LIVED for minimum days, holiday breaks, and summer vacations so I could spend more time with my kids. They’re all grown now. I miss those days.

Lizandra Torres 6 months ago

Oh! thanks I am not alone!!!! I hate it ! I hate it! but I would do it for my son!!!!

Kristy Berogan 6 months ago

I like playing with certain toys. I buy toys according to what i like doing too that way it doesnt feel so unenjoyable

Becky Sumrall 6 months ago

i only have a one year old and i dont really like playing with her toys. went to story time today and there was a mom there all in it. good for her :) made me feel guilty for a little bit, but im ok now

Debbie Jones 6 months ago

lead them in play….bubbles,board games,gardening (playing in the dirt) you dont always have to play make believe…then again it sure gives you some insight on how they treat their friends….

Julie MacIver 6 months ago

Ha! This is awesome.
Mom shaming is AWESOME!
You know what else is awesome? Attempting to insult people you don’t know on social media.

Rita Meier Pupo 6 months ago

Mommy doesn’t play. I will help you build your Lego thingies and you can help me do housework but I do not play. Not 98%of the time anyways.

Amanda Burden 6 months ago

Really? My son’s lisp is just because I didn’t sit and play pretend? Even though we read aloud all the time, talk to him constantly, never used baby talk, etc. that hour of independent play a day caused a speech delay? Way to make other moms feel like crap. Tell me, who is on the ground playing with your kids all day while you’re at work?

Hoku Lani Kona 6 months ago

Nope, she’s horrible for constantly trying to get out of it instead of just accepting that it’s a short term thing. I don’t like laying on my degraded spine to read to my daughter but that’s what she’s into and I don’t need the internet to feel sorry for me. It won’t last forever. It’s good to have it now.

Laura Jo King 6 months ago

I agree, not all Christians are pious self-righteous asshats (my family is mostly very christiany, very funny, and very not obnoxious about their religion thankfully). Unfortunately, the annoying ones are just the most visible and vocal!

Cristine Thomas 6 months ago

Why do it ? That’s what they have friends for !

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

“Someone else said they don’t want to play with their kids’ toys. They must hate their kids. What a stupid fuck!”

Ellen Elizabeth Williams 6 months ago

I don’t really like playing with toys.. but occasionally i will.. i love watching my kids play toys though! Very silly and cute!

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Thank you :)

Peggy Denzer 6 months ago

PLAY with your kids, soon, they will be grown!!

Sarah Elizabeth Collins 6 months ago

I’ll sit all day and color, draw, and cut up paper. I will rock out playing with legos, but one thing I cannot do is play dress up with barbie dolls. Playing “pretend” with tea and making noises is something I have not been able to do. My siblings who are a few years younger know that I am an outside/crafty person. To “play pretend” has always been weird. That doesn’t make me a bad person. My daughter isn’t even a year old yet, but I would like to hope that she will understand this as she grows up. Her father on the other hand is opposite of me . So maybe she will gain the best of both worlds. Every person parents differently. No one is perfect. I understood your comment. Some people blew this way out of proportion. Whew!

Bekah Christian 6 months ago

This bothers me in a few different ways…1. They are telling you how to play? You are the parent take their lead but teach them that while they can share ideas they don’t always get to dictate how someone else plays. Another child isn’t always going to obey and that’s what you are teaching them social skills. You are also teaching them communication. 2. Do adults really have that little of imagination? It kills me that kids now have very little imagination probably because less people are showing enthusiasm for pretend play. 3. Pretend play helps them make sense of their world you can learn a lot by playing pretend with a child. 4. Pretend play helps language and teaches kids how to tell stories again they tell you to do things because they want you to teach them how to play and act out their thoughts and ideas.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

I don’t know what they mean, exactly, Branda. I just know sometimes kids are just kids and they’re not always going to feel like blessings.

Heather Stratton Williams 6 months ago

Yes, it can be boring. But HELL YES, those years pass in the blink of an eye. Cherish them.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

You know what one of my favorite things about Facebook is? All the mock sympathy. Like you can use sympathy to hurt people. That’s… I mean, kinda bizarre, right? That you genuinely feel like you can use sympathy to hurt people? “I feel sorry for you/your kids/your spouse”. No, you don’t. You’re not sympathetic. You’re trying to use sympathy to hurt people, though, and that’s…. well, pathetic.

Sarah Mayfield 6 months ago

Preach it sister!!! And my kids are a wonderful example of different personalities. My 7 year old is truly a reincarnated dictator with a pink tutu. My 5 year old (also a girl) is the kindest cuddliest most easy going person I have ever met. If my 7 year old asks to play, this article is a good play-by-play. She bosses me around and I become a mannequin. My 5 year old is so easy and fun to play with. She keeps telling me she is going to live next door when she grows up, and I really wouldn’t mind. All kids are different. Just because you have never experienced this doesn’t mean the authors feelings are invalid or her method is incorrect.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Aww, and just like that, I got sucked into giving a shit about how you parent your kids. See, I don’t. As long as you’re not raising them to be asshole adults or hurting them, I just don’t. Play with ’em or don’t. They’ll likely be fine either way. Mine are.

Tasha DeGeorge 6 months ago

They should be able to play alone but playing is so much more!! It’s a chance to teach as well as learn about them. Kinda what we all signed up for when we had kids!!

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 6 months ago

My 7-year-old always tries to cheat at Monopoly, or he tries to confuse the Banker or the owner of whatever property he needs to pay for by giving too much money in strange denominations and demanding that they make change. He could be a really scary business man some day.

Amanda Journey 6 months ago

Our issue is that her Dad lets her win. Mom has to break the news that it doesn’t work that way 😉

Erin Jaeger 6 months ago

Lol! I could tell as a child my mom wasn’t thrilled with “playing toys” with me. She did it though once in a while. Still, she was the best mom ever! So, moms it’s ok to feel this way :)

Wendy Stone 6 months ago

Without reading them… I’m going to assume most ppl didn’t read the article

Manda Edwards 6 months ago

If my kids want to go to the park or play outside, I’m glad to accompany them, teach them about flowers and insects, do a nature hunt, or play a sport with them. I’m happy to let my girls take an active part of preparing meals with me. We read frequently, I can’t do the doll and tea party thing. I never did as a child either. I’d rather have a real picnic any day. We play, but I rarely play with their toys with them.

Callie Brady 6 months ago

Oh for pete’s sake. You parent your way and I’ll parent my way. I don’t care about what other people do or don’t do with their kids. As long as you aren’t abusive or kicking puppies how you spend your time is not my problem. I have enough concerns of my own. My first child was only sibling for ten years. She played by herself alot. She is 15 now, straight A student, responsible, caring, the whole nine yards. Obviously I must have done something right. So take the time you spend judging others and do something worthwhile instead.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

Noooooooo!!!! LOL

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 6 months ago

I love playing with my kids but I feel like I’m not very good at imaginary play. That’s why I like doing Legos and playing board games with them best. Things that have an actual structure. I figure as long as we’re spending time together it doesn’t matter what we’re doing.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

Cheryl Montgomery Hey now. I’m Christian and I think kids ARE blessings. Buuuut they’re definitely NOT angels, lol. And no, NOT having kids does not mean God hates you or you’re being punished. MOST of us believe it just means God has other plans for your life (be it saving another child from an abusive home via adoption, or leading you to be a teacher and helping to mold the minds of many children, or caring for the terminally ill, etc). And no this was not an intent to get into the God debate. Just letting you know that true Christians aren’t judgemental jerks.

And I’m not sure what you mean by “treating them like blessings”. Because to me, raising them to be good, caring, hard working people is what it means to treat them like blessings. If you mean spoiling them rotten by giving them everything they want and never teaching them patients, empathy or the value of hard work… to me, that’s just wasting the gift you’ve been given.

That’s just my 2 cents.

Chrissy A Hoskinds 6 months ago

Well I worked with kids for a long long time saw hundreds of them families that parents worked and then would go home and were busy at home , kids feel neglected when mom and dad have zero time for them :(

Sara Olander Jackson 6 months ago

Ashlee has one baby. She’s an expert. Y’all better listen.

Jill Vaughn 6 months ago

I feel bad for Cheryl’s kids…

Sera Bourdier 6 months ago

LOL yes! The rules change constantly to accommodate their winning! So annoying!

Manda Edwards 6 months ago

I have to reverse cheat when we play games. Sometimes I will win just because they don’t need to think they can always be the winner, but a lot of times especially when we play cards, I will have the cars I need for several turns to let them catch up or win. My younger daughter is a good sport win or lose, my older one is a very sore loser.

Rebecca Fisk 6 months ago

I don’t play dolls or make believe….I will build furniture for her dollhouse

Sera Bourdier 6 months ago
Alexandria Cruikshank 6 months ago

You like arguing but not playing with your own children. What a stupid fuck

Dawn Spivey 6 months ago

Naa.. I don’t feel like playing either, so call me what you will “buttercup”;)

LIsa Blair Allen 6 months ago

When mine were little that was dads job. You know “wait til dad gets home. He will play with you!”.

Heather Nicole Akers 6 months ago

Dude I’m crushed when my kids WON’T let me play with them!!!! LoL

I’m a big kid at heart though with a very playful personality.

Ashlee Coleman Hemma 6 months ago

Cheryl, instead of wasting your time commenting on every post, maybe you could use this time to engage with your own children. No??

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Laughing and singing and crafts IS play.

Jamie Richardson Bowlin 6 months ago

Did you Mom’s who keep saying you’d love to play with your kids toys and color and all that even read the freaking article? She said she likes play with Legos and coloring and other toys, just not the pretend play!!! Read the freaking article and remember what you read before judging another Mom trying to make it through her day. You all make it seem like you’re so perfect and have no problems with Motherhood. A Mom making a confession about something having to do with raising her child should not be judged. She’s putting herself out there so other Mom’s who may beat themselves up about this or that will find comfort in knowing she’s not the only one. You people putting these’s Mom’s down and making rude comments certainly do not help. A little understanding and compassion go s long way to helping someone. That’s what wrong with this world. People think they are so much better then the next person, especially when it comes to raising a child, that they have no compassion or understanding. They’re too busy being “right”.

Katie De Oliveira Anderson 6 months ago

I love to play with 2 years old, I feel I’m a kid again when we are at the park, I love to be his favorite person, i even rid his bike, wish he could stay little for ever!!!!!

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

You still play and engage. I think that’s wonderful.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Gotta be careful admitting that stuff, Mary, or someone will tell you that you don’t deserve to have kids.

Mary K Simmons 6 months ago

I’m not my daughters’ friend. I am their mother. We still laugh, sing, dance,go on adventures and do crafts and some of our other favorite activities. I usually get off work an hour before school is out. Add the time it takes to catch and ride the bus it’s more like 30mins (if I’m lucky) add housework, Homework (8th and 2nd grades) making dinner,baths/showers, story time(homework) and being in bed in time, to get a full nights sleep, so I can be up at 5 in the morning, to start all over again .. Has nothing to do with not liking to play with the kids, its never having the time sometimes to actually play.. But we do what we can.. And no one on this earth can judge you otherwise

Sara Olander Jackson 6 months ago

So much judging on this post. Lots of “perfect” parents here, too. Get over yourselves already.

Marissa Bamberger 6 months ago

I know zero people like this. So I’m going to say it’s not a societal thing, but a people you know thing.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

I have :/

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Way to boil it down, Jocelyn.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

I can’t say I’ve ever been in a position where I was literally my child’s only option for entertainment.

Stefanie Szewczyk 6 months ago

This disturbed me on a few levels reading this. Suck it up, play with your kids. Good lord.

Jocelyn Rose 6 months ago

Cheryl you suck

Marissa Bamberger 6 months ago

So she’s horrible for playing with her kids, but admitting she doesn’t like when they play pretend? Hmm. I don’t like watching hockey, but I do it because I love him. Guess I’m a horrible partner.

Beth Rogers 6 months ago

^^us too. When she was really young, she “beat” us every time. .. but we started playing for real when she was a little older, and if she was a sore loser, the game ended. Honestly, she beats us most of the time anyway now!

Nancy Loiacono 6 months ago

Love arts and crafts and coloring… Can’t wait for my 2yr old son’s attention span to last long enough to do something besides throw crap all over the place!

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

They have no choice, but to look to their mom and dad. You can’t send a 5 year old outside, “go find something to do.” She’s in your face, been bored off her rocker for days on end because of the weather outside. Will you play with her?
Just asking.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

I like arguing. This is entertaining for me.

Laura Jo King 6 months ago

I’m always impressed by people who seem to know what christian god wants. It must be nice to read the mind of a diety.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Does Minecraft count?

It does, right?

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

For the kids who don’t have friends to play with?

Jocelyn Rose 6 months ago

This is sad! Childhood is so fleeting! Play with your babies moms while you still can

Jamie Richardson Bowlin 6 months ago

Did you even read the article? She said she does play with her daughter. She just doesn’t like the play pretend thing. Jesus, read it before commenting.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

Now I have that song in my head again, lol

Darcy Key 6 months ago

Whoa. I can’t believe I didn’t put on a raincoat before I wandered into this because AYE! THAR BE A SHITSTORM A’BREWIN’! If you have the time and energy and imagination to become your child’s best friend, I think that’s fucking awesome. And if you’re buzzing around stuck on Wonder Woman mode and you’re juggling so many responsibilities that you have to cut yourself (and your sanity) a break by saying “I’ve got other shit to do to benefit my family as well, something’s gotta give, let’s develop this kiddo’s independence”, I hear you 100%. But this “I’m a better Mom than you because I do things for my children differently than you do for yours” bullshit isn’t a flattering shade on anyone.

Vanessa Hack 6 months ago

I completely disagree that parents need to be their children’s “best friend.” That’s what their friends are for. Kids have a ton of friends. They don’t have tons of parents.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

If I told my mother that it was her job to entertain me as a kid, she would laugh in my face, check to see if I was serious, and then act seriously confused if I were. Which I’m not. ‘Cause when I was a kid, it never even OCCURRED to me to treat my mom like a friend. She was my mom. I had friends to play with.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

Right?? Some people think that if you admit that being a mom isn’t always sunshine and rainbows that you’re not fit to be a mother. Well, if that’s true, then none of us should be mothers! Stop putting such high expectations on women! (Not directed at you, just a general rant, lol)

Karen Neumair 6 months ago

Did the majority of these commenters even read the post? This mom DOES play with her children; she just dislikes a certain kind of play: “Give me a Barbie doll and I will dress it and undress it happily for hours. Give me a book and I will read it to whomever is listening. Give me some Legos and I will build you something amazing. Give me a board game and I’m happy to roll the dice. But don’t ask me to ‘play’ because there is nothing fun about playing.” Her daughter bosses her around and then she never does it right. What’s not to hate?! I, for one, am with this mom. I chose to interact with my children in ways that are mutually enjoyable (mostly teachable moments such as reading, exploring outdoors, even coloring on occasion) and then I encourage them to do the things I hate on their own. (Hide and seek, anyone? Ugh.) I am the mom, not a playmate. #sorrynotsorry

Eleanor Viola Cullen 6 months ago

This is why we have grandmas! I love playing with both my granddaughters.

Vanessa Hack 6 months ago

I don’t really mind playing with my kids and their toys, but I would much rather play outside with them.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

I accept what comes with it, and disagree that playing with toys is on that list.

I’ve taken my daughter on numerous sight-seeing vacations and to concerts and plays. If she grows up feeling sad that I didn’t play pretend with her when she was younger, then she’s got bigger problems than playing pretend would have fixed. When she gets home from school, I’ll ask her if she feels like I gypped her out of happiness and see if she laughs as much as I think she will.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

You’re not a very imaginative person… and there’s not a damn thing wrong with that.

Jane Stites 6 months ago

Good then don’t go have a beer and jump on the computer

Alexandria Cruikshank 6 months ago

Maybe you are trying to convince yourself.. since you keep coming back

Jess Rodriguez 6 months ago

I love playing with my kids. . I have 4 so I stay busy… sports, board games, anything except pretend…I’m not very good like they are.. lol.. That’s part of being a parent. ..

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

(Which is why I can only play with her on weekends 😉

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

I could say you’re right, because that’s what you personally experienced. I’ll tell you you’re wrong, because of my personal experience. My daughter plays with others, is part of teams, and in 2 school clubs.

Alexandria Cruikshank 6 months ago

Maybe you should just let it go..

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Not my job to entertain them, unless my goal is to make sure they cannot operate independently.

When they were babies, I held them all the time and answered them when they cried and made sure their needs were met. Once they’re at the “playing with others” stage, which isn’t for a couple of years (they play next to others but not WITH others), that’s what you get play dates, cousins, siblings and neighborhood kids around for.

Marissa Bamberger 6 months ago

Look, I love my kids more than life itself. I build forts, play ball, dress up, do crafts, “experiments”, sing a longs, etc. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t shudder when hear “mom! Come here! We are going to play monster/princess/madeupgamewhereijustscreamthingsatyou. I had quite the imagination as a kid, me & my tiny humans do NOT imagine the same way. I spend 10 minutes hearing “no mommy, wike dis!” Before I’m all “peace out!” It’s ok to not like playing with your kids. I don’t like watching hockey either…but I do it. I’m sure real housewives of isn’t high up on my boo’s list either, but he hate watches it.

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

And you’re an unsympathetic bitch.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

I like the ones who say kids are a “blessing.” So if you don’t have kids, you’re not earning God’s favor (maybe you’re a terrible person?) and if you do have kids, but don’t treat them like a blessing from God, then you’re a monster who didn’t deserve the little blessings.

Kids aren’t a blessing; they’re a byproduct of doin’ it. I have three and I love all of them and wouldn’t trade them for anything. Not even better sleep or quieter nights or cheaper housing or more free time. But are they perfect little angels? Hahahahahahno. They’re mini people I’m trying to turn into adult people.

Alexis Stansbury 6 months ago

I LOVE to play with my children! That’s sad…

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Mhm, I’m horrible.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago


Desiree Iniguez 6 months ago

Doing everything your kids wants you to do every time they want you to do it is only setting them up to be narcissistic little monsters. They’re going to grow up thinking everyone should do what they want to do. Sometimes it’s good for our kids to see us setting boundaries with our time and energy. Also our kids need to learn to entertain themselves at some point. Why do they need to be constantly entertained? A lot of great creativity can come out of being bored.

Stacy Combest 6 months ago

Please, Cheryl Montgomery we aren’t going to play the back and forth bad parent vs. a good parent game, then again..based off your comment, you may not enjoying playing at all 😉 Yes I’m sure you’d win the #BestMomAward and guess what…so would I! Do I think part of parenting is playing with your children? Absolutely! I personally think if you’re going to become a parent then you accept what comes with it. My daughter and any future siblings will grow up remembering the joy of playing with their parents…just as I did.

Brenna Cross 6 months ago

People who say sorry not sorry are the worst kind of people.

Halley Sims Martin 6 months ago

I would gladly play with and do play with my kids! I will pick up the nerf gun and go to town and have a blast and the look of joy on their faces make it even better.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Some of you guys are equating “playing with toys” or “playing pretend” with “loving your kids” or “spending time with your kids.” Guys, those things are not the same thing. When someone says “I don’t like playing with my kid”, they are NOT saying “I don’t love my kid.”

Seriously you guys. Get ahold of yourselves and stop clutching your pearls. Everything will be fine. Other parents are allowed to do things differently than you.

Erica Torres 6 months ago

Man, some of these comments are so negative and mean sounding. Describing kids as bossy during playtime and hating to play with them because they are assholes? Wow. Why do some people have children. If you don’t want to play, fine but why call children assholes and say they are time consuming and annoying? They are kids.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

I wish my daughter wasn’t an only child for so long. Siblings are a lifelong gift

April Lynn 6 months ago

I admit I don’t love to play with their toys . But I do and we have fun, even if for 10 minutes. I may not be here to be my children’s “friend” but I enjoy it . Why not be friend/ parent it’s up to us to draw the line . ☺ I have a mean dinosaur roar!

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

Rock on! Amen!

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Hahah, bitter old woman. Jesus Christ. Get a grip.

I do shit with my kids all the time. My middle kid is my hiking buddy, my oldest is my concerts/plays/movies buddy, and my youngest is my cuddle buddy. Do I get down and play on the floor with them? Nope! Are they fucked up because of it? Also nope.

Jennifer Hallermeier 6 months ago

When you love someone so much as you do your child, you do things not because you like to, but because you love them. Its about making them and others smile, not keeping ourselves entertained. Terrible article.

Jessica Leigh 6 months ago

That’s why I gave them siblings. Lol

Shannadra MacAulay 6 months ago

Let the kids lead you with play, i do buuuut i like to also play my own when doing so and that also teaches them you have your own ideas to (like other children they will play with later) plus it is fun to mess with them a little and be silly. As a parent and daycare worker it is my strategy lol

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Nope. You made a kid, entertain the little bugger sometimes. With a smiiiile

Megan Crick Posey 6 months ago

Snow days are the worst! I am lucky, my kids don’t wanna play with me like this much anymore. My daughter outgrew it, my boys never really went in it. That imaginary, do what I say play stinks!

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Y’all can play with your kids if you want to, but isn’t there some way you can find it in your bleak little hearts to stop accusing everyone else of being shitty mothers just because they don’t feel the need to be their kids’ best friends?

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

There are a bunch of panties that need untying over that statement lol

Allison 6 months ago

Yes! I’ve always had this problem. I didn’t even play with toys or other kids all that much when I was a kid…I preferred to read. Lol I feel a bit guilty because my youngest daughter is high functioning autistic and usually doesn’t want us to play with her like her older brothers did. I know I should encourage her to interact more, but the first time she says she doesn’t want me to play with her, I usually listen.

Arlene Sith’ari 6 months ago

Hahahahaha! Love it! Suck it up Butter cup!

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

I felt so bad for my daughter. No kids around..kicking rocks in the backyard lol. I can’t watch that. Sorry, but I’m not sorry. I play and I enjoy.

KellyandJunior Martinez 6 months ago

Of course there are times when play isn’t ideal. But, seriously? Hate it? How sad for your kids. 99% of the time I’m happy to play with my kid. Sure, she’d demanding in her objectives but who cares? It’s play……and it’s time we get to spend together. I can’t see where that’s negative.

Nicole D’Ambrosio 6 months ago

Certain things are a breeze. Reading, puzzles, video games, painting, hide and seek, sports, legos etc. Some things make me cringe at the Meer mention of them. No matter how we play it, I’m doing it all wrong and it always ends with him mad at me because I ruined the game somehow. Kids these days expect to be entertained every second of every day. My mom use to say “go outside and play”. Oh how I envy that woman!

Traci Keneda 6 months ago

So much negative about kids and how they’re such a bother on this page. Sorry but lose a child and you would pray for an hour of Frozen or Barbie or ANYTHING. Ungrateful and selfish. Unlike.

Erica Torres 6 months ago

Cheryl, you just seem like a bitter old woman. So you don’t like playing with your kids, why do you have to make it sound like parents who do are young and dumb. Don’t play with your kids but why advertise that you’re boring and mean?

Pamela Travis 6 months ago

My mom didn’t do the pretend play with me, I’m not traumatized. I love playing with my son but the second it becomes him yelling and bossing me around, say this do that, no not like that he’s playing on his own. We play pirates and hunt for treasure, play legos and bake but it isn’t the end of the world when a kid needs to play by themselves, there are some days I can’t get off the couch because of my back and being a single mom I’m going to save my energy for making dinner. My son hugs me and tells me I’m the best so I’m doing something right and he’s not lacking anything.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

Have you noticed how many people here are so judgy of us that can admit that parenting is a huge pain in the butt sometimes? I love my kids, I think we all do, but that doesn’t mean I love doing things with them and being with them 24/7. We’re human too! So what if I don’t like having a tiny bipolar dictator tell me what color boa to wear and how to hold my pinky whilst drinking lukewarm imaginary tea! Mawna is great at pretend play with my kids. I’ll let her have that “special” time with the them, lol.

Jill Vaughn 6 months ago

Margie I’m totally with 100%! I also have one child. She’s 4.5. She does have friends from school but that is really the only she sees them. Weekends and night are our time!

Laura McLaren 6 months ago

This broad needs a punch in the face….what a total jerk…

Jenna McKillop 6 months ago

We are NOT responsible for entertaining our kids.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

When I was a kid, I took my happy ass outside and either played with other kids or made shit up myself. When did we start believing a parent’s job is to be their kid’s best bud? Man, my parents never played with me. Not til I was old enough to understand Phase 10 anyway.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Yes, and everyone who feels differently than you is a bad parent.

Jill Bailey 6 months ago

I was an only child and my parents didn’t “play” with me. We did stuff together, but they didn’t play. And I was a daycare kid. I don’t crave anything from them. Also, my kids were only in daycare for a very short time. Less than a year. I was pregnant and in the hospital a lot. The rest of the time they’ve been with my husband or myself. I just don’t like pretending and I’m not required to do it to be a good parent.

Elena Claros 6 months ago

That’s too bad. I still love playing toys or imaginary friends with little kids. Their innocence and creativity is a refreshing break from adults. I amused a little child in the IRS tax line for an hour and managed to get to the front smiling and feeling good. I hope you can find a way to re-evaluate your perception. Play. Play. And play. They grow up too fast.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

You guys are being nasty and unkind to other parents who are, just like you, doing their best – and probably succeeding just fine at it.

I don’t play pretend or with toys with my kids. I don’t play with them much at all, actually. They play with each other and other kids. I snuggle them and ask them about their day and work closely with their teachers to make sure they’re doing well at school. I clean up after them and try to get them to clean up and make sure they have clean clothes. I feed them when they’ll eat. You guys implying that other parents are monsters for not playing with some damn legos or something are judgmental pricks.

Leslie Epstein 6 months ago

Yeah I would concur with this. However, I know when she’s a surly tween/teenager I will ache for these days back. But no, I don’t want to play Monster High and American Girl. I really don’t. lol

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

My daughter was an only child for a very long time. We moved a lot, she didn’t have many local friends. I stepped in. On super hot days, we’d do something like paint our faces up like cats, with my eyeliner, and have “meow” conversation over lunch.
She’s 8 now, her brother is only 10mo. We’re new to this area and there aren’t many play dates to be had. So. We build things like model rockets and extremely large bubble makers. We do a lot of science experiments and creative thinking.
I’m not only her mother, I’m her teacher. Play is teaching. On weekends, I play with my daughter. I’ll do the same with my son.

Ashlee Coleman Hemma 6 months ago

Damn. Some of you moms sucks. “I’m not my child’s best friend”. So sad

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Margie, my kid was playing with a photobooth app on my iPad. He took a ton of pictures and didn’t even show them to me. I found them later and laughed myself silly. He’s adorable, right? And enjoys playing by himself. Fun fact – he’s high-functioning autistic, which frankly means he doesn’t even WANT me to play with him a lot of the time. He wants me to cuddle him and hug him really tightly and then let him play video games while shouting randomly. It makes him happy. Because, as it turns out, not everyone needs or wants the same things, and parenting one way doesn’t mean everyone doing it another way is absolutely wrong.

Pamela Travis 6 months ago

My son is learning to play by himself, I still play with him but in different ways, we do legos, play dough, baking, reading, playing outside. There are days when I can’t get off the couch and sit on the floor with my son because I’ve put my back out or my knee is acting up, I have had to come up with differ t things to do and then there are the days I just don’t want to be bossed around and yelled at by a six year old.

Schanele Nicole Curtis 6 months ago

If your child is that rude when playing and you allow them to yell at you, then maybe you should rethink your parenting strategy. Kids yell! Trust me I have a super grumpy child most days

Areli Josserand 6 months ago

Forget you all! I love playing with my baby, I get to be a little girl all over again, I get to have fun again! I’m so glad I don’t think this sucks 😉 sucks, doesn’t it? 😉

Michelle Ash 6 months ago

It’s so funny how people automatically assume that she just shoves her kid off and ignores them. Some people don’t possess the “imagination play skill”. I love doing lots of things with my kids but I am so not good at “being” something. I’m glad my kids are passed that stage and we can be silly some other way. My daughter is 10 and wants to go get manicures and pedicures. I don’t mind her having it done but I’m not comfortable with someone touching my feet and honestly the smell of those places gives me a migraine. I can’t stand the smell of Play Doh. It stinks. I have never bought any for my kids. We have an indoor bouncy house place here and I’ll be the first one to jump all over that shit with them. We go to the ball field and throw the ball around. I’m more tomboyish so that’s the stuff I enjoy. I will paint my daughters nails, because she likes it. If she wants to go to the salon, I leave that up to Grandma. It’s good for them to have something together anyway. Just because I never liked pretend time doesn’t mean I didn’t do it. I never liked cleaning up their puke but I did that, and honestly the cringe factor is about equal for me.

Marlena Davies 6 months ago

Yes yes yes! Red-headed Snippet you want to be a wee dictator go do it to your toys. Mama has enough on her to do list without you adding 50 more in 10mins then packing a rantrum because they weren’t followed to the unexplained letter!!!

Wendy N Clint 6 months ago

Amen! I may not like it n sometimes I politely ask them to play alone so I can take a break, but really? This is how they learn to socialize, help their imagination grow, know that we love them?! Lol

Crys Carroll 6 months ago

my husband’s best friend eagerly waited until our son was 18 months to give him his first set of megablocks/duploblox lego type deals. we’ve had a ball playing with our son. although i do think his favorite part is knocking down the tower :)

Angella Lightfoot Naasko 6 months ago

I LOVE playing with my daughter, but I’ve always been a goofball so I don’t care if I look silly.

Heather Garza 6 months ago

My son entertains himself too, never said he didn’t. If you can honestly say you never all went your parents didn’t have that interactions with yoy that’s great but I’ll be damned if I’m just going to tell my son no i won’t play with you because I have better things to do.

Nicole Fox 6 months ago

Yes, Sarah. Playing doesn’t always mean Barbies or Legos. It means interacting with them on a level they understand. When I clean the house, I blast Disney music and dance with my son while moving from cleaning one room to another. It’s just including them in activities and making them feel worthy of your time. When they go to bed or are at school, then you can make time for yourself. I can’t imagine a mother who was pregnant and thinking “Wow, I’m going to have so much time doing what I want to do!” —- don’t have children if you “hate” or have to roll your eyes and pretend to like doing things with them. Children are well aware of how you make them feel with your ignorance.

Jamie, yes my mom relied on daycare teachers to raise me. My grandma moved in with us when I was about 7 and pretty much raised me in my own mother’s house. My mom and dad were free to go out to dinner without me, vacations, etc. and during the week, how dare I interrupt a television show. I am no great mother, because I didn’t have a good example, but it’s very clear that God forbid something ever happened to your kid and they COULDN’T play anymore, these mothers would WISH they could take back wasted time.

Jill Vaughn 6 months ago

I loooove playing with my kid!! It is the only part of my day that doesn’t suck!! She is so creative and the things she comes up with are hilarious! Don’t want to play with your kids, then why have them!?!

Shannon Deutsch 6 months ago

I love playing with my kiddos, there will come a time when you have to pack all those toys up while sobbing when they go off to college, if your kids want to play toys with you, you better play :)

Sofia Lindgren-Barrezueta 6 months ago

Ok so not everyone is made to play imaginary games. As long as your doing SOMETHING then you’re fine. Color, paint, do puzzles, leggos, whatever. Just do something.

Jennifer Longoria 6 months ago

Meh. It’s obviously an unpopular opinion to have but, I don’t like playing with my daughter either. I’m her mother not her playmate.

Just because I don’t sit on the floor and play Barbies with her, doesn’t mean I don’t interact and facilitate a close relationship.

Having someone constantly entertain you takes away from being able to figure it out on your own. I don’t have someone constantly entertaining me. When I’m bored, I pick a hobby that I like, and do that. Just like my daughter.

…and just because I’m not actively playing with her, doesn’t mean I’m not in the same room. I’ll dress every doll given to me and braid all the hair- but you’re on own kid, with your made up story lines!

Imani Malika 6 months ago

Soooooo true lmao. I admit that I sometimes look forward to my son coming home from school so that daughter has her playmate back.

Amanda Burden 6 months ago

Are you kidding here? It doesn’t make you a crappy or ungrateful mom to not enjoy playing pretend. I hate playing pretend… But you bet your ass I’m grateful for my kids, especially after 5 years of doctors and fertility treatments.

Tara Keough Cometti 6 months ago

Couldn’t agree more!

Jen Sowden 6 months ago

I like building with new sets and instructions.

I will pass on the free building though. I have no imagination for building.

Jill Bailey 6 months ago

My parents never played with me and I don’t ask myself why they never did. LOL. That’s silly. Personally, my kids are more fun now that they’re older. They don’t begrudge me for not playing with them every second of their lives. They’re actually better for it because they can entertain themselves.

Bridget Harlow-Pitney 6 months ago

Wow. Then don’t have kids. I love playing with my daughter and she loves to sit in my lap when I read to her. My husband gets home from work from a long day too, but he always makes time for our little girl. Playing is how kids learn. You don’t have to play 100% off the time but your time is important to them.

Dawn 6 months ago

I suck at pretend play. My 5 year old wants me to play Minecraft with him. Which is not really Minecraft but Lego Minecraft where we’re both Steve and sometimes the spider is good but other times it’s evil and hey, let’s stop by the Lego Friends juice bar for a quick snack on the way to visit the cows. I loathe it but make sure I do it every day. I’d much rather play Transformers or live-action Mario Kart. The good part is that I’m only fed my lines half the time now. With my daughter who’s 8 she wants to play Lego Friends one of whom has a crush on Steve and the rest of them can’t find out because then Rapunzel will never come out of the tower. Or something.

I’ll play board games, color, craft, bake, sports, read, whatever, just please please PLEASE let me step off the pretend play train.

Charity Lynn 6 months ago

I think Jenny just hates being a parent period. I feel sorry for her child.

Jen Sowden 6 months ago

I’m mentally exhausted listening to every description my son has for every Lego creation he builds.
However, give me a board game, card game or some crafty thing and I can play long enough to fulfill my parental duty.

Not everyone wants to be a kid again. And that’s ok too. Just don’t be mean about it.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

My husband refused to ever let our oldest daughter “win” anything. He said she needed to learn how to lose. In truth, it was just because he was extremely competitive and couldn’t bring himself to intentionally lose to a kid. He finally got that she needed to build confidence in herself too and would let her win every now and then. But it still kills him, lol.

Leyna Velzke 6 months ago

From an anthropological perspective, children were expected to play with other children, not their parents, and to learn social skills, etc. I am not my child’s friend, and mother’s should not feel guilty about having their own needs. Playing with toddlers are hell for me. We will see how I feel when they are a bit older…but either way, I am fine with whatever I decide. I gave my children a sibling=instant playmate

Kimberly Daigle Riley 6 months ago

“But imaginative play where there is no opportunity to use my imagination drives me nutty. Being barked orders by a four year old is no fun, and so I will continue to live in fear of those six little words, ‘Mum, will you play with me?’ ” YES. If I could actually play instead of being told what to do and say and be, it would actually be fun for me.

Katy Ake 6 months ago

I had my three children close together so they have built in playmates. I hate playing pretend. I will read, go to museums, the playground, and the movies. I will go swimming and take walks. I will color. Anything but play pretend!
I am their mother not their friend. I enjoy spending time with them but dam if I am going to play! Uuuuhhg!

Stacey Holcomb Goodner 6 months ago

That’s what it is for me too I think, short attention span. I prefer activities where we’re creating something, play doh, Legos, coloring, the sandbox. Never had patience for cars or dolls or board games.

Kathryn Lynette Armstrong 6 months ago

My kids are now 12 and 14, but I feel like I learned so much about what they thought and felt through playing with them when they were little. There’s a reason why play therapy is a thing. Kids will often communicate things through play that they can’t otherwise. They love to imitate us, and that’s how they learn. I find it sad that people don’t want to play with their kids. :/

Heidi Vasek Freemark 6 months ago

My daughter uses her imagination and will play with her toys and the dog or play doh by herself. I play pretend with her plenty, but not at her demabd, yeah some days I dont. Big deal. My mom n dad kicked our asses out of the house and told us to go play plenty of times when we were kids.

Chrissy A Hoskinds 6 months ago

It’s the whole society of leaving your kids with strangers all day , then bringing them home and ignoring them that gets me , sorry I have seen it for years first hand , trying to figure out why some people have kids ????

Deb Smith 6 months ago

We are supposed to play with toys; we have boats and sleds and motorcycles and all kinds of toys that we play with, lol….

Charity Lynn 6 months ago

It’s called spending quality time with your child! They won’t be children forever and you will miss it! They need that parental interaction because they are learning from it. Parenting is more than providing, Playing with them the way they need is part of the job description! Buck up and do your jobs!!

Jennifer Gonzales 6 months ago

I don’t mind playing with my son. I do dislike being told I’m doing everything wrong and him throwing a fit. lol

Pamela Travis 6 months ago

There are certain toys I flat out refuse to play with and things I won’t do because I honestly don’t have the patience for it, my son still loves me hugs me and tells me I’m the best, he still has fun we just do it differently. We do messy play, going outside, go for walks, look for bugs, play board games legos, ect. Pretend play isn’t for everyone and to bad mouth and put a parent down for not cherishing being bossed around and yelled at by a tiny person isn’t nice. My mom didn’t do that much pretend play with me and I’m fine, hell I did it by myself, I wasn’t traumatized by my mothers lack of playing with me.

Sharon Horning 6 months ago

I have aspergers. I have a hard time “playing”. It’s not really something I ever did myself so I have a hard time with it. I do it, but wow I wish I could just enjoy it. :/ I envy moms who enjoy it. I do draw with them, and play board games. But that’s just what’s easiest for me

Vanessa Dominguez Peralta 6 months ago

It doesn’t work as effective as we would want… you might not hace to play but your stuck being the referee in their fights, they always want the same toy and it doesn’t help to have to some how they still fight.

Jill Bailey 6 months ago

In grateful for my kids. I just get frustrated with them sometimes. I’m allowed. My brother and sister-in-law can’t have kids. You know what they did? Adopted. Don’t you make any of us feel bad for having whatever feelings we have towards our kids.

Heidi Vasek Freemark 6 months ago

They don’t need to be entertained 24/7.

Jamie Creasy 6 months ago

The Daycare they drop em off or the baby kennel they get dropped in in front of the TV.

Ashley Gusikoski 6 months ago

Just finished reading this after being crammed into my 2.5 year olds tiny play tent with her and my son having a pretend picnic because it was “raining” outside. Children learn so much through imaginative play. I get that parenting is tough but complaining about your daughter wanting to play with you? Really? There are much worse things to complain about.

Marissa Hamilton 6 months ago

I love playing some things with my son but NOT when he wants and makes me sit for an hour making a train or elephant talk…and insisting that I have to be touching the toy to make it talk. I also can’t choose my own toys or make them do what I want. I wish it was fun but it isn’t. I will be glad when he is old enough to want to build, make, and create. Legos, crafts, coloring, puzzles, modeling clay/playdoh that he doesn’t want to destroy before I finish. I love my son and WANT to play with him. I just enjoy playing in and different way than he does right now.

Madelyn Kay Tillman 6 months ago

I hate playing stupid Lego’s about as much as I hate playing the kind of pretend games the author was talking about. So. Boring.

Avi Melniker 6 months ago

There are many things I have hated about the parenting process (tantrums, night waking, night terrors, peeing all over the carpet- I could go on…)….but playing is probably my absolute #1 favourite part of the parenting experience and what makes it all worthwhile for me. Maybe it’s the being a kid again bit and being silly. I thrive on playing. No judgement to the author whatsoever but it’s very funny to see just how different everyone is and how different parenting experiences can be. Though she does have three kids- so maybe after número 3 the magic wears off lol

Kim Aceves-Beltran 6 months ago

Depends on the family. Sheeesh never mind folks

Jamie Creasy 6 months ago

Reading your comments made me very thankful my mom owned her own daycare when I was young.
Im thankful for the extra mile she always went, dressing up, making stages…etc.
I think I would be a different person if my mom had told me no & went to attend to her sewing machine or picked up that book she had been DYING to read .

Sharon Horning 6 months ago

And my third! Lol.

Jennifer Feckler 6 months ago

I never write anything on these posts, because most of them are hilarious and spot on, but all of you “mothers” who say, I dont like to play with my kids, omg its so boring, I hate it, I have other things that I can do, they dont let ME do what I want. Jesus. Selfish much? Being a mother isnt about being you. It is about your child, and making them into awesome adults. All my pictures of when I was younger was me in a stupid play pen. That was great, and now, Im not close with either of my parents. Let them be kids! Play! Get the stick out of your asses, and grow up. Before long, they are going to be 20 something ignoring the shit out of you because you ignored the crap out of them. What was the point in having kids anyways?

Chrissy A Hoskinds 6 months ago

Sorry I don’t agree at all :/ I think it’s amazing reliving childhood through my kids ! Love that their toys are so amazing !!! I mean just the play dough sets alone are spectacular guess what we had ? Moms cookie cutter ! Ha ha now there are whole sets ! And the Barbie dream house ! Wow the paw patrol station , Dora’s playhouse , come on ! This stuff is amazing , I will skip housework and play with my kids anyday !!! Have fun dusting and scrubbing I’ll be in my daughters room playing Legos !

Vanessa Dominguez Peralta 6 months ago

I am not a fan of playing pretend so I make our time together coloring, arts and crafts, watching movies or playing board games… they are only 3 and 4 yo but I make it work they play pretend and do their crazy stuff while I am cleaning or making dinner or browse through Facebook lol but I try to spend as much time with them as I can. Like I tell my husband they will do anything to spend time with you they don’t care what they are playing as long as your doing it together. ..

Allison Gerrish 6 months ago

I know I should. I even thought before I had a little girl I would be so happy to play with dolls again. Now I just dread playing with Barbies, and Monster High. I just feel like I can’t really pretend anymore. I’ve really grown up.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

There are parents (obviously) who feel no need, whatsoever, to play with their children, so they don’t. I think that’s shitty.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

My kids are total idiots for loving me and being happy despite my obvious Facebook-dictated failings. Haha. Suckers.

Sara Bechta 6 months ago

as a mom of 2 boys (12 and 2) i never enjoyed racing cars around on the floor while shouting zoom… BUT I do enjoy coloring, reading, singing, and dancing/running with them. There are times when I cannot “play” and things I will not do with them. It ALL counts as play though. So sanctimommies can STFU about “Play with your kids, it wont last long” or “Suck it up Buttercup”… Piss on you and piss on those damn monster trucks that I trip over daily. I love my boys more than my whole life, they are my world. Don’t you dare make me feel rotten because I dont enjoy everything they like to do.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Of course.

Christine Velas 6 months ago

I wish I could be half as perfect as most of you
*side eye*

Vanessa Dominguez Peralta 6 months ago

I am not a fan of playing pretend so I make our time together coloring, arts and crafts, watching movies or playing board games… they are only 3 and 4 yo but I make it work they play pretend and do their crazy stuff while I am cleaning or making dinner or browse through Facebook lol but I try to spend as much time with them as I can. Like I tell my husband they will do anything to spend time with you they don’t care what they are playing as long as your doing it together. ..

Kathryn Lynette Armstrong 6 months ago


Heidi Vasek Freemark 6 months ago

There are some days, I’m not here to entertain you…a child can play by themself too. Not saying u don’t play with my kid, but not whenever they want. I’m the mom. I do other things too and. No shame.

Rachel Margaret Shively 6 months ago

I do too…coloring is fun but some other things aren’t like boring pretend. We opened up a big Apple box and colored roads on the inside with fire station, police department, school and store then we play with his cars on it. He loves it.

Schanele Nicole Curtis 6 months ago

Trust me Cherly, I take my very well deserved breaks

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Your kid’s wearing a mustache, you obviously play with and engage him. Not even sure why you’re offended by what I said. Let it out, though. Let it all out.

Paola Kennedy 6 months ago

Oh lord! So because you don’t play pretend you’re an awful mom? Stop it.

Nancy Billingsley 6 months ago

the point is —–you are paying attention to your child. something a lot of parents don’t or can’t or won’t do be happy that your child wants that attention.

Tara Boell Treppiedi 6 months ago

boy the haters are out in force today! Why can’t a grown woman admit something that is fun to a 4 year old isn’t thrilling? I don’t think that makes you a bad Mother, I think that makes you normal. I can relate, no hate here!

Paola Kennedy 6 months ago

I play outside and listen to them but I can’t play with their toys and make voices and such. Don’t have the patience. But I’m there for everything else. I get this article.

Valerie M Cody 6 months ago

Amen Cheryl! I love my children and love playing certain things like board games but not pretend stuff. Because all mine wanna do is dictate what I should be imagining. So I totally relate.

Laila Valade 6 months ago


Heidi Vasek Freemark 6 months ago

I’d rather grocery shop some days too admittedly

Ashley Burnam 6 months ago

I love playing with toys! I’d rather play cars or do puzzles with my son than most other things.

Artuzia Lavoie 6 months ago

I wake up at 5 am, getting myself dress, prep breakfast bags for me and my daugher, wake her up , dress her , run to school, run to work, came back home around 6pm. Prep dinner, clean dishes ….breathing time around 7 pm when it hits me ” mommy let’s play together ” ….i check the clock so I have about 1,5 hours to play, breath , talk with my husband, check the weather, set the cloths for next day, pay the bills, read some emails, answer to the phone , tideup the house a bit, gathering all my strenght to remember what day of the month is and what else is in the calendar to do for tomorrow and the rest of the week and weekend . So i would say that “hate ” is a hard word but I agreed that when i heard the question my brain says “wtf woman now i have to pretend ? give me a break” I very much love my daughter at this age (4y) but sooo waiting for having a more mature conversation than ” I am a princess mum and here is my castle and you are my horse – just pretend mum but i need to get on your back “

Hazel Roach 6 months ago

Lego is the shiznit! Im pee’d my kids don’t like playing with it that much

Jill Bailey 6 months ago

I do have a boring imagination. I’ve always had one. Even as a kid (only child). I spent a lot of time with adults, so that’s what I was used to. Sure, I played, but I mostly hung around with my dad. I have 3 kids, they can play with each other.

Jamie Creasy 6 months ago

I guess its really hard to use their imagination & make stuff up.
Im 17 years older than my brother & we always act out WWII with nerf guns.

Tracy Stanwick 6 months ago

I love that I’m not allowed to “grow up” around my 4 year old. It makes the world a better place watching daddy be silly with her. We love playing with her. Even if she gets frustrated with a game, she’s a kid. Let her play how she wants to. Being an adult sucks. I’ll encourage her to stay a kid for a long as she wants. If that means putting the bills aside because she wants me to play dinosaur with her my pleasure. My children are my sunshine. Being silly with them and feeding their imagination makes being an adult not so bad.

Tammy Harbord 6 months ago

I resent my lazy ass mom who never did anything but sat on her fat ass watching TV drinking coffee and smoking her cigarettes… get off your asses and play with your kids.

Cassi Jo Hutchinson 6 months ago

There’s no place for lack of sarcasm here, go like a cutesy page. Sigh.

Ashleigh Reisterer 6 months ago

I grew up on a farm, so i didn’t need toys. I had horses. Lucky mom!

Jenni Filipe 6 months ago

I play with my kids. I could transform a tricky transformer like no other, without instructions lol or figure out the weird bionicle instructions to morph two together. Lego, who doesn’t love Lego?! Video games and pokemon are now the thing with my oldest, brings me back to my childhood. My youngest is just getting into dolls and ponies, now that is where you get creative. I don’t always want to play with them and I encourage solo play but you know, soon they’ll be teenagers and want nothing to do with us. And then they grow up and move away…so play with them

Erin Dobson Carter 6 months ago

I love these posts, its as if my thoughts have been put to paper (well computer) but with humour & no condement xthank u x

Heather Garza 6 months ago

I love playing with my five year old and do it ALL THE TIME. Parents on here are saying i would rather sew or do my own thing, really? Your child’s is asking you to interact with them, asking for your attention. Just get over yourself and do it!

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

They’re all afraid of failing the motherhood test, dawn, and they need to cut themselves and everyone else some slack.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Silly woman.

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

Lol that escalated quickly. Did I say that? Did I hint to that assumption? What gave you the impression I was only referring to imaginary play?

Cassi Jo Hutchinson 6 months ago

This will be me. Sigh.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

No, we’re just adults. I grew out of enjoying “pretend time” anywhere outside of bed a long time ago, if you get my drift.

Angie Ramsey 6 months ago

Who was going to entertain them all day? Why they learn to entertain themselves! Does someone follow you around making sure that every moment of your day is wonderful and fun? No. Do I hang out with them? Yes. All day. They help me cook, fold laundry, weed and help with the house. We laugh, talk, joke around and enjoy eachother. Do I go outside, and draw on the sidewalk, run, go to the park, play playdo? Yes. Do I play barbies or dress up? No. They do that with eachother, or on thier own. Being able to entertain yourself is a GOOD THING.

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

I call my Lego playing “abstract art” LOL

Sarah Michelle 6 months ago

I shouldn’t have kids because I won’t get down on the floor and play with mine? Hmmm, you must have won Mother of the year on this one! Congrats! Now go back to baking pies please…

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Jenny, I bet your kids love you just the same as mine love me, and vice versa. I bet you’re doing fine as a mother. I bet other women are insecure in their motherhood and deathly afraid of making mistakes that will make their kids not love them, even though it’s unlikely and they can give themselves a break. That’s what I bet.

Dawn Bain-O’Laughlin 6 months ago

There is nothing sad about it. What is sad is all of these self-righteous and judgemental mothers who seem to forget that there are plenty of worse things a mother can do than not want to play pretend with her kids all the while completely ignoring the fact that she engages and plays with her kids in other ways. Now THAT is sad!

Elina Matson 6 months ago

I played memory. Peckin kid kept whining “I wanted to find the cake ones!” Oh for CRYIN out loud kid!

Tanya Frey 6 months ago

I love Legos but I kind of suck at them too

Jamie Creasy 6 months ago

You folks must have some boring a** imaginations if you are seriously bothered by playing “pretend”.
Sad .

Lorrie Rack 6 months ago

I suddenly feel lucky to have triplets. They can play together.

Krissy Brewer 6 months ago

they’re dorks and want to do the dumbest things *whines* but I try. when I have the energy. b/c kids love it when their parents play with them and it’s worth the hassle to see their joy (sometimes) :)

Branda Nelson 6 months ago

I totally understand her irritation. She actually said she doesn’t mind playing with the toys with her. It’s the “pretend” games that aren’t really pretend, it’s just her daughter telling her what to say and when to say it. Yeah, that can get old quick.

But you know what I do? “I have an idea! Let’s go outside and pretend we’re airplanes! Show me how long your wings are! How fast can you fly? What sound does the airplane make??” Works. Every. Time. LOL

Chris Hayward 6 months ago

Playing with my kids is one of my favorite things about being a mom sound like the 4 year old rules.

Marissa Bamberger 6 months ago

Wow. I’ve definitely thought these things. Guess I’m not grateful & I’m a shitty mom. Though it’s weird that people who know me tell me I’m an awesome mom. Huh. Weird.

Shannon Petrowski 6 months ago

Guys she isn’t saying she doesn’t play with her kids so ease up. She is simply saying that she doesn’t enjoy certain kinds of playing. I understand that completely. Stop criticizing and try a little more understanding.

Kaity Morton 6 months ago

AMEN!! So glad I’m not the only one.

Penny Sather 6 months ago

Clearly not trustworthy then. 😉

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

It’s in nice letters and was turned into an image so it MUST be true.

Karen Worley 6 months ago

Hell to the yes. I loath fighting villains and good guys. And in my sons eyes, the world is divided into villains and good guys. And they love to fight.

Rachel Margaret Shively 6 months ago

I have had to endure the “ok let’s make my toy Hot Wheels cars talk to each other”….all we say is “hey how are you”? While moving the car to make it seem like it’s talking. The after repeating that a million times we pretend to make them crash….over…and over…and over again. #personalhell

Monica Webster Boylen 6 months ago

Yes! My daughter is exactly like the this! She has, to dictate ever word I say.

Jamie Creasy 6 months ago

Umm pretend is the sh*t.
Why cuz even mom can be what ever she wants.
And I don’t get this article, seriously not that hard to play pretend.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

For who?

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

I don’t miss him being a baby. I don’t miss him being a toddler. I don’t see myself missing any of it – I take each phase as it comes & move on. No phase is better or worse than another – just different. I look forward even to adulthood, when we can have real conversations.

Becca 6 months ago

Oh good, it’s not just me! Hooray! And now I know it’s not just my four-year-old who wants to pretend play but only in the exact way she’s imagined the scenario and dialogue. I’m sorry that I do not know how to be the perfect Unicorn turned Cheetah King who hates baths and only wears blue.

Ashley Ronning 6 months ago

I don’t think she’s saying she never plays with her kid or that she never enjoys it. But…it gets old and it’s ok to admit that. I like being near my kid, which is good since that’s what I do full time, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy everything she enjoys all of the time!

Jennifer Thiele 6 months ago

I love playing with my son

Kacy Johanson 6 months ago

Oh my gosh Joelle! We JUST talked about this!! Haha!

Debbie Acker 6 months ago

I thought getting to play with toys was an uber perk to having kids..lol

Ema Leese 6 months ago

But it seems too!!!.. it’s like an eternal boring meeting..with tiny little dictators…

Kristin Alderfer Webb 6 months ago

You mean play-doh, coloring and checking and posting on FB. I think you prove the author’s point. 😉

talilya 6 months ago

Yay!!! I’m not such a bad mother after all…my little boy keeps wanting me to “pretend” to change him into a frog and then I have to be a frog too. It’s not good enough to just sit there and say “ribbit” he wants me to get on the floor and hop around too…I don’t want to do it anymore!!!

Dawn Bain-O’Laughlin 6 months ago

She DOES play with them, she said so when she said she doesn’t mind playing with barbies or Legos or reading stories, she just doesn’t like playing PRETEND!

Schanele Nicole Curtis 6 months ago

Jenny Saul-Avila you’ve had nothing but negative shit to say on this whole thread, I think you need a nap. I hope you aren’t raising your children with that shitty attitude (maybe that would explain your child’s reaction when she tries to play.). Also spending 20 minutes a day playing with your child when THEY direct the playtime(even if it is 20 minutes of peek a boo) has shown to boost their confidence and improve behavior.

Heather Garza 6 months ago

This article bothers me on so many levels. What happens when our children grow up? We as parents often ask our self where did the time go, I wish they stayed little for a little bit longer? So what your kid wants to play with you, good forbid you show your attention! I have a autistic 5yr old, I PLAY WITH HIM ALL THE TIME! I May not understand what exactly are playing but I PLAY WITH HIM. My son wants me to be a pirate, than i am a damn pirate! The interaction between children and parents are so important. Why blow it off because you don’t like it? They are only little for so long. I honestly feel sorry for your child. I dont care if I have a headache, dont feel good, am sick, or whatever. When my child asks me to play with him than I play with him. I would never want my child growing up and looking back going damn why didnt my mom play with me? I dont know about anyone else but lately these articles are bull shit. They as mom they irritate the hell out of me. Ok I am getting off this thread my son just asked me to play hot wheels with him.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Those toys are designed for kids, not adults. Why wouldn’t you hate it?

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

Yup – she does play & it sounds like she does it well (as well as anyone could) – but it still sucks ass sometimes.

Sarah 6 months ago

You’re a mom but you’re also human. It’s nothing but natural to feel how you feel. I work with children who may never be able to have any language or speech and whose parents weep tears of joy the odd times the little one utters a legible word.
Try to enjoy your little one’s chit chatter its a blessing for sure :)

Kayla Sparks 6 months ago

I try to, but my two year old wants me to do what he wants me to do. I’ll watch him play (because its adorable to watch) but its incredibly hard to play. I’m not a mind reader and I end up frustrating him and myself. I always try, but its hard. I hate playing and I always have, but I make an effort. My favorite time is right before bed. Giving him a bath and rocking him is the best.

Michele Crimson 6 months ago

Amen Cheryl! I am not my children’s best friend and they are not my signifant other. My purpose is to raise them so they may survive out in the big bad world. Once they are no longer children…well then we’ll see.

Ashley Lake 6 months ago

I do play with my kids but I do not enjoy the: “and then you said…” “And then you did…. And you said…” I mean really if you’re not going to let me use my imagination and speak for myself, why did you ask me to play this game again??? Let’s play something else!

Emily Fergason 6 months ago

I say no to playing with my child all the time. I don’t feel guilty at all. He’s healthy, happy, and has a GREAT imagination.. teach your children how to be independent every now and then!

Ooops, I Said Vagina again. 6 months ago

Playing Monopoly with an 8 and 9 year old is equivalent to taking a trip through the seventh circle of hell… In my opinion…

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

Dude, I can’t even remember my parents playing with me as a kid, except for day trips & such like that. I was taught to play independently, unless I needed specific help for something or for games. Pretend play was on my own. But somehow, we’re supposed to be on our kids’ beck & call now for every moment of play now. Eff that.

Ema Leese 6 months ago

I also don’t like “playing” with the kids…I don’t know what I’m doing..and it ends up with them having a meldown because ive done something wrong..I much prefer making things with them and drawing and doing messy play and baking things with them..even chase and hide and seek..I hate playing imaginary with them..it sucks…I do it though. but will avoid if I can.

Chantelle Hughes 6 months ago

I don’t cherish every moment. Most days I’m too tired or just don’t want to play trains for the 50th time either, but to say you hate playing with toys with your kids is a little ridiculous.

Geraldine Stewart 6 months ago

^ haha! I’ll now look at my cheating, sore loser son in a different light!

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

You, that isn’t what I said, now is it? Play is an integral part of a child’s development. Doesn’t have to mean being on the floor with him, zooming cars around for hours. There are literally millions of other ways to play that don’t necessarily suck for the parent. Understand?
And, you, children can see that their patent is unhappy at a pretty young age. How did it make you feel when you asked your mom or dad to play, and they agreed, but you could tell they hated every second of it?
Playing with children can be annoying, but it doesn’t have to be. Acknowledge that you are their entire world and laugh at their ever-changing rules. Have a good time while you can while they actually give a crap about your attention.

Ami Toma-Russo 6 months ago

P.S. You don’t have to agree or disagree,it’s one persons opinion. Those who love to play-knock yourselves out!

Michelle Gillhouse 6 months ago

Don’t tell me to suck it up. I enjoy life plenty, but I don’t play with them. I have other ways to spend time with them and love them and enjoy them. <3

Meghan McNeff 6 months ago

Your 4 year old probably doesn’t like to be barked orders at all day. Through that play, she gets to experience her own sense of control and, although you don’t feel challenged creatively, her brain is certainly getting a lot from it!

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

I hate Legos. I hate building. I’m a bookish kind of person – I can’t build something to save my life.

Michele Elizabeth Paquette 6 months ago

I just think a really ungrateful & crappy Mommy wrote that article!

Emily Jones 6 months ago

I don’t have any problem playing with my kiddo although it gets annoying when he wants to do something over and over again, but I figure at some point he’ll stop wanting to play that particular thing and we’ll move on. I could definitely see how people would dislike it though… it gets crazy repetitive and sometimes really boring.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

Uh, no. I am not married to my kids. I made this mistake with my daughter, people, and it turns out that you are NOT supposed to be their friend. Turns out they need friends their own age, in fact. Mothers are for cuddling, loving and discipline when necessary. Friends are for playing and venting about your mothers. Get your kid a play date if they’re too little for friends at school. But you’re under exactly zero obligation to play with their toys. Stop guilting other parents.

I am not my child’s “significant other.”

Vicki McMillan 6 months ago

Make me**

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

When your daughter starts bossing you around through some inane scenario for the 100th time that week, get back to us, k?

Vicki McMillan 6 months ago

I agree, it appears people didn’t read it or it totally went over their head. I’ve got 4 kids and there are certainly days when those words me me want to hide lol

Michelle Gillhouse 6 months ago

Great, you enjoy playing with your children…. Me? Not so much, I enjoy them in different ways. Different strokes for different folks ya know.

Ashleigh Spagnuolo 6 months ago

Kid: Mommy, let’s play baby crocodiles!
Me: OK. (lay on ground and smack my hands together like a crocodile’s mouth)
Kid: Nooooo, you’re not doing it right!!!!

Rebecca Labonte Montanez 6 months ago

Just because I don’t like playing with toys with my son does NOT mean I love him any less or any more than anyone else. I’m well aware “he wont be this age for long”. Playing cars with a toddler is pretty much – here’s your cars, no I want those cars, I want those cars too, here you can have a train, oh look books, snack?

We don’t have to like, love or enjoy every part of parenting and quite frankly I’m sick of those mom’s who make it a point of telling us we should. Get over yourselves.

Kerry Adams Corum 6 months ago

I’m the same way! I’ll do anything – just don’t make me play with toys!!

Pamela Travis 6 months ago

We do board games, reading, play dough, Legos, I can’t stand it when he starts barking out orders pretend that, say this say that. It gets old real fast and I know how this mom feels. I love my kid so much but there are some things I just won’t do.

Ami Toma-Russo 6 months ago

I hate playing games with babies/kids

Kris Callaghan 6 months ago

I like playing with toys. So much more fun than “adult crap” 😀

Ashley Mead 6 months ago

This is soooo so sad. They’re only young once, play with your kids! They will remember forever if you do or not trust me!

Elizabeth Winkler Adams 6 months ago

Fair enough

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

People who say “suck it up, buttercup” have got to be the least compassionate a**h*oles in the world of parenting.

Schanele Nicole Curtis 6 months ago

Maybe it’s because I have a toddler who is just starting to show his imagination, but I love playing toys with him.

lana 6 months ago

I love playing with my children. I count it as a privilege. What I find difficult is listening and trying to laugh at made up jokes. That is painful.

Juliette LaBelle 6 months ago

I don’t think I ever really grew up, myself. I can’t wait to do all the fun stuff. My baby is 8 months old, so playing with him now kind of sucks.

Jessica Haritos 6 months ago

Amen to that!

Briana Hayes 6 months ago

Cheryl- it’s not about making them feel appreciated. We are our kids’ best friends (especially “only” children) and they want us to do things with them. Imagine your significant other never wanting to do anything you want to do, to make you happy. Same concept

Cara Rab 6 months ago

She’s not saying she doesn’t play with them, just that it can totally suck playing with them. If you have fun kids to play with, that’s awesome. Some people don’t, I am one of them.

Brittany Zarn 6 months ago

I love dancing with my daughter.

Devonna Mahkee Moore 6 months ago

Actually me n hubz love playing with our kids! Even if were tired. Seeing them happy and having fun is like a stress relief for me

Kim Aceves-Beltran 6 months ago

Taken out of context! I was being sarcastic. No just needs to not be grumpy acting like she hates playing with them most kids r surprisingly intuitive. Their memories of mom never playing with them /refusing to/or grumbling about it is SAD

Jessica Moore 6 months ago

I feel this! I play with my kids all the time but it’s frustrating when they are always “no mom, you’re doing it wrong”! Well then play by yourself! Lol! There’s probably a teachable moment in there somewhere…

Nicole Parmentier 6 months ago

Kara Burgoyne I think a lot of people missed that point of the article. Heaven forbid you don’t love every aspect of parenting.

Kimberly Winslow 6 months ago


Heather Jester 6 months ago

I think I probably used to feel this way, until I was struck down with a disease that forces me to spend weeks at a time in hospital beds, on floors where my kids aren’t even old enough to visit. My youngest is 8, and doesn’t remember a time when mommy was “well”. What I wouldn’t give to be sprawled out on the floor playing, or outside running and exploring with them now.

Anna McCallum 6 months ago

I can see both sides of the story. It’s exhausting sometimes to play with them especially if you take care of them and the chores all day and rarely get time to yourself. That’s also why it’s important to get out of the house and do something different, like a family outing, a date with sig. other (doesn’t have to be spouse, have time with your friends who understand your limits as a parent) or just go do something on your own (that’s safe and responsible) like a hobby. When you feel rejuvenated then play with your kids the way YOU want to. Don’t like toys or pretending to be one of their Ponies (from experience, it’s very time consuming when my 3 yr old wants to do that ALL day) then do something else with them! The point is to spend time with them, after all you chose to be their parent and they need to interact with at least one to form a bond and future relationship! You don’t have to play with their toys but a tickle fight or cuddling to watch a movie together is just as good :)

Erin Poe Brodrecht 6 months ago

I play with mine, but it never fails that I’m doing it ALL wrong or touching something that has been designated as “hers” in the last 5 seconds (like a puzzle piece). I’m coloring with the wrong color, I’m not allowed to touch the blocks. Basically “play wif me,” while it totally melts my heart to hear, means “watch me play and don’t interrupt with your attempts to include yourself.”

Molly McKee Nickson 6 months ago

I dread playing with toys. It’s extremely boring. I can generally do okay with Legos though

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

I feel almost claustrophobic when I get dragged into his bedroom to play.

Yeidy Cacho 6 months ago

I do Legos and video games hahaaa

Kara Burgoyne 6 months ago

She’s not saying (in the article),that she doesn’t play with her child, just that she doesn’t like it and that’s OK.

Nicole 6 months ago

No one is saying they leave their kids to fend for themselves or that they don’t play with them, just that sometimes it’s exhausting or boring or annoying. It’s perfectly okay to feel that way. Not all the things that kids want you to do with them are particularly fun. None of these people are saying they don’t like spending time with their kids. I love spending time with my son…reading to him, putting together puzzles, playing games…but certain activities just suck. No need to shame others, no need to try to make them feel guilty for their feelings. If you love doing every single thing your kid wants to do, good on you, but not everyone feels that way, nor should they have to.

Shelby Tolbert 6 months ago

This made me laugh. I remember being a little kid (only child, too) and asking my mom to pretend with me, but she would never do it exactly the way I wanted her to, because she’s not a mind reader, so I eventually just stopped asking lol. We would do plenty of fun things together, but anything involving pretend play was my own creative outlet after a while.

Blake Miceli 6 months ago

Soooo true!

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

Amen, Cheryl. I love the cuddles & reading to him & aall that kind of stuff, but not pretending for the thousandth time some boring as hell scenario. Or buildiing a block castle that will be torn down as soon as it’s built. Or constructing train tracks, to have them torn down. No, no, no, no.

Nicole Wild 6 months ago

“Which one do you wanna be?” No.

I’ll do games, I’ll do building, play doh, tickle fights, creating, cooking, sports, fort-making, anything. Except that “you be the good guy and I’ll be the bad guy” play. They have each other and I need a break!

Beth Wilson 6 months ago

She didn’t say she doesn’t she just said she doesn’t like to so she did suck it up

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

You think there’s literally no other way to show your love or appreciate your kid than to play with their damn toys?

Kaitlin Wake 6 months ago

I’m guessing a lot of the commenters here didn’t read the article…

Heidi Greene 6 months ago

Yes! Boring and tedious is an excellent description lol

Tonia Delozier 6 months ago

Bossy or not you play with the kids. Gfc

Hoku Lani Kona 6 months ago

You’re not playing with your kid so YOU can have fun, you’re doing it so they can spend time with you and interact and explore how to deal with people. You’re helping them develop.

But of course, that’s just a hardship. How annoying, to have to put your own selfish feelings aside for someone else.

What a horrible person.

Adrien Beatty 6 months ago

I agree

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

Clearly, those of you who enjoy every second of playing with your kids either have kids who are more fun to play with, have better imaginations and/or have rose-tinted glasses of the past. Small children can be huge pains in the asses to play with – because their method of playing is to boss someone around with pretend play that could only be interesting to someone their age. One can only do it for so many hours per day before just wanting a little bit of time to oneself, if only they’d let you. This winter, being locked inside for so many weekend days – I’ve had all the play I can take.

Christine Marie 6 months ago

I did hate it but it’s gotten more fun lately. I mostly just have to be various animals. I can do that.

Nicole Fox 6 months ago

I wonder if all these mothers who are saying “ugh, I want to do my own thing” ever had a craving for thier own mother’s attention and affection. Why would you ever make your kid wonder why mommy doesn’t want to play with them? I am 30 years old and still to this day wish my mom would have shown me a better example. I have a 9 year old, and one due in April. I’m not mother of the year, but to ignore play time with your child, or not having the time to, clearly suggests you should not have kids. Where do you think they learn life skills? I guess you could leave it to the people who watch them at daycare…. like my mom did.

Christina Beam 6 months ago

I would much rather watch as they play…I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

Heidi Greene 6 months ago

I don’t play toys with them most of the time. Occasionally I do, but I’d rather spend our time doing productive and meaningful things, like crafts or baking. I’ll play cards and games, too. But even when I was a kid I didn’t really like toys that much.

Joanna McClanahan 6 months ago

This is why we had a second kid.

Tonia Delozier 6 months ago

Wow and you gals are mommies. Shame on you

Beth Wilson 6 months ago

Maybe it’s mean but I feel the same way. Some things I don’t mind playing, like beauty shop or picnic but when she wants to play Frozen and shopkins Im like hell no lol

Nina Brandau 6 months ago

Just because she doesn’t like to play she shouldn’t have kids? You better be joking.

Alexandria Cruikshank 6 months ago

I didn’t have a good childhood. Just like playing with them

Stacy Hersey Buckley 6 months ago

Rude.Who did you think was going to entertain your child when you decided to create him/her?

Amber Morphis 6 months ago

Ugh. You know the saying “let them be little?”. You’ll miss them asking you to pretend one day, I promise you.

Elizabeth Fyfe 6 months ago

The one that makes me cringe while we’re in public is Power Rangers. My kid is 4, it’s so darn cute but I have to get the giggles out before agreeing to pretend to be the yellow ranger…

Sebastian Jennings 6 months ago

I hate it when spending time with my kids and doing things they want to time cuts into my self-absorbed blogging time. This is why my wife and my kid are only allowed in the room if they can sit quietly and watch football.

Michelle Lorondeau-Hedge 6 months ago

Love that I am not the only one! I also cringed hearing those words. Lucky for me it didn’t happen very often. Lol. Really appreciate the honesty of this group. Makes being a mom “bear”able! 😉

Lori Toney 6 months ago

I don’t mind playing with my kids most of the time, but it’s been hard while I’ve been pregnant with #3. But they’re twins, so nowadays I’m not really asked, since they play with each other constantly. I’m mostly just the referee,which works for me!

Lareen Buckley Lund 6 months ago

My son always wants me to go outside and shoot on him in net…..i hate it…lol

Rebekah Lynn 6 months ago

I don’t enjoy playing with my son at this point because he’s not even 2 and so incredibly violent lol playing with him means injury for Mommy. I adore him, I just hate getting smashed in the head with toy bulldozers.

Sarah Ransome 6 months ago

This is pretty pathetic…

Erin Selmon 6 months ago

I love playing with toys with my son! I also work at a preschool with 2 yr olds, so I play with them too!

Nicole Parmentier 6 months ago

To the people who say suck it up did your read the article? Kids are bossy and can take the fun out of playing. I play with them but don’t really enjoy it.

Libby Chambers 6 months ago

I love playing with my children! Play teaches them so many things.

Cheryl Montgomery 6 months ago

I will never long for playing with my kids and their toys, same as I’ll never long for wiping their shitty little butts. I’ll miss cuddling them and listening to them describe their day in little voices, so I make sure to do that. But playing with their toys? Hell, no.

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

Yeah – too bad that the kid never wants to do that for longer than half an hour at best!

Kim Aceves-Beltran 6 months ago

Sad article y have kids then. Enjoy them & stop taking your tired ass so dang serious!

Nicole 6 months ago

Playing Play-Doh means watching him stack the containers and knocking them over. Or having me make random food items out of Play-Doh that he pretends to eat. He doesn’t ever actually touch the stuff himself. Playing chalk means I draw a bunch of stuff on the sidewalk and he points to the colors he wants me to use. He doesn’t ever actually touch the chalk either. Playing Duplos or Megablocks means I make a “hundred brick wall” so he can knock it down. Playing cooking means I have to fill all of his plastic pots with water so he can drink it all and ask for more. Or I just get to chase him in circles while pushing his noisy toy lawnmower. Playing is overrated. And exhausting.

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

I so hope so – right now, I can’t wait until he wants to spend more time playing by himself. Just don’t make me pretend to do something nonsensical with your stuffed animals again. Please.

Kimmie Hill 6 months ago

Are you kidding me? I got to quit my job to virtually have a second childhood and rediscover the world with my spawn? Who bitches about this?!

Carla Wetzel-Kratzke 6 months ago

I never played as a kid do I don’t get it. I hung out with friends and rode horses. I also ran around outside and played card games, but nothing with toys or imagination. It just doesn’t make sense. The doll isn’t alive, and I am not a princess. So I go to the park and play out side with them. Inside they are on their own.

Nicole Fox 6 months ago

Wow. Well put!

Wendy Lou 6 months ago

kids learn through “playing.”

Amber N. Gatts 6 months ago

I usually love every post, but this one… Nope. I can’t wait until my daughter gets old enough to play, and I’ll cherish EVERY moment!

Suzie Atkinson 6 months ago

Its good to play with your children and communicate instead of giving them an ipad let them use there imagination so we dont have solically retarded adults in the future

Rebecca Brasher Boothe 6 months ago

Me too! Love to color, problem is they hate it bc that requires them to sit still!

Penny Sather 6 months ago

I don’t trust people who don’t like to play with Legos. *side eye*

Jenny Saul-Avila 6 months ago

I also hate playing. Never realized how short my attention span is & how little I can tolerate bending to someone else’s bossiness b/c of their imagination that is so far beyond mine. It’s so boring & tedious & oh please, just learn to play by yourself. I know I was far more independent as a child too.

Becky Gauthier 6 months ago

When else do you get to be a kid? It is a good stress reliever. Your kids will love it, and they will remember it.

Laurie Reese Uribe 6 months ago

My almost 9 – yr old girl had started asking me to play with her again. .. You better believe I’m doing it cause I know for sure this won’t last much longer. And, much of the time she doesn’t want me around, so when she wants to play with me I’m there.

Rebecca Brasher Boothe 6 months ago

I know time is flying be and we won’t have this time forever but I HATE PLAYING imaginary crap!! I will read, play play-doh, play all the board games you want but please don’t make me play imaginary!

Audra Gorton Arnold-Mescall 6 months ago

To all the parents that don’t like to play with your children. I would like to say thanks for the job security. Sincerely,
All speech therapists

Chantelle Hughes 6 months ago

I don’t agree with this article at all, they’re only young once. Play with them!

Stacy Combest 6 months ago

Seriously? I mean I get it after a long day, it’s hard to get into play-mode but your children won’t be children forever. Playing with your children is part of being a parent and it’s fun! I can’t believe there are parents out there that actually tell their kids no when asked to play.

Linzy Wontorcik 6 months ago

I know! I will color the shit out of some pages.

Melissa Baileey 6 months ago

Haha I always say kids are like tiny drunk people from another non-english speaking country

Linzy Wontorcik 6 months ago

OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus yes. My son is the same way! Thank sweet baby Jesus someone understaaaands!

Kristie Babicky 6 months ago

Playdoh and coloring……I’m in! I suck at the pretend play and dollhouse stuff though. I wish my imagination would come back!

Jen Papp 6 months ago

We don’t enjoy it because we don’t do it enough….It’s not my favourite thing either but when my kids ask me I have to say yes…it’s funny to see what things they come up with. just gotta let go and get on their level….

Margie Ceriello 6 months ago

You went to work and that sucked, you do laundry and that sucks, you pay bills and that sucks, you mow the lawn and that sucks, you grocery shop with children and that sucks, you diet or beat yourself up for not dieting and those both suck. Being an adult means doing things you don’t want to do – all the damn time.
So, suck it up, buttercup. Play with your kid.

Quinn Mills 6 months ago

Hahaha so true!

Michele Elizabeth Paquette 6 months ago

I am thankful I had a baby! So many women would give their right arm to even have a child. The Lord blessed me with the ability to have a child & I am so glad. I think of women who can’t have babies and I am SO grateful for dirty dishes, dirty laundry, muddy floors & messy beds.

Bree Leon 6 months ago

Seriously! I love playing with my guys! I know one day I’ll be longing for this time back!

Donna McCall 6 months ago

I don’t play toys. I will dress and do hair. I will color, do crafts color and play games. I do water balloon fights and slip n slides. I will run and play on play ground. So yes I play with them just not with their toys.

Claire Marie 6 months ago

Coloring only
I hate playing too!!!

Kristie Babicky 6 months ago

I’ve found that coloring calms me too! Until one of my kids takes the color I need! lol

Wendy Keller Goldstein 6 months ago

I remember those days – “Pretend your dolly says she’s tired and wants to take a nap”.. I would say “why doesn’t your dolly just go over there and take that nap? Why do we have to pretend she says it?” grrrrr

Adrienne Rodriguez 6 months ago

Whaaaat? I love when I can be a kid again!

Gretchen Jennings 6 months ago

I’m having a great time playing with playdo right now. :)

Amanda Journey 6 months ago

Ugh. I had to play checkers this morning. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t make up her own rules, or if she wasn’t a sore loser 😉

Ashley Baer 6 months ago

me too!! or read

Delaney Rosales 6 months ago

Coloring is soothing to me. That I don’t mind. Other than that ugh I want my time to sew or clean or do my own craft work!

Alexandria Cruikshank 6 months ago

Damn… Just play with them. Won’t last forever.

Vickie Curtin Mabey 6 months ago

I’ll color with them any day of the week though :)

Susan Schmidt Myers 6 months ago

Happens to me a lot

Dave Curtis 7 months ago

Hahah, oh man. You’re far from isolated here. After a while of hearing ” Dad…Dadddd!!!!! Pretend youre a cat robot but youre really a statue and Im a dog and I poop on you…ok go! NOOOOO!!!!!! thats wrong ! I dont wanna play that now…Pretend you saw a baby in the woods but youre a nice robot monster but Im a mean kid….NO NOT THAT!!!! I wanna do the cat robot….dad!!

I love him to pieces but that can do your head in after an hour or two.

Hang in there soldier :)

Yutolia 7 months ago

My mom very obviously hated playing with me. I only asked her a few times, it was that bad. She would seriously last about 2 or 3 minutes and then she’d claim that I must be really lonely and bored and she’ll call a friend to come play with me! Which wasn’t what I wanted – I had plenty of friends’ houses I could just walk to if it was them I wanted to play with, I wanted to play with my mom! So I just decided that playing with me obviously wasn’t that much fun and quit asking. That in addition to some other things made me think that she really didn’t like me in general. I’m 35 now, and a few years ago my mom and I talked about this. It turned out that it was because for some reason my grandmother (who is incredibly abusive to my mom) decided that I didn’t have any friends and that it wasn’t natural for mothers to play with their children no matter how much either side wanted it. It was nice to find out that it wasn’t because she didn’t like me…

dee 8 months ago

Yes Jorge that’s it..lol..you get the magical hour or two with them..you get to “miss” them! Now try everyday seven days a week all day…now add housework, grocery shopping and laundry that never gets done…and try to look handsome when you wife/girlfriend comes home. (Oh yeah I forgot you haven’t showered yet..no chance to)…jking..but true.

dee 8 months ago

Yessssssssss! ! My 2 year old wants me to come lay on the carpet and color! But only with the crayons she picks…I’m like my knees hurt..i hate coloring..and i need to shampoo this carpet!

Andrea 8 months ago

I had a friend growing up like this. And one day I finally told her it’s not fun playing with you like this. I’m going to play how I would like to play. After that we never had a problem. I think I would tell your daughter the same thing.

Monica 8 months ago

I just saw a commercial with a mom scrubbing the floor inside the house while a small child outside the glass patio window was looking for her mom to play with her but the mom was busy cleaning. So it was an ad for maid service saying, “Let us do the cleaning while you play with your child.” I looked at that and thought wow I don’t even WANT to play with my child. And that is me cleaning something and using that excuse for NOT playing with my toddler when he asks. And honestly I felt guilty which is why I Googled “I don’t want to play with my child” and it brought me to this page. I am relieved to see im not alone. However, I am going to have to make more of an effort to do it since I do think my guilt is still telling me that I SHOULD play with him or I will regret this when he is older. Thank you moms for letting know im not weird for feeling like this.

Stephanie S Mason 8 months ago

OMG! So funny! That’s exactly how my son is except it’s usually a ninja or army guy instead of butterflies! I feel like such an a-hole when I say no!

Andrea Sene 8 months ago

I was so happy when they learned to play by themselves.

Jane Lewis Wilson 8 months ago

Thank You for posting this! I’m not alone!! Yay!

Steven Hopalong Nugent 8 months ago

I love playing with my 3 year old, making up games and being silly together is one of the best things about having a child, makes me sad how a lot of people refuse to play with their children and make it sound like it is a chore.

Steven Hopalong Nugent 8 months ago

Hahaha.. SoundS familiar.

Courtney Salmon Kennedy 8 months ago

I just don’t think my two little guys like playing with me. My husband on the other hand….. They just can’t leave him alone!!! Lol, he doesn’t mind though and often instigates it. And I’m totally fine with that :)

Julie Bugner Noskowicz 8 months ago

I could’ve written this. I hate make believe

Chris Temple 8 months ago

I’m experiencing this for the first time right now. It’s interesting and since this is my first opportunity to be a part of children’s lives in this capacity it doesn’t bother me one bit, but I can certainly see why others might be annoyed by this behavior.

Tammi Van Hollander 8 months ago

I loved this blog and it inspired me to write a response on my newest blog. I have shared your blog among the social media community and so many parents can relate to it. As a play therapist, I felt a need to respond and give tools, so parents can learn to enjoy playing with their children and building strong healthy relationships. I’m obviously very passionate about children’s play. Here is the bog of my response: http://www.mainlineplaytherapy.com/#!Those-Dreaded-Words-Play-with-Me/c1wf5/1

Heather Blacka 8 months ago

I’m not judging but I now have teenagers and oh how I miss hearing them say mom will you play with me….

Lisa Kamerer 8 months ago

I’m not sure which is best, the actual article, or all of these awesome comments! I feel so much better now that I’ve read this. I really thought I was the only one that had to “pretend I was the mom, and they where the kids”. 😉

Kristin Haskins 8 months ago

My mother used to say I am not here to entertain you. It was a different time back them when adults ruled not the children.

Sarah McCarthy 8 months ago

I loath playing. My oldest keeps asking me why I don’t play. I do just begrudgingly, because I’m home all fucking day doing actual work and house work and regular mom shit, I tell her that we do play just in short bursts, which is true. Then she asks what games I like to which I reply: space out, back rub, and reading quietly punctuated by casual conversation. She was less than impressed.

Christina Stephens 8 months ago

This is me. Thank you Scary Mommy for a great explanation!!

Lauren Fazio 8 months ago

Haha. Mine are 1.5 and 2.5 and there’s no playing together going on, just picking on each other. Sigh. Boys :

Danielle Parascand Giberson 8 months ago

Whew! I’m normal.

Heather Hofstetter 8 months ago

It’s not even that I hate playing with them; it’s the belief (instilled by their father, who STILL calls me on his commute home because he’s bored!) that the world will end if every waking moment of my day is not spent entertaining them.

It’s 3 weeks after Christmas, FFS — go find something to do!!

Mie Albertsen 8 months ago

Hahahaha ooooh so true

Jennifer Engelmann 8 months ago

OMG me too.

RonandKellie Vickery 8 months ago

Me too !

Tammy Harbord 8 months ago

No wonder why kids these days are so different and many are violent… All they want is attention and this now makes me realize why! If this many mom’s and can agree they hate playing with thier kids, then now they are all left to fend for them selves..

Tammy Harbord 8 months ago

I agree and I supposenth at why many just hand thier kods off and pay someone else to do it.. I can’t believe how many mom’s are agreeing they hate playing with thier kids!!! its blowing my mind.

Norma Mathieson 8 months ago

All these responses are so sad to hear our kids are only little for a short time and will only ask to play with us for just as short then they turn into teens and don’t want to do things with us we all should cherish this time instead of shooing them away

Heather Wolpert Boul 8 months ago

I couldn’t agree more!

Nicole Wild 8 months ago

Yes! I’ll bake cookies or play monopoly Junior with them before ever succumbing to army men v monster trucks.

Nicole Wild 8 months ago

I try to do just about everything else with them so I can avoid playing zombies- baking, board games, coloring, build forts, etc. But no, I don’t want to be the good guy. Or the bad guy. That’s the worst.

Leah Langley 8 months ago

I hate playing the same version of pretend. I’m trying to teach them the basic rules of improv so they can better play pretend… With each other. Not with me. Haha

Lynsey Hackett 8 months ago

“Mom, tell Crackle (imaginary dragon) that he can’t come in here.” crackle, you can’t come in here. -2 yr old throws self on floor- “YOU CAN’T BE MEAN TO CRACKLE!” Shit.

Diane Caldwell Hearn 8 months ago

Role playing is very important in the toddler years. Weather it is playing with Fisher Price toys, or tea parties. A parent’s interaction shows them how to play properly, so they will play well with others. And shows that the parent holds that child’s need for them to spend one on one time is valuable

Emily Parenteau 8 months ago

I love to play with my stepson he let’s me do what I want with cars…As for my 9 year old step daughter everything is scripted for me and so bossy! luckily my 18 month old still let’s me do what I want when we are playing…seriously does anyone else remember play time being bossy and scripted? I sure don’t

Vanessa Melchiori 8 months ago


Elisa Coon 8 months ago

I can’t wait for that game to start!!!

Heather 8 months ago

I agree with Kimberly. It’s hard to think you’re the only one feeling these things. I don’t have any friends IRL that have kids yet, even though I’m 30, so I have no to bounce these feelings off of to know they’re normal. I’m chronically ill and can’t play much with my 3 kids, 4 y.o, 19 month twins, I feel so guilty. I thought for a long time, and still sometimes do, that they would be better off if I killed myself and then my DH could remarry their “perfect” mom. It’s so hard to be a SAHM but not be able to be the mom I thought and dreamed I would be, shackled by my physical and mental restraints. I’m glad to know I’m not alone.

RB 8 months ago

Love the honestly here. Listening to the narrative of you and your daughter play pretend certainly does sound exhausting. I can totally relate- I have a 5 and a 2 year old son. I don’t have the patience you have, but I’ve found a solution that at least works for me and my boys. Instead of just being a sounding board for my child’s imagination, I go on the offensive and get right in there. It actually turns out to be fun. When we’re pretending we’re ninjas, I miraculously become a dragon ninja who can shoot lasers from my eyes. And the look on my kids face is one of amazement and terror. Son: “I didn’t know that even existed dad!!” Me: “Theres a lot of things you don’t know boy!! Now look into my laser eyes!” Next we’re Marvel super heros and my boys are both (somehow) the Hulk. They are trying to smash me, but guess what? Now I’m just a little puppy- and hulk loves puppies. And I watch two little Hulks cuddle with me on the floor- until the next idea comes around. We go on like that for maybe 15 or 20 minutes and its much more of a two way street of creativity. This seems to be a solution for me- otherwise I’m just a punching bag both mentally and physically- and I don’t have the mental stamina to keep up with the glowing orbs of energy that are their blossoming minds.

Kristen Catuara 8 months ago

To all of you ladies jockeying for the non-existent best mom in the universe award. This blog is suppose to be humorous and satirical, in every joke there is great truth and honesty, if you can’t deal, please unsubscribe! Seriously? Our kids are going to not be little one day? I managed to really enjoy the shit out of my life before kids, I’d imagine that I’ll find something to do with myself once they don’t want to play Barbies anymore. I loathe playing Barbies!

Tara 8 months ago

So relieved that I am not alone in this guilt ridden thought. I feel awful but playing like that does suck. Just let me watch or listen but please do not make me play.

Gretchen Clary Redd 8 months ago

I thought I was the only one. I have always felt horrible for not wanting to play. Thanks for not making me feel alone!!

Lisa True 8 months ago

Omg, my youngest is the same way, play his game, but only if you do exactly what he tells you. Go this way, say this. I’m even willing to play pretend, but I would like to have a say in what we are pretending. If I want to be wonder women I should get use my lasso of truth darn it :-)

Michelle Kling 8 months ago

I also fit into this category.

Krystal Patton 8 months ago

“Mommy, can you build me a cool spaceship?” Not again!

JuAune C Thompson 8 months ago

I didn’t like it either when my kids were little.

Jennifer Pollard Bagwell 8 months ago

Well that I can understand, my kids want to be the cat so I guess I lucked out on that one

Lori McCarthy Ahler 8 months ago

I LOATHE playing with them. That’s why I gave them a slew of siblings. And FUN Dad.

Marisa Slappey 8 months ago

Wow! You suck!

Marissa Bamberger 8 months ago

Yes. Because the author said she never plays with her kids. I also hate the imaginative play with my daughter. My boys, it’s fun. She is a tiny demanding princess who usually wants to put a leash on me and have me pretend to be a cat. Because I won’t get her a cat.

Marissa Bamberger 8 months ago

Just the other day my boyfriend and I were binge watching Lost during my youngest child’s nap and the older 2 kept coming in and wanting to play. I started to feel bad. Then I thought, “how did my mom do it with 4?!? I only have 3.” It hit me. Those fuckers didn’t play with us all the time! We played with us!!! Mind blown. How have we gotten to a place where we feel guilty for taking time for ourselves. I’m over it. It’s winter. Screw it, play with yourselves!!

Amethyst Kelly 8 months ago

I thought i was the only one!!!! Thanks for this article.

Jesse Loeser Seybert 8 months ago

THANK GOD! My first son would just want me to sit there for HOURS and watch him play but I wasn’t allowed to touch anything. In fact he usually would turn his back on me! But if I switched on the TV just for something to listen to while I sat there or tried to read a book… He would FREAK. My youngest just orders me around. I love building blocks, or coloring or reading or playing board games. But pretend sucks.

Michelle Holt Finch 8 months ago

That’s why I had four! Created my own little play group. Also, even though they Do grow up fast and try to treasure the moments, I LOVE my older kids that don’t play pretend anymore. I get to have real conversations with them and see how funny and witty they are!

Amy Evers 8 months ago

“Pretend”…. ugh.

Rebecca Colosimo-Zimmerman 8 months ago

All day!!!

Jorge Rosas Jr. 8 months ago

I never said she wasn’t a good parent. I am saying that in this instance, her reasoning sounds selfish and whiney.

Amanda Denise Parrish 8 months ago

it was a joke. most of you ladies on here clearly took my comment personally. you must be the boring ones. I’m a single mother of 3 kids. 11,9 and 2. I completely relate. Im here doing it all by myself. I find some selfishness in telling your child to go away and play by themselves. I never insinuated I was a better mother. you ladies have.

Meagan Dickey 8 months ago

It’s not all play that is so bad. It’s the “you are now my living puppet” style pretend play that is so bad. If she allows me to be a thinking, contributing member of our play act, then I’m all in. If she’s just going to bark orders and move me around like a toy, then it isn’t engaging for me (or her, frankly). She needs to know that people don’t want to be pawns. Thank goodness she’s learning this at school as well, and is quickly dropping the dictatorial attitude. Now we get to have some real fun.

Candace Davis 8 months ago

So… why so hostile? I applaud you for enjoying imaginative play with your kids! They doesn’t mean the author is any less of a good parent because she doesn’t.

Tara Keogh 8 months ago

*whispers* I enjoy playing

Amber Hartman Mansfield 8 months ago

Yes. Yes and YES

Jessica Acree 8 months ago

I always dread playing hide-and-seek with kids. I’m just too big to legitimately hide and they suck at hiding (same spot, arm hanging out, accidentally talking) and I have to pretend they’re the best ever… It’s torture!

Garynjoanne Trainbarton 8 months ago

I don’t have an imagination, I’m happy to play board games or read books til they come out of my ears, but I too hate and dread those words

Belinda Cubitt 8 months ago

I play with them sometimes, a game of cards with my daughter can b fun.

Stephanie Sahlin 8 months ago

I used to tell my kids. all the time ” I’m NOT your source of entertainment”

Casey 8 months ago

That is so hysterical and completely true!Thank goodness I have 2 daughters and they are starting to play with each other!Thanks for a wonderful post!

Katie Yarwood 8 months ago

I read books 584649464 times, give them paints, playdoh, colouring items, toys anything their little heart desires and I will sit there and watch them play! But when they want me to play I politely decline and suggest they play games with eachother. I don’t like playing with kids, I’m quite happy to sit and ooooo and ahhhhhhh but no playing for me thanks.

Destany Dillon 8 months ago

I can do flash card games and chace them at the park but playing with toys is not my thing i try but it just makes me agrivated snd thats not fsir to them. It’s just better that I don’t. Right?

Heather Sachs 8 months ago

My husband plays lions with my daughter, I’ve caught him playing doll house, I try playing with both of my kids, I think they realize quickly, that quite frankly, I really suck at it lol . I’m crafty, baking, taking to places, play games, Rent movies, do hair and make up, but coming up with dialogue for playing with barbies and pretend, lets say, improv is not in my wheelhouse.

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

I love play dough. I learned how to make recently.

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

I’d have them clean th he house while they are mom. lol

Shannon Dunlop 8 months ago


Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

I like to play beauty salon too. Sadly, it’s the only pampering I get. I did learn if you give real make up, you end up looking like Tammy Fay Baker.

Erica De Leon 8 months ago

Thank you, most people don’t get the concept

Pebble Savary 8 months ago

My whole thing is I’ll play but if they get too bossy I let them know and if they don’t stop I will stop playing. I tell them you can’t control other people like that. Also if they haven’t played by them selves for a while then I make them. But I will play, no its not always fun but is the stuff we make them do any better?? Cause you know all kids love doctors, dentist and grocery shopping.

Courtney Lynn Richie 8 months ago

Uh oh I feel like you just took us to church!

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

Good idea.

Kaela Ann Richie 8 months ago

And for all the ones saying that’s why I had siblings for my child ummmm ok?! Like that’s the sole reason they decided to so the older kids can be built in entertainers.. Can’t wait to see how that one backfires when the little darlings decide to fight & bicker all day!!

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

My daughter is at that stubborn 3 yr old stage of her way or No way.

Kaela Ann Richie 8 months ago

Bahahaha!! Her peeps are her lifeline!!

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 8 months ago

I could have written this. I am right there with you. My 3 yr old comes up to me with her plastic animals, and I’m thinking oh God, not again. She thrusts some of them at me and expects me to play, but the conversation between toys must be dictated by her. Her oldest sister was happy coloring with me at that age. He middle sister loved using me as her victim in make overs. I didn’t have to pretend something completely uninteresting.

Courtney Lynn Richie 8 months ago

Oh that was to the other moms who just want their kids to be quiet in a corner…not you two

Courtney Lynn Richie 8 months ago

Lol alls I’m saying is invest a little time in your bitty one and maybe just maybe they wouldn’t be so awfully needy of your time, all the time. Haha that reminds me of Ren freaking out the other day when they left …..where have my people gone?!

Kaela Ann Richie 8 months ago

But you’re right some of these people are so selfish sounding- what did you think having a child would entail?? Children aren’t little chia pets who just need to be fed & watered every so often lol

Courtney Lynn Richie 8 months ago

Some of these comments are horrendous and I truly feel sad for the kids.

Courtney Lynn Richie 8 months ago

I enjoy playing with Avery – to an extent. Like Kaela mentioned I’m not the sole entertainer and luckily Avery plays well alone! Idk what I would do if she was needy and just wanted me to play nonstop day in and day out like it’s mentioned in this article.

Billie Weaver 8 months ago

Exactly what mine do…I’m glad mine are so close so they can boss each other around for the most part. They both seem to enjoy playing like that.

Karena L Rogers 8 months ago

YES! God! Enough with the guilt about not playing with my kids!!

Sarah Thomas 8 months ago

Mine ends up like cheese shop sketch
dd: ‘Lets play cafes’
Me: ‘ok what do you have?’
DD: ‘pizza, sausages or toasties’
Me: ‘pizza please’
DD: ‘I’m sorry, you can’t have that’
Me: ‘sausages then’
DD: ‘we have run out’

Rachel Hanson 8 months ago

It’s always “in the game” with my daughter too! Lol

Katherine Baker 8 months ago

Im bored out of my brains playing lego… Lol…My kid’s are much more creative then me….

Sarah 8 months ago

I didn’t know it wasn’t “OK” to hate playing with your kids. Mine know they are loved but that pretend play is something they do with their friends and other relatives who don’t mind the constant barrage of “OK, now pretend that you’re the baby and I’m the mom.”

I will sing, chase, laugh, tickle, read, teach, show, and answer 10,000 questions daily with patience, but I’m their mother, not their best friend or play mate.

There is nothing wrong with hating to play, its your choice!

Jayme Joy Hicks 8 months ago

I’ll do arts and crafts, even some wii games…but please no blocks or legos!

Stephanie Bode 8 months ago

Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one! I always tell my son mommies are for keeping you alive, not for playing! That’s why you have a sister! Hate playing with my kids… Like watching… Or taking them to the park to play, but hate being involved. Bad mommy!

Sarah Shaw 8 months ago

I hated cartoon movies! She saw them all but I didn’t! thank you nana and grandma!

Sara Sardina 8 months ago

Also. There is no point in worrying about “getting things done” it will never be done. Ever. You are wearing laundry to be washed and eating off a plate to wash. Lol!!!!

Sara Sardina 8 months ago

Yes. Totally agree.

Sara Sardina 8 months ago

Really? I play everyday with my boys. Nothing in the world is more important than that. If they want me to be optimus for an hour. I will do it happily. Then i will make a mile long hotwheels track. Thats life. In the future being old with no little hands tugging at me makes me depressed thinking about it.

April Bailey 8 months ago

My son and I make action movies with his action heroes. Loads of fun to go back and watch them. We save them and it’s awesome to hear and see how much he grows and learns over time.

Amy Brockmann Kuhls 8 months ago

Love this!

Monique Lafourche Delaney 8 months ago

Well at least I know I’m not alone

Ami Morris 8 months ago

Oh my god this is so true for me lol

Mary Riendeau 8 months ago

You are not a bad parent by far and While I understand your situation , as a parent we have to do MANY things that we don’t like –
If u don’t get that then u don’t get all that it takes to be a parent

Yesenia Zermeno Gamble 8 months ago

Thank you for the story

Michelle Griffiths 8 months ago

It is hard to balance. On one hand, you want to seize the moment that they are young and innocent (and actually want to play with you). Then on the other, you think, “For the love of God, learn to entertain yourself!!” Sometimes, I just don’t want to play. Then, I feel guilty. Sucks.

Hollie Lanier 8 months ago

Play-Doh. Hated that shit when I was a kid, and I still can’t stand it now. And my sweet girl ALWAYS wants me to play with Play-Doh with her. Recently, I’ve started leaving it out so it gets hard and goes bad so I can toss it. Is that terrible?

RR 8 months ago

I’m just useless when it comes to pretend anything. I seem to have no imagination whatsoever, and I hate playing pretend with my daughter. If I have to make a doll have dialogue, forget it. If I have to pretend to be something, I look for excuses to back out. Daddy is much better at that stuff.

But I love tickle fights, and colouring, and play dough, and blocks and crafts…. just don’t ask me to BE something else.

Kristin Beard 8 months ago

Ahhh YES!! I know this all too well. “Mom, will you play Little People with me?” Sure because I just love that I can’t speak until you tell me too and I can’t do ANYTHING unless you tell me what I can do. I always counter with..”Hey want to color?” LOL.

Danica Diann 8 months ago

Thank you for your honesty! I am horrible at playing with my kids. I am probably ruining them for life!!

Amanda Olson MacPherson 8 months ago

I like sports, crafts, and board/video games. I am not into action figures or pretend. You want to play with me, compromise.

Jessica Spowart 8 months ago

It seems like a lot of people here should not be on scary mommy. The posts are mostly light-hearted and sarcastic…not to be taken seriously.

Stephanie Michelle Larson 8 months ago

I always have to be the wicked queen, evil stepmother, or some other sort of villain.

Doris Vigil 8 months ago

After playing with 3 boys for all these years. I like playing with my 2 year old daughter. I can’t wait till she understands the true function of a dollhouse, and stops using every toy as a ladder. But then again, her attention is easily diverted on those days I’m not feeling up to it. So I guess we’ll see how I feel about it in 2 years.

Amara Rojas-Schupp 8 months ago

Good for you. Shame every single person on the planet doesnt live your life day to day, then maybe we could all feel that way!

Amara Rojas-Schupp 8 months ago

So glad I am not alone! I would rather play ANYTHING else!! Lol

Jorge Rosas Jr. 8 months ago

I’m not a stay at home parent. I enjoy playing with my kids in spite of how stressed or exhausted I am. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it.

Kristy Fortney 8 months ago

Not liking to play with your children?? Who wrote this?? I’d rather play with my kids than deal with the rest of the world actually! Children are the most fun! They bring such innocence and purity to everything!

Jackie Massimino Morris 8 months ago

Oh yes. We have lots of pretend games in our house. “Mom pretend I’m the mom and you’re the kid…” Sometimes I luck out and get to pretend I’m the dad- which means I get to watch football, while sitting in the recliner.

Joan Wedege Lundkvist 8 months ago

I always tell my three boys “no, I won’t play. I will watch you play, but I won’t play”. And I sincerely mean it. I love watching them play, but I hate being a car, a tiger, a ninja, an enderman or a dragon.

Darcy Gates-Brewer 8 months ago

oh, Lord, and I thought it was just me!
I’d give it the old college try, but after five minutes, I was like, I love you kid, but I’d rather wash dishes than build you another block tower that you’re just going to knock down again.

Laurie DiBella Spears 8 months ago

This is EXACTLY my life. Every. Single. Day

Lauren Kendall 8 months ago

Hate seems like a strong word when used to describe something you’re doing with your child. Mine is still so young, so I haven’t hit the “play with me” point, but I don’t picture myself HATING it.

Malissa Hunt Hall 8 months ago

I avoid it as much as i can but when the guilt is heavy i sit down and play for a while with shaking dancing dolls. I try hard to hold a conversation with them. But i just have no imagination any more.

Ely Heredia 8 months ago

Yes!!! I hate playing Barbie’s seriously

Beth Rose 8 months ago

I totally agree, I will read, do crafts, play board games, blocks, lego’s, dance, even run around outside with them and love it, but the child dictated make believe games are totally annoying sometimes, especially when they want to play house and make me play the mommy, ummmmmm okay.

Julie King 8 months ago

My imagination just ain’t what it used to be, but when I remind my myself to see this world through their eyes I definitely enjoy it a whole lot more :)

Amy Steel 8 months ago

YES Yes yes!! I am right in the middle of this now with my youngest. And now I know I’m not the only one that cringes at those words.

Alyssa Johns 8 months ago

yes!! That is exactly how I feel! Exaaaactly. Except substitute in dinosaurs and cars for the dolls. 😉

Nicole Lynn 8 months ago

And this is why I created a little brother for my daughter…So I didn’t have to play with her all the time! lol

Mila Kulba 8 months ago

Us as moms we are so busy, playing with our kids can be hard to enjoy because we are so tired or we are thinking of things that need to be done, like dishes, laundry, vacuuming…. But our kids deserve our attention and to spend quality time with them once and a while! Of course there is times we need to get others things done but I think a parent should make some time to have fun with there child and be silly and enjoy your child, they grow fast and one day they won’t want to be near mom or dad so try to enjoy them while you can
And believe me there are times I don’t want to play with my children but some of the time I think it’s the right thing to do, w wetting else can wait. Some of you may think I’m nuts but each parent just do what’s right for your family… I don’t judge anyone

Natalie Bedard 8 months ago

I’m with you! I give my girl 10 minutes a day where I’ll play whatever she wants. I hate every minute of it. When the buzzer goes off, I either direct the play into something bearable or I invite her to join me in an activity (Legos, play dough, blocks, painting, cooking, etc.).

Pam Edwards-Hoffmann 8 months ago

It was always hard for me to join in my boys’ play, but what I did was get them started on something and then back off. That way they kept playing and I was able to be nearby but not having to be the playmate. I did join in on occasion, but I didn’t make it the norm.

Heather Schubauer 8 months ago

“Mommy build with me.”
“No, that block doesn’t go there. No not there, there. Not that color. Let me do it. No, not like that, like this” it’s never ending!

Jennifer Madden Crouch 8 months ago

This is my daughter to the T. It definitely is the most frustrating part of playing!!

JeremyandMegs Di Iullo 8 months ago

Lol awesome

Cheryl M Morris 8 months ago

I love playing with my kids. I don’t play with them all the time, but I love to build train tracks for Thomas, make Lego towers, play Wii games, slide and swing, and even do cartwheels in the back yard. It’s fun!

Elizabeth Greene 8 months ago

I do it sometimes but I HATE playing different characters etc….I can’t do it very long lol

Kristin Peterson 8 months ago

Been here!

Andrea Davis 8 months ago

I could have written this myself. I. Hate. Playing.

Shalita First-Lady Ford 8 months ago

I don’t play with mine

Jessica Tremblay 8 months ago

I love playing wi th my 2.5 year old. She has a sister but shes 4 months old, so who else would she play with

Scarlett Dunham Lewis 8 months ago

Honestly I feel guilty about this but I can’t remember my parents playing with me? Heck my Mom doesn’t remember it. Now my grandparents I remember did play with me and it was fun! I don’t feel like I missed out on anything with my folks so guess my kids will remember it the same way I do.

Crystal Davis-Conerly 8 months ago

I love it. I have trouble getting other stuff done because I get to play with the kids. Although it is nice now that they are 4 and 2 and they can play together.

Natalie Hendrix 8 months ago

I don’t recall my parents playing with any of us. Didn’t affect me and I liked being alone. Still do!

Janette Jergins Horton 8 months ago

My mom would have looked at me like I lost my sense if I asked her to play with me. Now-we have to be so centered on our kids…isn’t there a happy medium where we don’t have to play? Ha!

Danni Fuller 8 months ago

I’m not alone!!! I have a hard time playing with my 5 year old because he’s actually pretty bossy when it comes to pretending. When we play games, he’s a sore loser and I end up playing alone. I practically lost a finger one time just by playing with his cars with him during a tragic traffic incident on the bedroom floor. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who dreads playtime.

Sara Lancaster 8 months ago

Yes! Thank you

Kambra Wayne 8 months ago

Thank heavens I’m not the only mom that feels this way!!!!

Lori Kmiec 8 months ago

Thank you SO MUCH for this post!!!!!

Jennifer Osso 8 months ago

Some people are confusing hating “pretend play” with hating to interact at all. BIG difference. As long as you engage and interact somehow during the day doing something you both enjoy like reading, crafts, coloring, board games, biking, whatever. Your kids not going into therapy because you didn’t play Super Hero’s. They just want a little time with you :) btw.. I hate pretend play too!

Elise Holmes 8 months ago

Lol, I tell my daughter she will get over it, I’m going to play with her how I wanna play with her.
Sitting there and being bossed around by a child just isn’t fun no matter what ‘fun word’ you use to describe it….
Use your imagination and teach them new things… like actually BE the shark .. don’t just say you’re a shark ..

Laura Felix 8 months ago

I ALWAYS have to be the bad guy! I am made of all good so bad at it!

Ooops, I Said Vagina again. 8 months ago

Playing monopoly with my children is like taking a trip through the third circle of HELL!!!.. I see no difference..

Sarah Mattson 8 months ago

So glad I limited Frozen and my kid lost interest quickly. I could not stand playing frozen characters all day.

Jennie Reis 8 months ago

I have a boy so maybe that’s why I like to play with him? His pretend games are actually kind of cool….or maybe I’m a nerd. LOL

Chrystal Doyle 8 months ago

Amen I thought I was the only one!

Allison Pietila 8 months ago

Haha! Thank you! The second we wake up.. Mom, what do you want to play? My answer is never right, and whatever it is, I never play it right.
It’s really fun

Jennifer Lloyd 8 months ago

I feel guilty sometimes for not playing with my kids but then I get over it. Lol I don’t remember my parents playing with me and I’m fine and they’re still the best parents ever.

Amanda Webberley 8 months ago

I don’t know…. Not saying I’m not guilty but I think I’m a better parent when I play with my kid… At least a little

Sian Graham 8 months ago

I like playing beauty salon. Where I sit down and let the kid put pretend make up and pretend nail polish on me. And do my hair. It’s actually quite fun, you can even slip in a quick nap! But that’s my limit lol

Margaret Arcara 8 months ago

My 4.5 yr old always asks me to play then I want to play with his toys and he always says no mom don’t pick that toy no mom you’re doing it wrong no mom not that toy…..then I say Colin mommy’s not playing since you won’t let me and he says that’s okay mommy just watch me play…..real FUN

Malinda Poirier 8 months ago

Hilarious! !! Totally this Mom! ;)-

Amber Nic 8 months ago

I have 4. They can play together.

Lindsay Smith 8 months ago

Oh man, THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS. I totally thought I was the only one, and I felt soooo bad. Now I feel slightly less guilty

Guerrina 8 months ago

25 years past that and thank you for saying it out loud! Will admit.to not.doing well with reading out loud, too. I am an avid and rapid reader…hate reading out loud…somehow I did it, but it was not fun.

Gary Smith 8 months ago

The trick is to get them to play with you.

Dana Marie Cain 8 months ago

God, I hated playing with my kids. I wanted them to play with each other so mommy could get a break.

Stephanie Ann Stock 8 months ago

Oh. I was ignored as a child, grew up very lonely and to this day I have social anxiety because I have self-worth issues from that neglect. I don’t always want to play, but once I start I really enjoy it. For kids play time is work, it’s work for us too! Instead of justifying our natural urge of self, we should all do our best to show our kids how much they matter, not as chores, but as people.

Karen Parker 8 months ago

I must say one more thing…..We are raising the future…Not Man!

Alice Thomas 8 months ago

“Mama I want you to play with me and my dollhouse”…. “Uhm… Hunny I’m sorry , but mama is busy playing Maid, do you wanna play vacuuming??”

Molly McKee Nickson 8 months ago

I was just sitting here avoiding playing trucks with my 3 year old. I freaking hate playing trucks

Jennifer Sironen Brown 8 months ago

I like engaging with and playing with my little ones but I too don’t like the pretend games where nothing ever comes to fruition. Board games, Legos, arts and crafts, playing squinkies or batman? Sure! Pretend? I’ll let them do that with one another.

Jessica Spowart 8 months ago

Same can be said for my 10 year old son who CONSTANTLY wants to talk about pokemon and beyblades. .lol! I tell him I love that you have something you’re interested in, but not everyone is obsessed with pokemon ..jeez kid enough already!

heather 8 months ago

I could have written this! Right down to the curly mop top. Nothing makes me cringe more! Thank you for your honesty! I will do it, i will even pretend i like it, but ugh

Candace Howell Shamblin 8 months ago

I’m with ya

Jessica Lynn 8 months ago

I’m the same.. I thought I was a freak! Thanks for posting this.

Cassandra Lee Jones 8 months ago

Wow. Children learn through play, as parents it’s our job to teach them. Why not add a lil fun to the mix? But everyone’s personality differs, I’ say find something you enjoy too and just make it fun.

Morgan Buchanan 8 months ago

I loved playing with kids as a babysitter when I was a teenager! LOVED IT! I remember thinking, “I can’t wait to have kids!!!! This is gonna be awesome!!!” …..Fast forward a few years…..You wanna play Momma? Not really…

Diane Bo 8 months ago

Pretend tea party (or any “pretend” play)? No way. Kill me now. Laser tag, board games or Mario Kart? Hell, yes and I will school all of them! “No child can beat the Grinch!!!” Bwahahahaha!

Alison Echevarria 8 months ago

Who likes being bossed around like that at any age! I remember being that young and my friends would do the same thing, scripting everything we did. I always wanted things to take their course or at least have a broad idea of where things would lead to… But when they told me what to say (and for the record, I was actually a couple years older getting bossed around) it always annoyed me! Maybe it’s the only child in me: don’t tell me what to do! :p haha

Sue King 8 months ago

Find things you do like to do that they can join in on..making cakes and cookies. Taking turns reading a book out loud to each other…etc.

Manon Thibeault 8 months ago

I always tell my twins “I made two of you so you would have someone to play with”. I hate pretend play!!!!

Michelle Cruz Marrero 8 months ago

I LOVE THIS PAGE. It says what 90% of the population won’t admit. SCARY MOMMY ROCKS!

Morgan 8 months ago

*sigh* I’m not alone in this world! <3 I have one son and every time he utters those words what goes through the back of our minds is, "We really need get you a brother/sister!!" hahaha

Jennifer Blanks Seibel 8 months ago


Kristy Pow 8 months ago

So.Much.YES! I am not good with “pretend” play either….it can be listed as a pet peeve of mine LMAO.

Hope Wainz Gruendler 8 months ago

Reading this while being told how to play batman correctly.

Jackie Hollander Stewart 8 months ago

Glad to know I’m not the only one.

Jessica Lamb Martini 8 months ago

I can’t anymore. I’ll do it til the kid starts school. By kindergarten ya need to know how to entertain yourself.

April 8 months ago

It feels so good to know that I’m not alone! I have hated myself for not being one of those moms who likes to get down and play. It’s hard. I didn’t have a good role model and it feels awkward to me. My mom never ever played with me and I’m so out of my comfort zone with my two girls, but I try. It’s often not enough for them though and it breaks my heart. Thank you for sharing this!

Grace Martinson 8 months ago

Lol omg I can totally relate. What a breath of fresh air to read some real nitty gritty parenting articles. #realshit

Alanna Peters 8 months ago

I could have written this myself. Glad I’m not alone…

Lucy Lee 8 months ago

Makes me feel a tad bit not so guilty. Love reading, plado, Barbie’s, etc… But, pretend is not for me. Luckily, my husband can live in that world. Thanks, Chris Lee. Looove you!

Barbara Lee Ball 8 months ago

You can’t really play with your children and shouldn’t. They should play with other children or by themselves. Adults can read to, work with, build with their children, but we will never be able to be a child again and play like a child!

Jada Cornett 8 months ago

I’m the parent that will sit and read books, draw, crafts and board games. Daddy is the one with the imagination and can really make our daughter do the belly laugh. I get jealous sometimes but I step back bc I know that’s his time to shine. I’ve tried being the “fun” parent but my daughter always ends up telling me I’m doing it wrong or daddy’s better!

Judith Allen 8 months ago

Sorry, but I couldn’t even read the whole thing. I have some of the best times of my life playing Ninja Turtles and cops and robbers with my son. I love to see his imagination. I get it, you don’t want to do it all the time. That’s okay. At least put the effort forth SOMETIMES. My Mom NEVER played with me.. it breaks my heart when my son says, “Mom, I want you to play with me” and I don’t feel like it, because I do understand it’s not always fun.. but I’m his mother. I’m here to guide him, love, nurture and teach him, and keep him safe, healthy and happy (within reason – no Cheetos for dinner!;)

Alexandra Koncewicz 8 months ago

I can so relate to this! It is NOT fun and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who experiences this :).

Belinda Watson 8 months ago

Oh I relate! I start out with good intentions but a simple game of cards can be WW3 with triplets who all need to win each hand… Playing is stressful. Going to coles is stressful. Bath time is stressful. Taking a walk is stressful eating lunch is stressful….. I wonder when the whinging ends its like I have a tag team of crying and yelling (them fighting) all day everyday so I find a corner to hide in….. In saying that the in between moments can be wonderful. ..I guess those moments is what its all about?

Lynda Castaneda-Hamilton 8 months ago

And here I thought I was the only one. Yay! Yes, I love them to death, but I don’t like playing either.

Marissa Jeanne Vest 8 months ago

I hate playing with other people’s kids! Mine? No…. Lol. I actually love it, your own child’s giggles are the best…

Elaine Moore 8 months ago

Connect Four is the most stupid game ever invented!! I played it with my kids a few times and was bored coo coo!!!!!

Elizabeth Brown 8 months ago

“Mom, do you want to play TMNT, Batman, Avengers, or Scooby Doo?”

“Why don’t you just tell me what you want me to play?”


“Ok, Avengers.”

“Well, we don’t have enough people.”

“Ok, Scooby.”

“Ummmm uhhhh no. Because then it would have to be foggy.”

“Ok, fine. Let’s play Batman.”

“But then you’d have to be a bad guy!”

“Should we play TMNT?”

“YES!!! Now do you want to be Mikey, Donnie, Raph, or Leo? Should we play against Dogpound, Cockroach Terminator, or Shredder?”

It never ends. It’s like a crappy choose your own adventure book that is constantly arguing with you. We’re really just playing Totalitarian Dictator, and he will tell me EXACTLY what I’m supposed to say, and then get upset if I don’t say it the right way.

I really, really hate that kind of play.

Brittany Mullins 8 months ago

I can’t play. I’ve always told my girl I’m her mommy…my job is to take care of her not be her play mate. She’s 7 now and still an only child. She lived through it and I’m not a bad parent for it.

TerriAnn Welsh 8 months ago

Adult brains have a hard time with imaginative play. I can play go fish or uno.

Angela Farris 8 months ago

I love to pretend to be something with my boys especially running outside with my arms out being an airplane.

Heather Langer McCarthy 8 months ago

I’m so glad I am not alone! I also do not enjoy playing.
I will go for walks, hike, color, draw, and the like, but I admit, I hate board games (they are too little and the oldest loses interest just when the game gets good!) and I hate imaginary play! Barbies with a 4 year old,
Meh. I love my children, but I have no imagination left at 38 years old! I feel so guilty too, because I know in a few more years, they will barely speak to me, let alone spend time with me.

Lacey Ridgeway-Jones 8 months ago

I am so thankful I am not the only one!!!! I hate “playing” with him

Yuliya Geno Romanov 8 months ago

It also depends on what type of play they want you to get involved..if it’s pretend play then no no if it’s active play then yes it can be fun for the parent

Michelle Sneed Schmitt 8 months ago

Yes. Someone finally said it.

Kezia May McLaughlin 8 months ago

I think this is the reason that I don’t enjoy children. Having to entertain their imaginative games is torture!! Let’s read, or play a board game, or go out to the pool… but please God not playing!!! I can’t take it!

Suzanne Riley 8 months ago

I hate playing, too! When my daughter wanted to play Barbies, I always played “beauty pageant”. That meant just fixing their hair and putting on pretty clothes. Having conversations with Barbie is torture!! Now I will put together puzzles, color and draw, play board games and read with them all day. “Pretend” however is no fun!

Amy Kinnison 8 months ago

Hey, I am up for a game of Who Can Be The Quietest anywhere anytime.

Jo 8 months ago

Stuff like this all the time with my 3.5 year old!! annoying but sometimes I just have to laugh!

Maria João Proença 8 months ago

Me too! 😀

Yuliya Geno Romanov 8 months ago

Omg seriously though. I’m glad I’m not the only one

Wendy Gross 8 months ago

This is so true for girls. My son lets me play and I get to do what ever I want while he does what he wants. Bossy girls are no fun

Christina Glover 8 months ago

Thank you Jesus for this post. I was starting to feel so alone! I can only play tricks slamming into each other for so long…

Brandi Folds Norris 8 months ago

Just pretend you’re Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. And nap on the couch. Problem solved.

Sara Moyer 8 months ago

I’m sure our children don’t like having orders barked at them either, “eat your dinner, clean your room, wash your hands, pick up your toys, ect” so I feel the least we can do as parents is help ignite their imaginations and shout to the fake audience that the butterfly or barbie bride is making her entrance. This article makes me sad for all of the children out there with parents who aren’t willing to put their all into their babies.

Jen Larson 8 months ago

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who experiences this… On a daily basis… We were getting a little worried because that’s the only way she will let us play… You have to say exactly what she tells you or gets really upset (she’s 3)

Cherie 8 months ago

O. M. G. Did you get inside my brain???? EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE of this is so true!!!

Erica Steed 8 months ago

The worst is after you’re done “playing” and just want to fly to the neighboring continent, they ask to watch a show. You’re so exhausted at the end of a long day and you’re finally done with play. So you give her the remote control to Netflix, because let’s face it, you’re the best mom in the world for only allowing one show a day, and get your medals by allowing her independence mastering new skills–I digress–they pick Barney and your exhausted butt battles between getting up to make dinner or waiting it out just “five more minutes.” That purple dinosaur show obnoxiously taunts your sanity. Between their talking there’s crappy electronic toy music blasting your ears until they whine about recycling or some other would-be-awesome-if-it-wasn’t-Barney positive attribute. Then you finally muster your courage to get up to make dinner, some sort of semi-healthy but-not-really-cutting-it meal all over your apron, washing your hands of dinner stuffs and, “Do you want to play with me?”

Daniella Alampi Zanette 8 months ago

My daughter just started with the pretending.. Be it age appropriate.. I just cant pretend.. All day long.. Just like the article.. I am instructed when, what and how…I’m sure one day i will miss it.. Just Right now, playing pretend is pretty hard core in my house…

Chrissy Akers 8 months ago

The response to the child’s demands to say a script? “No, I have my own words.” The response to “you do this and I do that?” “I like your idea to be a butterfly, but I think I’m going to be a butterfly with you instead of just talking” or “I have my own imagination. I think I’ll be a flower for you to land on”. Kids don’t need to have all the control in play situations.

Tammy Harbord 8 months ago

I’m too lazy to want to play with my kids.. I think they should do it on thier own and leave me alone…….. Hummmmm… I like the sugar coated versions tho.. sounds alot better

Stephanie Corringham 8 months ago

Isn’t that why I gave them siblings? So we don’t have to play with them?? Play with each other! I created you your own personal play group! You’re welcome!

Christin Pohland 8 months ago

I always adore my husband and his imagination when playing with the kids (5 and 3)….I just cannot do it. I do everything else: read books, get the play dough out, make crafts,…..but somehow I am incapable of playing. I feel bad most times! It is always a joy to see them play together nicely!

Marc Aidan Charbonneau 8 months ago

I can’t understand why my 3 year old can’t follow the damn Lego instructions! Just build the damn starship enterprise the way it’s supposed to be built or start paying rent… Common!

Shana Jeanor 8 months ago

Oh thank god I’m not the only one

Angela Baker 8 months ago

How did you get into my brain! I love puzzles, board games, reading , but please PLEASE don’t ask me to pretend!

Delaney Rosales 8 months ago

Ugh thank you! My 5 month old is discovering he can play with his toys and i just cant go 5 hours straight jingling plastic keys and pressing buttons that make music….i just cant. Im sleep deprived, going through sevier depression, fiance is in school and work full time. Ive thought of wringing my neck with freaking click links just to escape the crying. Im so glad im not the only one who just cant play anymore

Katie Rose Coyle 8 months ago

Especially true when I come home from teaching children which is my job…..yeah play time is not happening. Go ask daddy. I’m all ‘high pitch voiced’ out for the day.

Rachel Jackson 8 months ago

This is 100% true..my children especially my daughter did and still does this! She’s 7! And now she does it to her 4 year old brother when they play. She tells him exactly what to say and be etc.

Talia Gamble 8 months ago

I hated it too when my son was small. He’s almost ten now. His sister is only eight months so I know I have that time period coming again.

Joycelyn Herndon 8 months ago

There’s only so much playing I can do lol . My kids have each other .

Amy Robertson DiBonaventura 8 months ago

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 8 months ago

I don’t like playing imagination games with my kids because I’m not good at them. But I’m all over playing board games and card games with them and building Legos. And Lego video games. And my kids think I’m awesome for those things.

Karen Brummond 8 months ago

Thank you!

Billie Atkinson-Csik 8 months ago

I just told my four year old at bed last night that I was going to be a better mommy and play more… Thank you for this! I will try to play more but this removed the guilt!

Kimmy Ripley 8 months ago

I feel sorry for your children. They’re only kids for a short period of time. Enjoy it while it lasts. I don’t agree with this article at all. It’s sad!

Jen Peterson Makar 8 months ago

Oh how dare you! :p

Heather Sachs 8 months ago

My husband is sooooo much better at “play ” then I am. I jokingly tell him the kids know mommy as “logistics” . hubgry, dirty, hurt, homework, find this etc…. Daddy is “entertainment” , build legos, pretend to be a lion etc….

Lauren Kemp Orr 8 months ago

OMG this article is written by me I think.. lol All my 5 year old wants to do is for me to pretend she is something… drives me crazy. I love her to death, but I’m not a play mom. I’ll swing her or do a craft, but no pretending please. 😛

Stephanie Salehi 8 months ago

Thank god I’m not the only one! I mean, that’s why you make siblings, right?

Dennyjo 8 months ago

I could have written this article. :). I’m not allowed to touch or move anything either while playing and have to always be the same character while she makes up what I can and can’t say

II love my children but hate this form of “play” too! I will dig for worms, jump in puddles, play board games, crafts, extra long walks, back rides, etc but hate this type of play too. Per one poster, I did eventually set a limit of xxx minutes and that seems to work. I did so cuz she started offering $$ out of her piggy bank to play “her way”. Gosh, talk about feeling like a jerk!

Debi Broniszewski Pucciarelli 8 months ago

My husband is much better at the pretend play then me, so I don’t get roped into it as often. I’d rather color, do play dough etc.. No, I don’t want to be on the SWAT team pretending to get the bad guys…

Emily Benson Adams 8 months ago

We bought our 3 year old daughter “Don’t Break the Ice” for Christmas, and that’s my go-to suggestion right now. It’s like Jenga for babies! I’m close to challenging her father to a game after she goes to bed…

Traci Holland Loeser 8 months ago

Thank goodness I’m not alone! I will read, do puzzles, play doh, or color. I don’t like acting out scenarios with dolls or super heroes at my age.
My child is asking Right.This.Moment to play dollhouse. Ugh. I suggested a puzzle and it worked.

Melissa Brooks Gregory 8 months ago

No i don’t want to play trains with you, your a bossy train dictator!

Melissa Blubaugh Moshang 8 months ago

Parents are not party clowns. Children do not need to be entertained 24/7. My kids are awesome, but also have the capacity to occupy themselves and use their imaginations.

Kistea M Larsen 8 months ago

I’m thinking I’ll be the same way! I’m not so good at playing

Valerie M Cody 8 months ago

All my siblings were way older than me so I might as well been an only child. I used to beg my mom and dad to play with me and sometimes they would but I’d also hear I’m too tired. As a parent now I understand! I’ll do puzzles and games and Legos but that’s it. I hate playing lol.

Nadine Van Houten 8 months ago

This is so Sawyer
“Talk your guy mom”
“No he didn’t say that”
“He said …”
“Come on mom. Talk your guy”

Kate 8 months ago

This is why I have 3. They entertain each other. I can’t do the playing thing. I grow bored, and wander away.

Erin Van Leuken 8 months ago

I love playing most things with my kids However I HATE puzzles (ie 24piece flat puzzles that my 3yr old always wants to do but has NO idea how to lol)

Jenifer Inman Brown 8 months ago

I have a hard time with my 3 year old wanting to play with her little dolls or something to that nature. I am great with arts and crafts, reading, coloring, play doh that sort of thing. Maybe as we grow older we forget HOW to play like that. I really do not remember ever playing like that but know I did. It makes me sad, but seriously not sorry enough to play Barbie. I just don’t want to. Does that make me a terrible mom? I sure hope not.

Christina Miller 8 months ago

omg im so glad im not the only “bad” mom out there!! i was just battling my mommy guilt as i was reading this…so much to the point where i thought im such a horrible mother, my kids hate me….i should just go stay with my mom for 2 weeks in florida and leave them with dad and his mom their mawmaw…i feel myself literally cringing and feel the splitting headache coming on as soon as my 4 yr old says mom play with me…its always the same..she tells me what to say and i say it…over and over and over and over and over…usually ponies…now this is not the only downside..shes also autistic so repetitiveness is a first hand nature to her…we have played the same scene at least 400 times in a day and sometimes she will vary with some off the wall remark…something that just makes your head pound trying to figure out what she really meant…for example today i asked her how preschool was and she told me cheese…cheese? what does cheese mean? i may never know…when i ask her about it she gets very mean and then tells me she didnt say cheese that she didnt say anything…ugh…thank you for making me feel a little better this evening..

Jessica Potts 8 months ago

My oldest daughter is 4 and loves to pretend play. She is always the Mom, I’m the “big kid”. One time she even said “remember when you were the Mom and then you got out of control and I had to be the Mom and we named you Crazy Gorilla?” Where do they come up with this stuff?!

Kellee Lacy 8 months ago

This article is exactly me!

Melissa Ritmiller Wisniewski 8 months ago

Yep I also hate that game where I’m told what to say.

Elly Russell 8 months ago

4 year old twin girls, we do lots together, but I too hate the way things break down so fast and they compete for my attention, “mummy do that with ‘me’ too” are my six shudder words!

Shanel Gahagen 8 months ago

I’m not a kid person, I’m not into toys or cartoons or the lot. But if my daughters ask me to play or build puzzles or whatever, eh, I just do it. 9 times out of 10 they move on to something else within ten minutes anyway, and it makes them happy. Thank God for my husband though, he will play tea party all day and watch all the Bubble Guppies and Peppa Pig without complaint. :-) He’s enjoying them now, I’ll enjoy them when they’re a bit older.

Chalice Fraser 8 months ago

Yes!! When I had children they robbed me of my imagination and now I suck at playing pretend!!!

Diana 8 months ago

Yes! “Playing” is like trying to “play” with a squirrel! One minute, it’s Legos, then pirates, and then maybe kitchen. Then we are making Lego sandwiches in the kitchen, talking like pirates and dressed like Avengers (can you tell I have boys?). Now that there’s three of them and they’re all in school the whole day, I don’t get asked to ‘play’ as much. My boys weren’t really bossy, but man if they lost at ‘Sorry!’ or Uno…water works.

Tara Jane Sparks 8 months ago

You have no idea how happy I am to read that I am not the only one.

Auriol Purdie 8 months ago

My daughter turns into a mini dictator when she wants me to ‘play’ with her. Like pp says I like reading, making things, playing games etc but when it comes to playing with my daughter then I cringe. I feel terrible about it seeing that my husband doesnt seem to mind it sort of works out. My son has never been like this… maybe its a girl thing.

Vanessa Trezner 8 months ago

And I thought I was the only one, lol!

Jesse Murphy 8 months ago

I relate a little to this, but mostly only becasue my son is a very difficult child. he has behavioral problems and playing with him is just simply a pain in the butt. It isn’t fun and we both get angry and he turns into a demon child. Even if he stays calm, I get bored out of my mind. He’s 4 so he’s past the “fun baby stage” so he just runs wild on his own all day. I get crap for it but, oh well.

Courtney Midyett 8 months ago

I refuse to play the ” pretend to say this” game. If you want me to play I get to say whatever the hell I want.

Amy Snipes Jennings 8 months ago

I don’t enjoy scripted play either. When my son gets too bossy I tell him that I won’t play unless he is polite and let’s me pretend too.

Aggie Luck 8 months ago

I am the same, sometimes i Love playing with my daughter, at times I just say no. We do alot of things together, but I prefer to teach her to enjoy her own company instead of me being in her face all the time. Its working so far!!

Nicole Decker 8 months ago

Oh my lord! I thought I was the only one!!!

Amelie March 8 months ago

OMG, my daughter did the exact same thing ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Drove me bonkers. You’re right; it’s not fun at all.

Annie Vaughan 8 months ago

I’m with you on this! My daughter is 4 And wants to act out Frozen and she has to control everything. She says, “No mom Elsa doesn’t do that….you need to sing Let It Go AGAIN, mom….no not like that….sing like Olaf….” Ugghhhhh…..I would much rather build a Lego house or play dolls than that!!! I’m glad I’m not alone in my struggle.:)

Claire Anne 8 months ago

Ha ha. My kid plays and dictates the exact same way.

Jennifer Pollard Bagwell 8 months ago

It’s not about you, it’s about them. Did you think when you had them you were gonna nothing but dress them up cute and only do what you want to do ? Time flies , enjoy them before they get to the I hate you stage.

Michelle Crago 8 months ago

Here I have been feeling guilty and like a bad mom… Thank god I’m not the only one!! Hahaha

Rhiannon Reynolds 8 months ago

I can understand that. I love playing with my son because we either drive his little cars around or we pretend to be monsters and chase each other around the living room floor. We both participate and it really is playing together.
I have rheumatoid arthritis though, so there are days when I get the hard task of telling my two year old son “mommy is too tired to play right now” which really means mommy hurts too much or just isn’t up to it.

Jenny Osborne 8 months ago

One word. Barbie. :(

Lin Haydell 8 months ago

Paw patrol, If I have to listen to Paw Patrol one more time I’ll go postal.

Malinda Jackson 8 months ago

haha loved it! both my kids (7yo son and 5yo daughter) are still doing this, they’ve tried it with me a few times, but i can’t stand it either. so they do it to each other, usually with my son telling his sister to say something after he’s said something, or pretend this or pretend that.. no actual playing, and it gets very annoying..and usually ends in a few squabbles and tears from my daughter when she wants to do something else but my son doesn’t want to. lol can’t wait til they’re out of this stage and playing in a way us parents can join in, but they don’t want to play any other way with us so we miss out :( glad to see we’re not the only ones dealing with it.

Tina Gomez 8 months ago

I always feel bad when I tell my son ‘I don’t want to play tag or hide n seek’ That’s all he wants to do. But, when I do occasionally play tag with him, I feel like I’m dying because I can’t breathe!! lol

Tania McCreanor 8 months ago

I have an only child and I get this feeling every time she asks me that dreaded question. Because she is an only child I make an effort to ensure she is sufficiently entertained by play dates etc but as a mum I agree I’d rather sit back and appreciate her artwork or a little dance she has made up. Playing with a 3 to 5yr old girl is exactly as described. Being bossed around and not actually being allowed to put some clothes on the barbie doll just gets to me. 5 mins in I am making plans for another play date and strong coffee 😉

Katie Lovett 8 months ago

Lol I don’t hate playing with my kids.. But I get the point. My 4 year old is literally obsessed with cars. He has this Lego house.. He drives the car in, then uses a toothbrush in soap as a car wash. ‘Mummy come and play!’ He says.. I go over.. Pick up a car.. ‘Vroom vroom!’
My son snatches the car off me.. ‘no mummy not that car, I want that car!’ We repeat this process til there’s no cars left.. I haven’t actually been *allowed* to play with even ONE car..
Kinda pointless in asking me to play, kid..

Jamie Creasy 8 months ago

My mom & dad both played with me & I played with my son….
I want to say to each their own…hhrrrmm

Vaneetha Manoharan 8 months ago

So glad to know there are moms like me…hate the pretend game. ..n was wondering if I was a good mother. ….

Amanda Denise Parrish 8 months ago

how boring some of you moms must be. it’s a sad truth, imagination dies off. I don’t necessarily LOVE every minute of playtime but i do ENJOY it.

Chelsea Chase Reeves 8 months ago

I was worried it was just my kid!!! My husband and I call it narrating, because that’s all I am allowed to do. I don’t even get creative writing allowances. Awful. So glad at least one of my kids is over that stage!

JoAnne Dietrich 8 months ago

Sometimes I like playing with my kids, sometimes I dread it.

Nancy Welker Fortais 8 months ago

Oh, goodness, THIS IS/ WAS ME. I think we even have video of my daughter scripting what I was supposed to say, then telling me I got it all wrong. When she was older she did it to her sister, giving me a break. And I admit- I really grew weary of “playing” and wished she’s just amuse herself. Years later- I have a wonderful teenage daughter who I am very close to and will miss like crazy when she goes to college next year!

Jenna McKillop 8 months ago

We’re not responsible to for entertaining our kids. If they’re bored, they’ll hull out their imagination!

Renee Stone 8 months ago

My son has always been satisfied playing with his cars alone. He has a 16 yr old sister, so he’s just as happy using his own imagination alone, every now and then, he’ll come give me a hug & kiss, & that’s definitely something I’ll never be too busy for. :-)

Nicole Adalio Flegal 8 months ago

YES!!!! My daughter has grown out of it but my 8 year old son still likes to “play”… Aaahh!!!! That’s the one time I encourage tv, lol!

Aundréa Onze Pullein 8 months ago

When my kids would boss me around when playing, I would explain that it’s not fun for any one to be told what to do all the time, and I would make my Barbie or car do what I wanted! I’d like to think it helped them learn to cooperate :)

Marisa Slappey 8 months ago

“Mama, im Elsa and youre Svenn in the game, ok??” Its always “in the game” :) it drives me crazy, especially after hearing it 400 times in a day, but im typing this w a grin on my face because i secretly love it. They grow up so fast… gotta treasure the moments, even when they drive you batshit crazy. Lol!! But, why the f@ck does she get to be the queen and i gotta be a fuckin reindeer??!

Bridgett Bassler 8 months ago

Perfectly summed up. I had patience for this when i was a teenage babysitter; now its been there, done that, you are on yourown kiddo!

Lori Campbell 8 months ago

I’m glad someone said it!!! “No mom, Tinkerbell wouldn’t say that while she beating up Batman!”….. Ugh

Hayley Powell 8 months ago

It’s like i wrote this myself! My 4 year old is the same. It’s the “you say” bit that is so irritating

Kayla Vickers Milcevic 8 months ago

Thank God im not the only one!!!

Suzy Weinberg Snyder 8 months ago

I hate playing also especially pretend. I love going and taking them to do things fun but the thought of actually having to sit on the floor and play is not my thing.

Geralyn McDougall 8 months ago

That’s what I have 2 kids for! Go play with your brother/sister!

Tracy Paquette 8 months ago

Lego/duplo and crafts= awesome. Let’s play tiny little dictator princesses/ponies/house… = sense of impending doom lol

Sarah Schaeffer Urscheler 8 months ago

My 3-year-old asks me “do you want to be Batman, Wonder Woman or Captain America?” But if I say Wonder Woman, he won’t let me. I call bullshit.

Cassandra Pirch Hawkey 8 months ago

And that’s the awesome thing about having 4 kids all 2 years apart! They always have someone else to play with! I very rarely hear the mom will you play with me unless its a card game, board game, puzzle or book! Which is fine by me. :)

Vanessa Sanders 8 months ago

My 2 1/2 yr old grabs away and takes apart my duplo cars I build when i am “playing with” (more like “bullied by”) him.

Christy Spires 8 months ago

“You pretend to be Anna and I’ll be Elsa”. Every. Day.

Heather Fall-Maxey 8 months ago

I actually like doing legos with them and occasionally I will throw a hackey sack at them and yell “DODGEBALL” and they do it back, it’s fun…kind of mean spirited but I like playing with them on my terms that is.

Lia Adkins 8 months ago

I agree..my son usually says, nevermind you dont say it right.

Sherry Bolton 8 months ago

That why I gave my kids siblings!! Play with EACH OTHER, problem solved!! (until they start fighting 2 minutes in..)

Crystal White 8 months ago

OH THANK GOD!!! I’m not the only one!!!

Andrea Green Kuieck 8 months ago

Those days seem unending but in a blink they are over and that little kid is grown and gone.

Hollie Warren 8 months ago

I often dreaded “playing” too. Not for exactly the same reasons, but because it seemed like another chore to come up with imaginative “play”, & that to engage would just zap the last ounce of anything I had in me, lol. I feel ya.

Ashley ‘Schriefer’ Flaumenhaft 8 months ago

I am that mom as well. I will do 700 projects before having to open the “snow puppy package” again. Glad I’m not alone. :-/

Lindsay Gallimore-O’Breham 8 months ago

I do not look forward to this stage as I hated it as a babysitter! Right now I, like many other commenters, am totally down with building blocks, puzzles, stories (even the same one over and over) and trains…. But already I hate hide and seek!

Jennifer Gonzales 8 months ago

Oh yes. If I don’t say or do what he says exactly right, it’s the end of the world.

Andrea Green Kuieck 8 months ago

Torture via My Little Pony. I still have flashbacks.

Marisa Lott 8 months ago

Playing with my kids means; dog pile mom, tackle football inside but I gotta play on my knees, full contact basketball except I get called for fouls, nerf wars them against me… mom of boys! I love it though :)

Jenny Serrano-Grygiel 8 months ago

I am the same way. I love hearing the ideas and watching them. I like even giving helpful advice on how t o set up a Lego structure. …but to play…I cant. And my boys are okay with that. Except for Nerf gun fights…we are all involved on those.

Jessica Bradfield 8 months ago

This is the same reason I don’t like “playing.” My son wants to tell me how to do it.

Elina Matson 8 months ago

Ugh. Ill read my kids books, make them play doh and ooh and ahh over their creations but that’s about as far as I get to ‘playing with them’. My mom never played with me or my siblings, I survived! HAHA!

Michelle Petrano Logan 8 months ago

You summed it up perfectly: its imaginative play, where I don’t get to be imaginative. Its horrible.

Jodi Ellis-Miller 8 months ago

I don’t like to play at any age. I will read and play catch and do puzzles, but other play- yuck!

Kristy Paukstis Stroup 8 months ago

I don’t like to play either but she’s ok with that. She wants me to leave her to her conversation with the toys anyway.

Erinn Hecht 8 months ago

My son is equally as ‘bossy’ so i don’t mind depending on what we’re playing. Puzzles and select Legos? Okay. Rescue Bots, cars, and other action figures where I have to say this and that in the right tone? Not so much.

Mimi 8 months ago

I thought I was the only one and feeling terribly guilty about it.

Sandy Brucia 8 months ago

I am the mother of a daughter too. I feel her pain!

Lee Sforza 8 months ago


Rebecca 8 months ago

I don’t even want to play barbie or board games or Legos, I just don’t like to play. I feel terrible but I really don’t want to, I’d rather do almost anything else.

Hayley 10 months ago

thank god I’m not the only one……it drives me potty.

Jane Lettuce 10 months ago

This is probably an old post – I can’t see a date on it – but I wanted to show my appreciation anyway.

I love my children and I do engage with them. We have good, warm, loving relationships with each other. But I am not a playful person, and when they ask me to play I feel mountains of both dread and guilt. I do try, but it never goes well.

However, play seems to be a barometer of a good mom these days. It’s right up there with what kind of food you give them and what kind of car seat you buy.

nikki 10 months ago

Marlene your son sounds exactly like my high strung 4 year old tiny dictator since birth! “If you bring in ANY other person he is excited to learn, play, create etc.” OMG I thought I was the only one with a child like this! TO ELANA AND ALL YOU OTHER PERFECT MOMS I came across this post because I was having a really hard day and feeling negative thoughts towards my child which cause great guilt….so I googled I hate playing with my kid. I NEEDED this blog post. Its helped me 2day to reasure my self that Im not a horrible mom I am a good mom that loves her child with her entire being. It gave me the encouragement and support to take a deep breath and go back and sit next to the tiny tirant who is my whole heart and try harder to be positve and to enjoy being bossed around…..because soon he will no longer want me around. Thank you shannon, marlene and all you other good tired mommys that get it!

العاب درايفر 11 months ago

thanks great articles i m really happy that i m not the only one

candace 11 months ago

I don’t even know where to begin. I’m crying in the bathroom as I read this. I have one daughter and three boys. I cringe when she says those words. I hate playing with dolls. Actually, the dressing them or doing their hair is fine. But the conversing of the dolls makes me coocoo!! I feel like crap, so I set the timer. But God knows I’d rather read or do puzzles. I got a real kick at the common thread of likes are books or puzzles for moms like us. Thanks for the honesty. I needed the outlet.

amanda 11 months ago

So, so happy I’m not the only one. Ugh the mommy guilt. I have boys and “do you want to play a game” pops out of my sono mouth at least three times a day. Dad’s gone a lot so that leaves me. But he too is bossy. There is no “play” just me doing exactly what he wants and saying what he wants. His brother is also subjected to this as he’s the younger. I make sure to give in and play every once in awhile but oh the dread. Star wars and angry birds. Aaahhhh. How about we play legos.

Kylie 11 months ago

And this is why being the mom of an only child sucks. I am his playmate. ALL the time.

Samantha 11 months ago

My older son was the same way! I was so glad that his younger brother was at least a little bit different. I felt like such a bad mom!

Keera 11 months ago

Lol!!! I agree, dressing barbies and playing with Legos is way more fun!

Kim 11 months ago

I really hope the author of this article is not scared off by the very few negative comments. I felt exactly like the author did, and I think the majority of mothers do as well, but we are so scared to say anything because we risk hearing a reaction like the couple of negative reactions seen here. It really helps to read an article like this, so please keep sharing your experience, Shannon and all other contributors. It helps almost all of us readers!!!!

Andy Brown 1 year ago

I said to my daughter, “I’m going to make a coffee.”
“That’s because you don’t want to play with me.”
“That’s right.” From there, be honest. It works out fine. Most often the kid knows that she is being a pain anyway.

Joan Bennett 1 year ago

Why can’t kids play by themselves these days? You know, like we did when we were kids. Precisely because Mums and Dads give in to their kids and make them think they are there just for them. If parents would say “go find something to do on your own; I’m busy”, kids might learn to appreciate their parents more.

Marilyn Hyde 1 year ago

Wow – I know this from being “play with me, Grandma!”

Krista 1 year ago

I feel the same way. Most parents I think don’t enjoy doing “something ” their kids do. I feel guilty sometimes , but that’s what siblings are for. Haha. I was an only child so I had to play by myself , and use my imagination. I love the scary mommy blog , because it shares what most mothers feel – but too often keep it inside :)

Lindsey D’Lugos 1 year ago

Glad I’m not the only one!

Dawn Murray 1 year ago

OMG, thank goodness for this article..I always feel sooo guilty that I’m rarely in the mood to be my children’s playmate..I work full time and when I come home, I have no desire to play games..Kudos to the Moms out there that love to, but sadly, I’m not one of them.

Alicia Holliday 1 year ago

The sibling thing only goes so far. Mine are almost 6 and almost 3. They both still ask me to play with them (either individually or together) even when the other is around.

Jesse Locke 1 year ago

I’ve played Superhero’s with my son while napping on the couch. Playing with my kids is one of the best parts of being a Dad

Suze 1 year ago

LOL, yes, that kind of playing made me grit my teeth, too. My kids are far past that stage now. Here’s what I learned to do: set a time limit – tell my child I could play for about 10 minutes (set the oven timer) then do the task I “needed” to do (“Okay! I can play for 10 minutes, then I have to fold laundry. I’ll set the oven timer. When it goes off, then we have to stop playing and I’ll fold the laundry.”) When the time got closer (of course I was a clock-watcher), I would say, “Oh, two minutes left”. It gave them the play time until they got distracted/bored and then allowed a limit to be set on how long I could play (i.e. be bossed around, LOL). Or, instead of a task I needed to do, I could suggest we play for 10 minutes then go for a walk/play at the sink/go in the backyard/play with Play-Doh – basically anything BUT the playtime! Good luck, Mommies & Daddies! It gets better! 😀

Suze 1 year ago

LOL, yes, that kind of playing made me grit my teeth, too. My kids are far past that stage now. Here’s what I learned to do: set a time limit – tell my child I could play for about 10 minutes (set the oven timer) then do the task I “needed” to do (“Okay! I can play for 10 minutes, then I have to fold laundry. I’ll set the oven timer. When it goes off, then we have to stop playing and I’ll fold the laundry.”) When the time got closer (of course I was a clock-watcher), I would say, “Oh, two minutes left”. It gave them the play time until they got distracted/bored and then allowed a limit to be set on how long I could play (i.e. be bossed around, LOL). Or, instead of a task I needed to do, I could suggest we play for 10 minutes then go for a walk/play at the sink/go in the backyard/play with Play-Doh – basically anything BUT the playtime! Good luck, Mommies & Daddies! It gets better! 😀

H.p. McGregor 1 year ago

This is 100% true.

Suzette Espinoza de Aguado 1 year ago

I finally confessed to my eight year old demanding child that I am too busy caring for her, loving her, feeding her, brushing her hair, and doing everything she needs to be alive and happy than to play with her. She looked at me with a dawning realization on her face and said, okay, I guess I’ll just watch some t.v. then. And to that, I said, GREAT! THAT’S WHY I BOUGHT FIVE OF THEM!

Eric Engelmann 1 year ago

The key is to find play that’s fun for everyone involved. I’ve always had fun playing with Noah, from birth until now (tho I do pass on his video games).

Cameo Harmon 1 year ago

The only pretend play I like involves no kids, booze and some kind of outfit that is for a profession I never went to school for. 😀 😀 😀

Erica Borup Jonson 1 year ago

Ugh. Worst words a mom can hear.

Jill Arentowicz 1 year ago

And I was feeling guilty about not liking play! There is nothing more tedious than being bossed around and griped at by a whining three year old for not playing in the exact way you’re told to! Blah!

Jessica Patton 1 year ago

I love you, original poster of this, the best shit I’ve ever read.

Jessica Patton 1 year ago

I hate playing online games with my 6 year old…I get really competitive and end up taking over if he’s losing. Ahhh…weight off my chest…lol!

Mimi Askme 1 year ago

So relieved to know I am not alone. I try to keep it in perspective, I really just suck at playing. I will teach, cuddle, direct, and listen but playing is so totally not my thing.

Michele Reid 1 year ago

I guess it depends on what they are playing but, typically no. No I don’t like to play with my kids.

Melissa 1 year ago

I will sing and dance with my girls (4 and 6), I will craft with them, I will build castles with them, play board games, etc. But “mom, will you play with me”? That is a nope. I have tried, and tried, but it always ends up with me wanting to throw the toys across the room and scream, “I don’t want to do this anymore!!”

Jennifer Talbot Vattes 1 year ago

Kinda hate it

Lindsey Commesso 1 year ago

Love this, “playing” is not a real definition, it’s” being commanded (& yelled at) by a miniature dictator-in-the-making.

Kayla Mullins 1 year ago

Im worried I wont enjoy playing with him and how we will handle it since I’m a single mom and he is an only child.

Heather Beckey Bixler 1 year ago

It’s good to hear other moms feel this way. “Playing” is The. Worst. Let’s build a puzzle or read a book instead, please and thank you!

Fiona Kara 1 year ago

This is exactly what my sister and I were discussing earlier. Sometimes I feel that if I have to say “Hello Dusty, my name is Clara Clark and I’m a forklift” one more time, I’m gonna kill myself. What makes it worse is that I cannot just lay back on the couch and only speak as the character, I have to HOLD Clara Clark when I speak and she MUST be ON the table! Having said that, I do have my moments of inspiration, when I actually surprise myself. Not very often though…

Tristen 1 year ago

If I play imaginatively with mine, I tell them I am the boss of what I do and say and that they are the boss of what they do and say .

Stephanie Mayo 1 year ago

I thought I was the only one lol. My daughter is exactly like this…

Makeovers and Motherhood 1 year ago

I am so glad to hear another mom say they don’t like to play with their kids. I have cringed at these words since our oldest was 2 and used to boss me about how to build with blocks. Now its trains or camping or dress up… and I get so frustrated I too find myself making excuses not to be in the midst of the play. Heck, I even get frustrated hearing child #1 boss child #2 & #3 on how to play even though (as you said) it isn’t playing, it’s just telling them “Okay, let’s be superheroes. Ok, now let’s go camping. Let’s wake up.” Ummmm… mommy needs to pee and it might take me 20 minutes! 😉

Marie Miller 1 year ago

Kylie my daughter is 13 months and she is already like this lol. She doesn’t like to share and yells at you when you don’t do what she wants while we “play” and by play I mean her taking each toy you try to play with.

Jillian Addison 1 year ago

Lucky you. I’m so pleased for you that your kids play so well. Would you like to come and play with mine? I’m also glad for you that you enjoy it. Do you enjoy everything you ever do? Do you enjoy running marathons? Rock climbing? Do you enjoy doing math problems? Do you enjoy filing your taxes? If not, perhaps your mind is just too shut off. In fact, I know your mind is shut off because you fail to see that everyone is different and just because we don’t enjoy the same things as you does not mean that we are not engaging with our kids or giving them the best start in life we can.

My son is learning that everyone is different and that it’s ok not to do what everyone else tells you to do (or like), something that perhaps you need to learn. In fact, my son is far happier, more confident and more emotionally mature (in an age appropriate way) since he stopped playing with me all day, everyday, and started spending 3 or 4 hours every afternoon outside playing with the neighbouring kids all on their bikes/scooters, trampoline and even some pretend play and painting. They play together until the sun goes down. All self-directed, all without any adult involvement, save the occasional scraped knee or snack provision. He’ll be 3 next month and his playmates are 4, 6 and 8. He’s learning far more from them than he would from bossing me about.

But I won’t judge you on how much time your kids spend outside on self-directed play – provided you don’t judge me on my dislike of playing cars or pretend for 11 hours a day, how’s that? I don’t know you and you don’t know the first thing about me or how open my mind is nor how big my heart is.

Christina Williams 1 year ago

Me either!! :))

Christina Williams 1 year ago

I don’t like playing either. So glad Im not the only one cuz I feel so bad!! :( My 5 year old has me pretend with him and he tells me what to say. Haha. It’s just so boring to me!!

Marcia Matthews 1 year ago

I’m totally with you on this.

Robin Guyette 1 year ago

One time my three year old wanted me to play pretend birthday party. So I decorated with pretend balloons and she was really upset because I used the wrong color balloon. PRETEND balloons.

Leslie Sansom 1 year ago

It depends. I can do it for 5 minutes maybe 10 without complaint….but then I am over it. I can’t watch their stupid cartoons either. Dare I add, I really don’t like reading to them. So happy my youngest is 7 now and can read on her own. But she still asks and I always feel like an ass for saying no.

Kylie Rossi 1 year ago

This is freaking awesome! My son’s only 15 months but totally gonna borrow this survival technique.

Jennifer L Tull Springer 1 year ago

“Playing” with kids is following their directions. No fun at all!

Jessica Moran Jewell 1 year ago

I hate hate hate playing board games.

Heather Wolpert Boul 1 year ago

I agree and I hear it a lot having an only child.

Caroline McDonald 1 year ago

Lol! I know exactly what you’re talking about, my son is so dang bossy when we “play”

Jennifer Dewey 1 year ago

I agree!!

Rona May-Ron 1 year ago

I thought I was the only one! Thank you for letting me feel a little less terrible :-)

Christine Reiff-Zdziebkowski 1 year ago

He’ll yes! I hate playing pretend, mostly because they’re so bossy. Not to mention I can only pretend to eat so many things or drink so many drinks before I’m about to pass out

Melony Bruce 1 year ago

My son is sooo bossy! This article was good, love the honesty!

Yas Reid 1 year ago

AGREED! I find other kids whenever I can to keep from
“Playing” anything! I’m better at sport time and movie time

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

LOL Now that my son is 14, I actually love playing MC with him. We have a multi-player world that’s just the 2 of us and we’ve built some pretty fantastic things. Well, HE’s built some awesome stuff… I mostly just mine and collect supplies. lol!

Barb 1 year ago

Myself! Thankfully my husband enjoys playing with our daughter because I despise it. I will happily have her “help” me cook, read books, do messy art projects and cart her to every kid show/event/destination including soccer and dance…but please don’t make me play!!!

Brendaliz Mikaelson 1 year ago

Shit, I guess I’m from another planet, I really enjoy playing with my daughter and nephews. I’m very childish sorry!

Anita Wrightner-Dotson 1 year ago

You just described my child perfectly. Sometimes I even get a script to follow and Heaven help me if I deviate from the script. And the made-up games with the 1001 made-up rules which you’re supposed to remember. Ugh.

Anita Wrightner-Dotson 1 year ago

My only child sometimes has a little problem with the concept of “free play” and has been known to write a script for me to follow when we play (kind of takes all the fun out of playing, right?). And oh the Hellfire and brimstone that rains down upon my head if I try to adlib and deviate from her script (which I do anyway ’cause I have more fun when I do). Oh and the made-up games with the 1001 made-up rules which you have to be a genius with a photographic memory to follow. But I love my child.

Joanne Gill 1 year ago

You need to read the whole article to see the humor!!! very true

Brandy Allen-Burgard 1 year ago

I hate it

Terry Fryburger Graybeal 1 year ago

I played hide n seek than wouldnt find them lol it was the only break i got but i loved playing puddle tag in the rain wirh them

Katrina Smithee 1 year ago

I had begun to suspect I was just a sucky aunt, glad to know I am not alone!

Becca Evans 1 year ago

They are like little kings and queens! We apparently never get the gist of the “pretend” right. Ever.

Becca Evans 1 year ago

A-fucking-men. Playing with 3/4 year olds is the most boring and frustrating thing I’ve experienced thus far. We have zoo memberships, daily park trips, crafts galore! But it’s always playing ‘pretend’ that trumps all other activities. WHY?!?! Can’t we just color and sing?!?! Why do I have to be controlled in recreation to by a tiny boss??? I don’t think anyone is a bad mom for this, as long as we do our best, there’s NO WAY out sanity can handle every play situation.

Naomi Valdes Lehman 1 year ago

=’) the Michael Jackson song “you are not alone” just started going through my head. Thank you for this post. I am a mom to 4 boys (8 yrs old – 7 mo) & I just can’t, I just can’t play with them

Amy Hossack 1 year ago

I’m just not great at getting bulliee by toddlers. I make a good go at it though.

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

I never saw you sneak into my house! 😉
My 4-year-old does the exact same thing! If he had a Godzilla toy, I’d use it to stomp all of his cars & trucks!

Adrianne Ward Burney 1 year ago

I hate playing with my 4-year-old because he is SO active that it is SO exhausting! And you can only play Cars so many times before it gets boring! (He always has to be Lightning McQueen, too!)

Kim Markov 1 year ago

Hate. I can’t stand little toys (Barbies, My little Ponies…) & having to make them talk to one another. Whenever I play I make it “salon day” and just do all of their hair.

Anngeleen Overkamp 1 year ago

That’s what dads are for! I will not wrestle!

Wanda Queen 1 year ago

Agreed. I can swim and play in the pool with my kids and genuinely enjoy it. Same with painting or drawing. But not so much some of the other stuff. We’re all only human, with our own likes and dislikes.

Kassie LaPorte Heisserer 1 year ago

Yes! hate it!

Mike Crampton 1 year ago

So true!

Hannah Horsch 1 year ago

When kids get that bossy with me during play I tell them to let me say what I want or they can play by themselves. Then I follow through with it immediately if they don’t listen. Then I invite them to do something else. If it starts a tantrum then I walk away. You can’t just let them boss you around even if it doesn’t bother you, because it tells them that is ok to do that to others.

Nicole Oliver 1 year ago

I happily play with my kids however I want to, I won’t let them order me around because other kids won’t stand for that so why should I? It’s better that they learn how to negotiate early so every one can play together instead of expecting everyone to do what they want.

Emily White Donahue 1 year ago

Lol..you are the best

Danielle 1 year ago

I hate playing with my kids too!!! I will haul them around in the bike chariot, take them swimming, kick the ball back and forth but the thought of getting on the floor playing with them is torture!!! I love my kids with all my heart, I would kill/die for them and I bust my butt to give them a good life, but I hate motherhood. It sucks!!!

Lacy Varner 1 year ago

Oh man, SAMESIES! My four year old does the same thing. It drives me insane. I have to remind her, her little sister, and her friends that they don’t ACTUALLY have to do what she tells them to do, just as when they play something she doesn’t want to do, she doesn’t have to do it. And then she gets upset and thinks they don’t like her if they don’t do exactly what she wants them to do. I hate it. Did we do that when we were little? I don’t remember that at all! I remember every one having their own person and doing their own thing and we learned how to interact with one another. I feel like I’m doing something wrong because my child does this.

Tara Bendig Carrick 1 year ago

My sons were TYRANTS when we would play with Matchbox cars or action heroes. “No mommy! The car drives this way! No mommy! The guy says this!” They were happiest if I just sat there and simply held the car or action figure while he did all the “driving” and “talking”. When they got older and we’re BOTH allowed to play, it got easier.

Sierra Burkes 1 year ago

Some of these articles makes my heart sink. My kids play so well, I fully enjoy it and just happy thdy see me as fit to participate. If you can’t find it in you to enjoy playing then your heart is too small and uour mind is shut off.

Lori Ann Thompson 1 year ago

Love this post

Amber Smith Bowser 1 year ago

Love this post!!

Bethany Janovec 1 year ago

I thought I was going to hate this but I didn’t. My daughter’s young enough she still let’s me play with her in stead of just ordering me around. And I enjoy it sometimes but I also get bored of it quickly because it’s very repetitive at this point. Like if we’re superheroes we keep fighting bad guys in the same way over and over and over. It’s fun the first 10 times but then I’m trying to find something else to play with.

Melissa Meador 1 year ago

I feel so guilty that I don’t play with my almost 3yr old more….I go to bed thinking the next day I will….but the thought of getting in the floor (I have 5 bulging discs in my back and neck) is just too much for me….so I go to bed and cry and tell myself I will do better tomorrow….but it never is….I guess physical imparements aside I am just not a “play” mommy….

Colleen Whale 1 year ago

I love this page because you really tell it how it is. Yes, I admit, I don’t like “playing” with my kids either. Here I thought it was because I have boys, but apparently it’s not much different with girls.

Becky O’Leary Straub 1 year ago

I am so with you ladies. I am not good at it (I know I know our children don’t care) but I would rather read, have the kids “do my hair” anything other than Little pet shops, school time or the likes. We aren’t bad moms, we just aren’t good playmates :)

Jennifer Hammes Logan 1 year ago

Hate it.
I didn’t like playing with other kids when I was a kid.
I was always off in a corner by myself doing weird crap.
I still am.
But my kids usually are, too.
We’re just a bunch of weirdos, I guess

Scott Andrews 1 year ago

I’ve struggled with this, too. I guess I can list a couple of very crappy bosses as good training for “playing” with my toddlers – the correlation between the two being the direction given has no basis in reality and no thought is given to any consequences that may result from execution of said direction. Ways I handle the inevitable tantrum that results from unsuccessfully trying to follow my kids’ imaginations: 1.) I remind them that nobody likes to play with a spoiled-sport and threaten to stop if they don’t cool it (and then actually DOING so at the next tantrum) or 2.) I redirect the play to something that we ALL enjoy doing together – usually roughhousing, reading or playing ball. A 3rd tactic I use (especially if I’m trying to complete a household task and can’t shake my two “shadows”) is I’ll offer them a creative outlet like Play-Doh, coloring book or I’ll ask them to play me a song on the keyboard. We can be in the same room interacting yet I have space to finish my chore without tripping over my kids. I think as parents, we forget that in the minds of our toddlers, us not being able to follow their random and abstract thought is just as frustrating and UN-fun to them as it is to us. My son will beg me to play cars with him, but if I don’t “drive” correctly, he’s just as ready to hang it up as I am after 10-15 minutes and go back to playing alone as he was in the first place. At that point, I make a judgement call whether to redirect the play or call it off, or I’ll empower him to make the call. I don’t always get it right and every kid is different, but when it works, I think everyone is pretty pleased.

Jessica Marfinetz 1 year ago

My son is Two so he isnt into pretend play yet. He loves playing outside, but we live in Virginia so it gets pretty hot and muggy. He doesnt care. He’s like “Mommy, outside” & Im like “I just wanna color”.

Matthew Jill Berkemeier 1 year ago

I do it despite how I feel. Does it always go well, no. But I do it, and I always enjoy my one on one time with him. He’s worth investing my time and energy into, and while I play with him daily, he’s one of three. I feel bad I can’t do it more with all of them.

We do projects, reading books, do puzzles, PlayDoh “parties” with friends, bubbles, chalk, lots of coloring, building with blocks and matchbox cars… Anything he’s interested in. When he goes to school it’ll lessen, but until then, quality time counts. :)

Amy Brabant 1 year ago

I am an adult..and I am not sure how much I liked ‘playing’ when I was a child. I don’t remember how to ‘play’ anymore..I can read and play board games and even build with Lego and dress Barbies but the part that comes after, where you take the ship you made to space or Barbie and her friends have a party? Yeah, I think I need to make a dentist appt because all of a sudden I have a terrible toothache…(’cause it feels like you are pulling them out when you ask me to play!!!) I already feel guilty about tons of stuff I did or didn’t do, what’s a little more mom guilt, right?

Beth Andrews 1 year ago

Chutes and Ladders – NOOOOO!

Maeve Rhuad 1 year ago

Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don’t.

Kera Marie Reidy 1 year ago

I’ve just recently started playing with my kids and I love it. I don’t know why I ever stopped playing in the first place. Last night I pretended that I fainted and the three of them decided they needed to move me into the basement, down the steps, to do the “procedures” to save my life hahahaha it was a blast. And the whole time I remained “unconscious”.

Btw- my kids are 3,6, and 11. I chase them around, we play hide and seek and generally rough house. It’s a lot of fun.

Adrienne Russell O’Leary 1 year ago

My 4 year old daughter has taken to wearing a tutu, tiara and a blanket around her shoulders as a cape. She is Elsa and I’m Anna. So I start to sing “please don’t shut me out again! Please don’t slam the door! You don’t have to keep your distance anymore….” And she’s all, “no mom! We’re not in Arendelle we’re on the North Mountain!” Sigh. Whatever. Why are you making this even harder for me?

Cassy Kleinow 1 year ago

I can totally relate.

Angela Mazur Fischesser 1 year ago

We are not alone!! I look forward to the dsy my son wants to play card games – then i will be good. until then, AUGH.

Allison Pumroy 1 year ago

This is my experience too!

Kimberly Beene 1 year ago


Vanessa Stringer 1 year ago

Same, same, same. … I’ll sit with my 4 y/o to build blocks, it starts off well until he’s telling me what I should build and then once built, he’s knocking everything down. Pretty much like this for every activity that he asks us to join. I also have two older boys, 15 and 19…. they are the best! I get a break when they’re around to play with their little bro.

Michelle Woolston 1 year ago

I didn’t really like playing with my kids.

Heather Kelly 1 year ago

Don’t like it.

Jenn 1 year ago

this, exactly this. Hearing, Mommy play trains, from my 3 year old strikes me with dread. Playing trains means if I even touch one he will throw them across the room and scream for 20 minutes. once that’s done he’ll scream for another 20 minutes for me to put them back on the track. rinse and repeat.

Shannon Hansen 1 year ago

Yep the ‘bossy play’ is so tedious, just being barked orders, and you’re never allowed to deviate from the script. I always get told off by my 4 year old :)

Tiffany 1 year ago

I love how some women come and read an article they do not like or may not agree with and then have to announce that they disliked it , it was so utterly horrid that they shall now unlike this page and blog. Not only that but they think its the end of the world for the page. GASP. You mean you are going to dislike me?!

Ladies, this is not a factual news story , but a thought process of a mother. This doesnt mean all mother feel the same. Maybe you dont like it, maybe you have other aspects of mothering you dislike. Maybe you coukd open your mind to realise this is nothing to get into a huff about.

Pull uo your big girl panties and get over yourselves. Unlike the page. That is your perogative…but honestly , no one cares , you do not need to announce your departure..the page and author do mmmm ot care either. One less closed minded “perfect” human being to deal with …seems a good thing to me.

As for the post…I laughed, I dislike this as well, this is what grandmothers are for…they cant say no! 😉

Wendy Warren 1 year ago

Exactly! I thought maybe my children were just using play time to boss me around. It is nice to see that others experienced this too! Mine are older now, my youngest is 9, but I still get that stiffness in my neck and sick feeling in my stomach when he focuses his boredom on me. I’ve loved being involved in all of their activities, and certainly playing games with them, but I never enjoyed being a prop in their imaginary worlds.

Melynee Fontenot Finch 1 year ago

I have never been a good “play-er”… I was the kid that read all the time and was 5/7 years older than my siblings. I really, really don’t like to play… Thank goodness it’s not just me!

Laura Lewinski 1 year ago

Well, to each their own but I love playing with my son.

Cheryl Dorazio 1 year ago

I’m an Aunt and playing with my nephew and niece is the happiest feeling, just seeing how happy they are knowing you are on the floor playing or digging in the dirt best feeling in the world:)

Jennifer 1 year ago

My first thought on seeing the title was “oh no, poor kid!” Then I read the article and realized this was EXACTLY the type of playing I hated doing with my oldest too. If she wanted me to play barbies with her, I had to dress the barbie in what she picked. Then I had to make the barbie “walk” but I could never do it in a way that she was satisfied with! I had to make the barbie say exactly what she wanted, in the tone she wanted, which I could never quite replicate to her specifications. I found myself telling her that if she was going to be so controlling I wasn’t going to be able to play with her anymore, and that she had to tone down the bossiness or she would find that her friends wouldn’t want to play either. I found it even more annoying when she was constantly bossing and criticizing her younger sister the same way. The younger sister who idolized her, wanted to please her, did everything she wanted, but could never do it well enough either. Aaaggghhh!

Shannon Magyar Zywiec 1 year ago

This soooooo sums up my summer break.

Rachele Passerin Kaelin 1 year ago

This is EXACTLY what happens when I play with my daughter! lol I hate all that “pretending”

Melissa 1 year ago

UGH so glad I am not alone! My 3 year old changes what he wants to play every 15 seconds I can’t keep up, I hate playing with him, it makes me feel awful but gosh its like torture!

Nick Liz Callao 1 year ago

My little one is only two right now and she loves to wear her princess dress and shoes. She makes me get up (I’m 6 months pregnant and very tired) and she wants us to play Ring Around The Rosy again and again and again and again and again…… I get so dizzy and sick :-(
Now I dread playing that with her but it’s her absolute fave!

Amanda Orozco 1 year ago

Nope. This is my husbands area. I like activities.

Correina D Shea 1 year ago

I play fight with mine like tickle them and such and I chase them around and play with sidewalk chalk and rolls a ball with them stuff like that. Colour etc..

commasplice 1 year ago

UGH! I hate myself for cringing when I hear, “Mommy, will you play with me?” I know one day I wish I could hear those words again. But for now, I say, “Hey, I have to cook dinner. Will you help me?” Or “I have to fold laundry right now. Will you help?” Sometimes he will, sometimes he won’t, but at least he’ll stay close and we can talk. But sitting down and being told I’m not racing the car in the right way? Ugh, I say again.

Aimee Bermingham Miller 1 year ago

Love playing certain things. I can’t imagine not playing with my kids, but I don’t want to every minute of the day.

I also love watching them play with friends and each other, and even when they are playing alone.

Melissa Poteet Reynolds 1 year ago

True dat! Not my job to keep you entertained 24/7 especially when you have a friend over! Use your imagination! Mommy loves you but come on!!!

Rachel Dennington 1 year ago

I enjoy playing. Sometimes. The bossy play would drive me nuts, I’d tell her no, let’s play a different way.

Laura Price 1 year ago

You read my mind

Christine Green 1 year ago

Validated! Thank you!

Sarah Flagler 1 year ago

Not a fan! I love activities with them- crafts, interacting with then at the zoo & museums, reading to them etc, and will happily pay attention to all the “Mama, watch me!”. But just plain sitting on the floor playing with cars or blocks- not so much. Luckily they rarely ask- they are usually happily to play by themselves or with each other!

Jennifer Chandler 1 year ago

Hate it. Daddy is for playing.

Elizabeth Williams 1 year ago

My three year old is pretty fun to play with. He makes games up for us to play, but actually allows me to play with him.

Stephanie Bode 1 year ago

Mommies are for keeping you alive… Not for playing. That’s what I always tell my son haha

Kate R. 1 year ago

This is the number one reason why I’m glad I have twins–they entertain each other (when they aren’t fighting!).

Heather 1 year ago

This is always a conversation with my girlfriends and I. I love DOING THINGS with my kids (board games, ride bikes, go to pool….I can plan a day long outing of fun that will knock your socks off) but I loathe playing pretend. My daughter loved to play “say hello” which is basically tapping a guy on the table and saying “hello! Wanna play?”. The worst.

Roxanne Mcgovern-Stuver 1 year ago

Hate it!!!

Lawry 1 year ago

Uggg I absolutely hate the made up game crap!! Board games tag hide n seek sign me up but the your the monster crap a a arrrgggghhhh!!

Maureen Simpson 1 year ago

Exactly! Thank you lol

Melissa Durrant 1 year ago

My son is 10 months and I try to do pretend play with him. Like dinosaurs. But we also have stuff for him to so like sand and water table. He plays well by himself for a little while. I love playing with my child. I have played pretend play with friends kids and love it. I love how their little minds work.

Alicia Maiani Matlock 1 year ago

I’m so glad I read this! I grew up in a big family, my parents never played with me and now that I only have one child I have a hard time remembering how to be his age again. When my little boy was younger I played with him all day. Since he is getting older I find it harder to play. I’ve been beating myself up for a long while now and I really thought I was the only one who felt this way! Thank you for writing this!

Sarah Dodd 1 year ago

Oh thank God I am not the only one!

Monsta Love Hart 1 year ago

I have a 6 yr..so mostly at school, and a full on 3yr old boy. I find mostly what gets me with my boy, when playing with him is the sabotage that goes with playing…omg play dough he squished what ive made…like its killed pretty much b 4 he looks at it. Play in the sand pit…make a castle. Boom its gone too. Colouring with him…he draws on top of my page. Play cars he smashes them all up and next mintue theres cars all over the show. We dont owe 1 piece of lego…omg could u imagine me and my boy with of box of them blocks…boy I think not. However he still gets to play. I still get by with trying to play more with him. Im just happy he has kindy for half the week to give his lovely teachers at his kindy…the round around. But ultimately them teachers at his kindy ROCK. :)

Joanne Reed 1 year ago

I must say I enjoy it.

Amy Syms 1 year ago

Glad it isn’t just me!

Sheri Sparry Burns 1 year ago

I’m not great at playing. I love reading to them, helping them with crafts and watching them play. The upside? They are great at entertaining themselves and have fantastic imaginations!

Brittany Unkefer Wilson 1 year ago

I can’t wait until my daughter talks enough to clue me in on her pretend play. It’s coming up with my own pretend that is hard for me. I’m not even sure I did that as a child. As far as letting them dictate to you all aspects of playing, that is crap. Those are the children I despised playing with as a young me.

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

I love playing, my kiddo is really imaginative and loves her dolls but we don’t always play with them. She loves the outdoors so she puts her imagination to work out there and we play ‘pirates’ or when indoors she likes to build forts :) I don’t get to see my daughter often but when I do playtime is something I absolutely cherish.

Anina Robb 1 year ago

I hate playing! My parents never played with me either.

Majella Holyoak 1 year ago

I am SO glad it’s not just me. I have a boy, I’m so over saying “pshoooo” with stuff that’s supposed to be flying, lol.

Sara LaBerge 1 year ago

I have to say, “order up” when dinner is put down in front of her! Ha ha ha. Totally hear. ” Mom, you don’t say it like that, you say it like this.”

Laura Wallis 1 year ago

I’m a get fine and play with my twins mum – I’m looking forward to them asking to play dress up so I can get dressed up to :)

Anita Saric 1 year ago

I’m like 60/40. 60% NO, 40%YES. she is really good at playing dolls but it’s ALL THE TIME. I can play with her for an hour with dolls and an hour later she is asking for more. I can’t take it. Lately I find myself thinking “Mummy pig needs to do the dishes. Now mummy pig is changing the baby’s diaper. Mummy pig is tired of being talked to through peppa pig dolls while she’s pooping.” Gggaaaahhh.

Alison Williams 1 year ago

I absolutely loath those words. Taking the barbie dress off and on sounds pretty hideous too.

Lizzi 1 year ago

I’m so glad it’s not just me. I found it painful. It’s the toddler dictatorship I can’t stand either. Mine have more or less grown through that stage now. I did it, but with gritted teeth and for as short a time as possible!!!

Clare Wrightson 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this. It’s my almost four year old to a t, it’s such hard work!

Cheryl Schull 1 year ago

Sometimes I play, sometimes I don’t. But if I play after five minutes or so I’m bored! I am more the lets go out for coffee mum and talk over a baby cino!

Katie Yarwood 1 year ago

It’s a chore to me, I’m a sahm and playing with them is boring. I love watching them play though. I’ll quite happily sit there and listen to them and watch them but getting involved ermmm I’m ok thanks lol

Lisa Plunkett 1 year ago

I hate it :( I do it, but I hate “Play with me Mummy” AGH….

Tamzyn 1 year ago

This made me laugh out loud!

Brenda Gilpatrick 1 year ago

loooooove it… just wish I had more time for it. but I am a working mother… maybe thats why. If I were a SAHM i would probobly hate it.

Louise Holmes 1 year ago

Phew! I used to think it was just me! Soooo funny reading this!!!

Ada 1 year ago

One word: MINECRAFT.

Michaela Hickman 1 year ago

I haven’t met a parent yet who likes to pretend play. I like to read,draw, color do puzzles & ride our bikes together. Think all parents have what they enjoy doing, playing with their kids. You can’t like doing everything it’s just not normal. Also, my kids know what mom likes playing & doesn’t.

Jessie Begani 1 year ago

Depends on the game/ activity and how the day is going. We are not playing kitchen band at 9 am for any reason ever. 2pm, we’re cool.

Tammy Cerulli Dinan 1 year ago

I feel validated. Not really into imaginary play. I would rather talk and be silly with my littles.

Clare Goteld 1 year ago

So glad I’m not the only one 😉

Kay 1 year ago

Agreed! I’ve never enjoyed playing imaginative games with children.It’s boring and miserable… My husband is so good at it tho, so I hope that when the kids are older I can delegate responsibility of playing to him. I do everything else.i read, play board and card games, and even sing songs… but that random free-play… i don’t think i ever enjoyed that as a child.

Heather Gochoel 1 year ago

Mine’s only 18 months and I already kind of dread this. :-/

PeacherMommy 1 year ago

So just because I don’t want to play with my children and be their sole source of entertainment and follow their every direction means I shouldn’t have given birth to them?! I raise my children to be independent and that includes in play.

Shanneen 1 year ago

Maybe because mine is only 2 1/2 but she isn’t like this at all. When we make believe she suggests characters but I’m allowed to pretend right along with her. I find this fun. Earlier today I sat in Barnes & Noble for more than 30 minutes playing with hand puppets while she told me how they were feeling and I’d act out those emotions and feeling complete with an owl trying to eat the favorite bunny. I love her creative process for how actions affect the other puppets and although all the other parents were shooting daggers as their kids were edging closer I just love playing with her! She’s funny and silly and a little crazy but pretend play is probably my forte ’cause I am too!

Everyone (hopefully) has their strengths as a parent and if not, PLAY GROUPS!

Sandy 1 year ago

I had my kids close together for a reason. I grew up on “go play” and it made me imaginative and independent. I ate my share of plastic food and drank many imaginary cups of tea, and I still play board games with my kids, but to really play with kids in a world of imagination? They need to do this, not me. It’s too easy to take the lead and direct the game.

Erinn Swett 1 year ago

I really like playing with my kiddos. Unfortunately, I get preoccupied with the the tasks I should be doing.

Rockelle Brown 1 year ago


Adney Tidwell 1 year ago

Lol, I loved that phrase when I was in high school babysitting! Dinner, dishes, bath are done, and I will “play” with you for hours! Or at least until bedtime. I didn’t have to hear “well mommy let’s me do it” 57 times and I instantly because the best babysitter ever!

Katrina Leah 1 year ago

Hahaha. I used to buy board games for my children , then try to avoid playing them with them. Cluedo , Monopoly , card games etc. What a mean mumma I was !

Chalee Supplee 1 year ago

Oy. Thank you. Blocks, Legos, school, doctor… I’m your gal. Pretend play, eh not so much. Except super heroes. Then I get to be Jean Gray. :)

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

I’m not yet a mom so I can’t fully relate but I have nieces and nephews and I’m a nanny. My nieces and nephew are great. When they wanna play with me, they wanna attack me or use me as a jungle gym or have me throw them around in the pool. I LOVE playing with them. My nanny boy is rarely playful in that way. His games normally consist of me being bossed around and not really getting to do much of anything and I get soooo bored. Omg. So bored.

Yvette 1 year ago

I’m so glad I’m not the only one that feels this. My 8 year old always tells me what to say when she wants to play.

Amber LeRoy 1 year ago

that is exactly right. my girl is a movie director, and no mater how perfect I know I got my line , she says no and wants me to redo them.

Amber LeRoy 1 year ago

my girl is 4 and her sister will finally be here Monday, but I wish I’d given this girl a sister 3 years ago.

Jillian Addison 1 year ago

As with anything else, we all have our different likes and dislikes. So, to the (thankfully incredibly few in this thread) ‘sanctimommies’ who think that to be a good mother you must always play with your kids when they want, how they want, and you must enjoy EVERY MOMENT, please remember that ‘we’ are not ‘you’.

I love to paint, draw, craft, read with my sons. I hate pretend play, with a passion. You know what, ask my mother, that’s what I was like as a child too. Amazing. I’m a person rather than simply my children’s mother, who would have thought it? I will sometimes play cars or trains with my son, because he likes it and I love him, but it does him no harm to play by himself nor does it harm (in fact, quite the opposite) him to know that not everyone likes what he likes.

Amy Mazelis Anderson 1 year ago

OMG yes!!!!!

Becky Burgess Hutcherson 1 year ago

Life is a constant “game” with my dd. She can just jump right into a role in the middle of grocery shopping and expect me to join in. Drives me crazy. She is about to turn eight. How much longer will I have to PRETEND that I am having fun? Surely she will out grow this role playing, soon. However the next phase might very well be even worse.

Giselle Castillo Wrobel 1 year ago

My son has Aspergers and doesnt like to make friends, and that leaves me as his only playmate. Hang in there, momma.

Rachelle Turner 1 year ago

Totally have been feeling this way with my 3 y/o daughter.

Elizabeth Stott-Snead 1 year ago

Oh thank god… I really thought I was the worst mother in the world. Thank u so very much.. I think we maybe some sort of twins.. Everything u described was written for me luv ya sister

Tara McManus Hubbard 1 year ago

I can dig it

marlene 1 year ago

Elena, I’m speaking only for myself here, I kinda feel like you’re missing the point of the post. It isn’t that I hate to play with my freaking high-strung 7 year old that I’m home with every day (school is out) for 24 hours with minimal breaks from my husband who (yay him) has a job that lets him be away from our house for 8+ hours a day. It’s just that one bugaboo that some of the mommies, the one that wrote the original post certainly, have. I am pretty sure I didn’t know that I was going to be starring opposite a tiny dictator in any and all plays that happened, and most definitely EVERY time I pick up any darn toy or what-have-you and play with it “wrong”.
I pictured, back during my preggo blissful days, hours upon hours of peek-a-boo, reading, blah blah blah playing with my amazing baby/child. I was prepared for that, I even practiced with other people’s children. Guess what? He’s been a tiny little dictator since day one. Creative play? Only on his terms. Artwork? Only if he likes the materials and the moon is in the right phase. If you bring in ANY other person he is excited to learn, play, create etc.
So, long story long, I don’t think that any mommy (especially mommies who are taking the time to blog about mommy stuff, when they could be escaping through the panic room or leaving their questionable offspring with even more questionable sitters) hates playing with their kid/s. Not always. But sheesh woman! Let us vent! Let us be real and tell the other mommies, who are undoubtedly questioning their mom-bilities, that we get it. We know. Sometimes it really sucks. Get through this and someday you’ll get to laugh while you hold your grand babies, who will be PERFECT and love EVERY bit of GD creative play we do with them.
Until then, good luck mommies. You are NOT alone.

Jennifer Smith Jones 1 year ago

this is great! i now believe that over half of the people on facebook that write all that crap about ‘great day playing with the kids….’ are just a bunch of liars! so happy to read true comments from other parents about how we really feel! love the honesty!

Careen Deckard 1 year ago

Right there with ya! Yes, yes, yes to everything written here!!! Playing sucks!

Tabitha Mary 1 year ago

Yeah… I kind of hate it, too. Feels good to get that off my chest!

Brandi Andrews 1 year ago

Same here! I draw and read and do all that cool fun stuff, but as soon as being ordered to do every little thing then playtime stops. I don’t “play” like that.

Holly S. Martinez 1 year ago

When I do we have a great time… but giving in is hard… Its hard to forget the dishes, mopping, washing, making calls, whats for lunch/dinner and everything else…. but once I say f*ck it…. its on.. love playing cars cuz hes great at story telling and how a huge accident involving tons of cars, batman, spiderman, a zombie, t-rex and half a hulk is amazing!! Im the ambulance that has to rescue everyone!

Billmo Gaudet 1 year ago

Love it :)

Michelle Noplis Nascimento 1 year ago

I like to play dolls with my girls and have my doll tell theirs they need more clothes and can’t trust boys- not because they’re bad, but because they are not as smart as us girls. I like to make ridiculous suggestions like the dolls do yoga because they’re not flexible enough. We could have a spelling bee or math fact contest! Usually they get tired of my preachy doll and ween me out of the game.

Brandy Maricle 1 year ago

To me, it’s awful. I know I should embrace and love this time, but honestly, I find it so boring!

Lindsey Leaf 1 year ago

I totally get it. This is not imaginative play. It is narration, at best. My 5yo does EXACTLY the same thing. Drives me crazy! Thank-you!

Angie Hoopes 1 year ago

I love it when my kids ask to ride bikes with them, or cook with them, but being bossed around, no-thank-you.

Adrian N Serina 1 year ago

I love playing with my 3 year old son! He’s growing up waay too quick! He won’t be playing pretend for long. Probably won’t want anything to do with me once he goes to school.
Why not live in the moment and play along and make some memories while you can.
At the moment, he loves “cooking in his kitchen”, tells me when food is ready so I can eat. I ask him how much he’d like to sell his food for and I scribble it on his blackboard n make a little menu. And man, his chips are expensive!

Amanda Shepherd 1 year ago

I’m much better at physical play (wrestling, trampoline jumping, ball playing, etc) than imaginitive. It’s like I forgot how, and my brain won’t re-train itself. I tune in and try my best, but I think it’d be disingenuous to pretend to enjoy everything he does. Not everyone is going to want to play how or what he wants all the time… Neither am I.

Brittany Ann 1 year ago

Dude, i really love scary mommy writers. Well done, Jill. You have opened the flood gates of reality and some-coughmost- of us really needed a break from the hypocritical shaming that takes place EVERYWHERE!

Lori Sherman Montoro 1 year ago

Depends on the activity. I suck at doll and princess stuff. Give me Legos, puzzles, board games and trains and I’m all over it.

Heather Holter 1 year ago

My sister is awesome at this. I watched her play mail and tea party and was mesmerized. So entertaining. I was a bit jealous I don’t have the patience energy desire or creativity to do it as well as her.

Kim Howard 1 year ago


Deana Chafin 1 year ago

How sad when a mom don’t wanna play. Shame on you!

Destinee Jenkins 1 year ago

Honestly? I would love to play with them. If they actually played. My kids’ version of playing, you ask? Lining the toys up and then staring at them. (My oldest is autistic. I’m not sure what’s going on with my two year old.)

Josie 1 year ago

Omg my lil girl does the exact same thing! I can play for a couple hrs but then i’m sick of takin orders always feel bad when i say i gotta quit. Glad others feel the same :)

Karen Austin 1 year ago

my son is only 7 months old so i am still learning how to play but i love his giggles. the simpsons spring to mind though – i want to be a fun mum!

Avalon Gall 1 year ago

I love playtime!!! My son taught me how to “transform” from mommy to optimus prime…….literally, with sounds and robot motions. I owned it!!!

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

Depends on what it it. We played in the sand and swam today, which was great. Wrestling and board games are cool. No cars. Pretend is fine if there is a script, like doctor or shopping. I don’t have the patience for making up a story. Now that my boys are older we don’t really do pretend play. I like hairdresser and spa time with my niece.

Heather Holter 1 year ago

I totally agree. I Like to watch or play real things but pretending is not my thing.

Stephanie Neumann 1 year ago

I do love playing with my kids. I have boys so it’s different from when I was a kid. I get to be mommy T-Rex or the villain from some silly cartoon. It’s not everyday or hours at a time, but when my kids ask I enjoy the creativity of it. My favorite is our 10 min dance parties. I put on music at random times of the day and we dance till we fall over. It’s just fun. I do however get how tedious it could feel if you felt you needed to do it all the time.

Hotsy Totsy 1 year ago

LOVE it. Giving in to it is hard, actually playing — eezy peezy and one of the greatest of the rewards!

Melissa Kristine Hall Rueschaw 1 year ago

mostly hate.

Cobb 1 year ago

Oh, my lord I’m so glad I read this. Lol I too dread thoes words, for exactly the same reason…mom, will you play trains with me? Except he never lets me actually do anything because when I try I’m doing it wrong. Lol I know maybe I should just be happy at the fact that he wants me around but come on it drives me insane!! Lol

Sharon Crocker Escareno 1 year ago

Love playtime

Mandy Renfro 1 year ago

I’ll willingly do anything with them but play cars. That is so boring! And they’re boys and all they want to do is crash and tell me where to park. Lego, action figures, games, coloring, outside…I’ll do anything but play cars!

Elise Pfliger 1 year ago

I try to play but it always seems my 3 year old asks me to play as soon as I am starting to feed my 3 month old. I think it is some jealousy though. My 3 year old can be pretty bossy and sassy during playtime. One of her nicknames is sassy pants :)

Tania Ballantyne 1 year ago

I hate this stage too, you are told what to have the toy say and should you try to deviate from her predetermined script… Ugh.

Gentry Hayward 1 year ago

So very painful. I try though.

Joeyandkatie Graham 1 year ago

That’s when I get out the Godzilla toy and wreck everything…..

Rachel Ireland 1 year ago

Haha! I keep telling my husband this.

Giselle Beckwith 1 year ago

I’m horrible at playtime. Its like I forgot how to play “pretend” lol. I like to watch my kids play though, such big imaginations!

Lorraine Neil 1 year ago

I was thinking the same thing. I love my son dearly, but I’m not going to let him boss me around. That’s the opposite of play!

Kelly Messer 1 year ago

I hate playing with my children–we have 3 so they can play together (even with a son with mild autism)

Giselle Castillo Wrobel 1 year ago

Thank goodness Im not alone in this. It makes me wonder why they need me to play with them and be a character in their pretend play? Be a pokemon trainer, mommy. Be the pet owner, mommy, Im the cat. And so on and on. Ask me to play board games, ride a bike, anything else where I dont have to make voices and come up with a plot.

Joeyandkatie Graham 1 year ago

I’ll admit it. I hate “playing” with my seven year old. I say “playing” in quotation marks because “playing” consists of him bossing me around and getting mad and whiney when I don’t do whatever his majesty wants me to do. Sometimes, I get his Godzilla toy out and wreck his train tracks, Legos, or Hot Wheels tracks, JUST to make him mad and tell me to leave him alone….yeah, I’m that mean.

Erinn Hecht 1 year ago

Heaven forbid I put the lego in the wrong place or have the action figure say the wrong thing! I’ll do games and puzzles galore, but I’m just not a fan of the whole playing thing. I feel bad, but one can only play with certain toys for so long before losing one’s mind…

Lorraine Neil 1 year ago

I have a friend who is the best pretend player ever with her kids. She asked them all sorts of questions to get super involved. E.g. Daughter builds a fort “excuse me miss, is this fort for sale?” I am so jealous of that ability. She’s like super mom to me!

Joshua Scherrer 1 year ago

As a Dad, I do like playing with my kids…you just have to push aside the thousands of distractions in your mind and remember that playing is REAL for them; they live in a world where when Dad gives horse-back rides he isn’t playing a horse, he IS a horse.

Michelle Taylor 1 year ago

The worst ever when you are told, “Mommy you are rubbish at pretend. You don’t play the game right.” Um ok what is it we are playing exactly?

Saraliz4g 1 year ago

I’m so glad I found this page. It’s comforting to know my anxieties and frustrations with my children are more common than I thought. I used to dread dragging my kids to outings and the store because I was afraid that my kids were for sure the worst behaved and would feel so paranoid of the other mom’s looking at me with those self-righteous scoffs anytime I raised my voice at them. But, from other posts I’ve read on here, I’m not alone in this at all and no mother out there is perfect. I know now from this site that self-righteous scoffing type moms are not the norm and none of us like them too well. :)Thanks Scary Mommy for confirming my sanity after all.!

Amy Lum-Francis 1 year ago

My boys want me to play minecraft with them…I’d rather get a root canal

Jenn Ransom 1 year ago

Mine are finally coming out of this stage (my younger ones anyway, my oldest is a teenager, she has no time for me), and I am greatful for it! I will play cars or trucks, or build legos, play board games or cards or video games or read books or color or whatever they want to do, just please do not ask me to pretend I’m whatever is in your head right now! That is why you have a brother less than 2 years younger than you! Go play with him!

Brandy Purcell-Christner 1 year ago

I understand 100%

Kitty Bachmann 1 year ago

oh good, so I don’t have to feel bad when my 2yo tells me to come here and sit down just to watch her pull all her toys out and make a mess and I’d rather vacuum.

Ashley Messner 1 year ago

Depends on what they want to do… I love jump rope hopscotch kicking the ball sidewalk chalk matchbox cars but don’t make me play Barbie

Karena L Rogers 1 year ago


Candace Cook 1 year ago

Jeez, the problem this author has is that she just needs to teach this kid some manners.

Anngeleen Overkamp 1 year ago

Yep, my three year old tells me how to play as well. I call him the play boss, and tell him that if he wants to play with me, I get to say what I want and he gets to say what he wants. Do they do this with other kids too?

Carrie Slauson 1 year ago

I want to smash every My Little Pony with a hammer.

Eva Warren 1 year ago


Becky Pinkerton-Hermann 1 year ago

Amen to this!!!

Danielle Hawthorne 1 year ago

I can play pretend with my 3 year old, cause he goes with the flow. But my 6 year old is very bossy, and if I don’t say it exactly right or do it exactly right, she gets mad. I tell her that I’m not a toy, and her friends are the same—you can’t control everything. either we work together and play, or she uses her dolls to do the controlling play.

Amber Frias 1 year ago

Yikes, now I feel like I’m the odd one out, I enjoy it!

Jenny Bates Sosa 1 year ago

I like playing board games, puzzles and reading books, but playing? Uh uh. But I’m lucky that they are pretty good at playing on their own.

Dawn Franklin 1 year ago

Love it.

Leah Melling DeCesare 1 year ago

Hate it… It’s more like being a referee!!!

Danielle Kama 1 year ago

Lol! I thought this was a great post. Aren’t they the cutest but bossiest little things at that preschool stage?!

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

I’m glad to read this too my son also tells me how to play and as if it’s not hard enough just because he’s a boy and I’m not now you’re going to tell me what to say and do it drives me crazy and as much as I love my kids I’m not much of a player

Tara 1 year ago

Glad I’m not alone.

Suzanne Crooks 1 year ago

Kudos to all of you moms with more than one preschooler!! One is exhausting!! I usually just organize and set up all her toys and dolls into active play scenes which she absolutely loves so she can just go at it! Then most of the day is spent cleaning up mini tornado after effects everywhere. I promise her that her daddy will play board games (gag) when he gets home from work lol..so she pounces as soon as he walks in the door but is almost always happy to oblige her tg!

Brandy Maddox-Clifford 1 year ago

So glad to know I am not alone! Love taking them places, experiencing new things, discovering nature, playing games with them but I absolutely suck at pretend/role play. I agree with above comments…that’s why you give them siblings!

Marian Banning Vellekoop 1 year ago

I actually miss playing with my kids….they grew up too fast…I loved doing stuff with them !

Heather Beavers 1 year ago

That is how my daughter plays as well! I’ve always felt awful for getting irritated within 10 minutes. It’s just her and I so I can’t send her to play with siblings or a dad. I’m so grateful knowing I’m not alone in feeling the way I do :)

Bonnie McLaughlin 1 year ago

Tara Grammes Lyman mine too !! Wtf is that ? Hahha future dictators

Mari Kristine 1 year ago

I think this is why I always hated babysitting. One-on-one with the little tyrant that belongs to someone else? No, thank you.

Cathleen Castle Hyde 1 year ago

I’ve had the exact same ‘play’ conversation with my almost 4yo. Drives me crazy.

Helen Russo 1 year ago

nope, I don’t love playing with mine. I thought I would, I really did. I always loved playing with other people’s but it’s different when it’s 24/7!

Rosio Escobar 1 year ago

I went to play therapy with my daughter. She still doesn’t play typically correct. But her body language and communication improved. Easier turn taking and she notices others body language

Courtney Hopkins Mullaney 1 year ago

So I totally get this. I love watching their creativity but don’t always enjoy playing a role. I was the same way as a kid…

Guin 1 year ago

Shannon, I really don’t think you should say that you hate playing with your children. For a simple reason, you said it yourself that you like legos, board games, Barbie dolls, reading… All these things mean playing with your children and spending quality time with them. There is absolutely NO PROBLEM in saying that you don’t like one kind of playing or other. Nobody does! And whoever is saying “Oh I love everything” is a liar. You are entitled to like or dislike something. There you go, you don’t like the kind of games where you get to pretend to be stuff and not really play the part? Point for you!!!! If that makes you a bad mother?! Of course NOT!!! All the other stuff you do makes you an excellent mother. Disliking some kinds of games makes you human! And for that, I applause you!

Crissy Mosley-Lopez 1 year ago

I really don’t care to play either.. but I break down and do it and never let on to how much I need/want to do something else. But when we go out to do ANYTHING like water parks, zoo’s etc… I’m all in! Lol

Margaret Groves Kilbury 1 year ago

I think we need to lighten up on ourselves. In the 50’s, parent’s just didn’t spend hours playing with their kids. I had times when I enjoyed playing with my children, but there were other times when it was just important that they find a way to amuse themselves.

Jamie Turner 1 year ago

Girls…..they’re all like that!!!

Abbi Patrick 1 year ago

When I play with my four year old. She never lets me pick the toy. It’s whatever she picks for me. She’ll say which one do you want. I pick it and she gives me the opposite. Then when we play she proceeds to tell me we can’t play like that.

Alicia Carter 1 year ago

I always at least make an effort to play with him for a little while….especially outside because i will always encourage outdoor playtime. “Pretending” is a little rough, but i do it for the sake of seeing that smile on his face. I feel so guilty if i tell my son i’m too busy……

Anne Sophie Hurst 1 year ago

Not a fan of playing but thankfully my husband is so we divide and conquer. I love taking them on adventures and cooking with them!

Celeste Wise 1 year ago

My daughter asks me to play with her at times that I sometimes would
Rather not but I play with her anyways. Sometimes all
She wants is to play a game for 5 minutes (she’s 2 and gets distracted). I play, she is happy and I feel like a good mom. Someday, she won’t want me to play with her so I do it now

Amanda Perry 1 year ago

My prob is I never played with toys when I was a kid when I got toys I never took them out the package so now I just don’t know how to play with kids

Marie Plueger 1 year ago

I suck at pretend playtime as well…but I love coloring, crafts, sidewalk chalk, reading, Frozen sing along, pretty much everything else…but I SUCK at pretend, especially with Barbies. I wasn’t interested in Barbies growing up…still don’t care…my 5 year old daughter doesn’t even ask me to play Barbies anymore but knows I’m down for anything else! Glad I’m not the only one!

Tara Grammes Lyman 1 year ago

My daughter is like a dictator when we play. She even tries to tell me what I have to say and changes rules as we are playing. It makes me dread playing with her sometimes.

Maggie Pulley 1 year ago

I totally agree. My daughter is like a director. “Okay, walk over there and then turn around and say…” It’s tedious. I’ll color or play a board game or read, but “play” is not my favorite. Oh, and I hate playing Barbies, too.

Joy Dunlavey Sitnik 1 year ago

Thank you for not making me feel like Im the worst mom ever. Im just not good at it. My husband is so good at it. Sometimes it makes me wonder if there is something wrong. I love to do everything else give me books, crafts, singing, snuggling ..just not pretend play

Lisa Jacobson 1 year ago

I like watching my kids play pretend together, but I agree that my heart always sinks when they want me to join in. I will take them on adventures, play board games for hours, read to them all night long. But pretend play? I just don’t remember how.

Tristan Dooley 1 year ago

I can read and sing amd craft and color all day but I cringe when I hear “play with me”

Mary Jane Holland 1 year ago

Idk yet my son is only 3 and doesnt require me to do much

Kimberly Luffman 1 year ago

My 3 year old daughter is constantly asking me to spin her or pick her up in the air. Ughhh my back can’t take it anymore. I have to secretly play with her 1 year old sister so she won’t get jealous.

Laura Gerwood 1 year ago

When I was younger I would be so sad when my mom didnt want to play with us… I totally get it now with my own!

Terri JS Molitor 1 year ago

Not a fan. At all.

Anna Packard 1 year ago

Haha! That’s exactly how my 5 year old son plays too. He tells me exactly what to say.

Mónica Garza-Garza 1 year ago

I’m not alone!!!! I like doing things with my girls (6 & 2) but sometimes is really boring specially when they are telling you what to do and what to say, sometimes I think they are just getting back at me for telling them what to do all day jahaha

Carol A McCullough 1 year ago

That’s why you give them siblings… That way they always have someone to play with besides Mom or Dad!

Brenda Self Conner 1 year ago

I hate candyland, board games, checkers. My children are grown, well adjusted, contributing members of society. I must have been a good mom. Or at least good enough.

Heather Anderson 1 year ago

I seriously thought I was the only one…

Danielle Maher Wetenkamp 1 year ago

I try. I play trucks where I am the truck. I play zombie where I am the zombie. Then I lay on our massive ottoman and fly the kids on my feet for hours. I’m not good at it and it’s really not fun but they like it.

Tina Lessor Dickerson 1 year ago

So glad to know I’m not the only mom who doesn’t really like to play….lol

Bonnie McLaughlin 1 year ago

Aw I love the pretend play .. But mostly I’m just thinking about all the crap I have to get done ;( being a single mama sucks at times ..

Paula Gill 1 year ago

I suck at ‘playing’ too! I can do crafts, I can do interaction in their role play… but playing. Strikes fear into my heart

Iris N Aaron Bau 1 year ago

I have 2 boys and the oldest loves cars which makes playtime easy… We love the race tracks and he’d rather be outside so we love it…

Carisa Howard 1 year ago

My son is a poor winner and loser, so I prefer to NOT play video games or board games with him. He cheats and changes the rules to suit him and stomps and cries if he isnt allowed to win. We are definitely working on sportsmanship. If you play trucks with him, he is bossy and controlling, so that’s a no too……lol. You can’t read to him because he wants to know what happens Right NOW. You can’t read they the story together. But- I love him. :-)

Reb Bro 1 year ago

Depends what it is. I like playing lego, dolls, barbies, doll houses, colouring in and board games. Not so keen on wii e.t.c as they always beat me haha.

Heather Mann Taylor 1 year ago

I like to sing when we play…like make it into a broadway musical. My son says transformers do t don that.

Ro Geiger 1 year ago

I loved it when my three were younger, but now my oldest is almost 8 and my twins are 6. I’m over the pretend play.

Lianda Jane 1 year ago

I used to love it but im over it now. Lol

Niamh Crist-Spivey 1 year ago

Love/hate, lol. Depends on the game

Faith Thompson 1 year ago


Kaylin McDuffie 1 year ago

I don’t feel so bad now that I know I’m not alone….

Janeen Warren 1 year ago

My husband is the fun one. I can only play for a couple minutes.

Tonia Silver Lain 1 year ago

My oldest loves playing games and reading and we have a great time. My youngest loves “pretend” play. Trying to steer him to a board game and he decides to make up a game, even draws the board. I love his creativity, but I have heard myself saying ok, you can go watch whatever coming out of my mouth more often than it should.

Noelia Leoncavallo 1 year ago

Pretend play isn’t my specialty. I can do anything else but pretends

Valerie Travers 1 year ago

I am so glad I’m not the only one.

Tina-marie 1 year ago

Oh thank goodness in not the only one!!!t

Trina Carter 1 year ago

not a fan! i’ll tell a story.

Beth Waters Rossi 1 year ago

My husband will play anything they want. I have always hated “pretend” play.

Tracy Hohler 1 year ago

I can handle it for a few minutes…

Amanda Brady 1 year ago

Legos and puzzles are fine, but I dont like pretending.

Melissa Duncan 1 year ago

I suck at playtime. :-(

Carolyn Sullivan 1 year ago

Great post, totally love a parent who “owns” his/her parenting style like this. I appreciate the tone, too, that it’s OK as an adult to have your own boundaries, and still be a loving, engaged, active mom!

Kinda-sorta related: I am working on an sociological/psychological-angled article about the rarely-explored minority of parents who are shamelessly disinterested in their own kids — perhaps even resentful. The “Hands-Off-I’ve-Got-Better-Things-to-Do” parents we all see pawned off on nannies/nanas… If anyone knows one of these parents who might be willing to vent (anonymously), I would sure appreciate a ping, thanks. yogacarolyn@gmail.com

Joyful_2010 1 year ago

I feel your pain. Sounds like it’s time to start ‘taking turns’ at play time. This saved my sanity! It also taught my child to be less bossy, be open to new ideas and how to take turns. Hang in there!

Jamie 1 year ago

I could kiss you square on the lips. I’m not the only mom! I adore my son – and I love when we can interact doing things/experiencing things…but play is just about how you described it in your post…I’m just there to “witness” and not even allowed go off-script or to multi-task. For me its the blasted wooden train set my husband bought before the baby was born and has been adding to it periodically…”Playing trains” is monstrously boring to me (and as a SAHM, I’m the primary playmate for trains).

Kimberly 1 year ago

How horribly rude of you Megan!
Maybe you’re a “perfect mother” who doesn’t feel this way. Maybe you love & enjoy every single aspect of motherhood. (I *wish* with all my heart I did because I love my children fiercely.)

The reason this is something that NEEDS to be said OUTSIDE of “closed doors” is because so many other moms feel like they are the exception – that every other mother enjoys every aspect of times spent with their kids (minus discipline moments & minus their negative behaviors).

It is a HUGE RELIEF to many of us moms to know we aren’t horrible people or horrible mothers because there are others out there who don’t enjoy when our sweet children become tiny dictators & don’t allow us our own creativity. That we aren’t alone in dreading certain aspects of motherhood like this.

If you’ve had a close friend to talk to & confide in from the start, kudos to you. However, you can’t understand what it means to find out that a less than pleasant emotion towards certain interactions with your child (like in this scenario in the blog) are normal & acceptable.

So get off your high horse & be polite. If you can’t be polite, then don’t say anything at all. Your mother should’ve taught you that but I guess she was too busy following your one sided “imaginative play” that it slipped her mind.

Amanda 1 year ago

You are not alone. My kids are so dear to me, I teach them, feed them, make sure they bathe, brush teeth, work extra hours around holidays and birthdays, but dammit yall I dont wanna play!

Samantha 1 year ago

I hate playing, too!!!

Jennifer 1 year ago

You miss the point, we do play with our children, Legos and play dough and reading and dancing and running around a playground, it’s the “now you do this” playing that we dread.

Jennifer 1 year ago

Omg me too. I dread it every weekend, more with my daughter, but my 4 yr old has started this too.

badgrandma 1 year ago

I understand your feeling, but sometimes mothering isn’t positive. There is no picking and choosing with this role. With one you get the other and if you can’t share it with others in the same place, then you will just blow up from trying to keep it all in. If we do any picking and choosing, then we pick up our bags and choose to leave everything and everyone behind because it’s often the only thing that saves us from ourselves and the rest of the family from us. I had no women – not even female friends – I could count on as a young mom of 22 (I’m 45 now). I didn’t get along with my parents because of my choice of husband and my inlaws didn’t like me as a choice made by their precious son. I lived in a place far from relatives that could help (at least 10 hours) and my then husband made it so that I wasn’t able to get out and know anyone. I had no one to talk to about anything and we were always so broke that I couldn’t get counseling or a doctor to help with my PPD/rage issues that I wasn’t aware I had because the husband was always telling me it was my fault and that I needed to just snap out of it because I was an unfit mother. By the time we divorced, I was in such a low place emotionally that I wasn’t sure if I could pay my own rent by myself. Oddly enough, I made some female friends at my restaurant job towards the end of my marriage and they helped me keep my sanity through a lot of crap. I rambled here and I’m sorry about that, but my point is that by talking about the bad places we can help each other get to the good places. Thanks.

Elena 1 year ago

So… why did you folks have kids if you hate playing with them?

Carrie 1 year ago

YES!!! My 4 year old does this too… sure I love, love LOVE playing with her, but when she’s the Pretending Director it kills me! Wait for my lines, repeat them to her, no deviations or we start all over. Come on kid – work with me! Let’s improv this B and try something new! How about instead of this being your apartment and I am your neighbor (who is also your sister, yet younger of course) – pretend this is a lunar station and we can walk on the ceiling – so we have to hang upside down on the sofa and try to play with toys on the ground… and eat lots of cheese and marshmallows. Cheese because, well we are on the moon of course and marshmallows just because.

Rachel Martinez 1 year ago

Wow. This is exactly how I felt when my daughter was small. All she wanted to do was engage in imaginative play, which is not my forte to begin with, and my feeling that I “wasn’t doing it right” was compounded by her directing every little thing that my characters were supposed to do. I get it. I know that she was making stories, and that they were her stories, but she wanted me to be a part of it. But I found it incredibly boring and annoying at the time. She’s 9 now, and still loves imaginative play, but does NOT want me to participate anymore — in fact, she closes her bedroom door, and is annoyed when I interrupt. Yes, a part of me is a little sad about this, like I’ve wasted an opportunity to connect with her in this way, but I also see how much value she still places on this kind of play, and that makes me feel grateful. This is how she calms down after an upset, centers herself after a busy day. It’s good for her to have those things that she can do by herself to soothe her soul. Anyway, I totally get this. Thanks for being brave enough to admit it!

Melastik Bintang 1 year ago

i love to playing with my son..

Julia 1 year ago

This is my four year old and me everyday. I dread those words too.

melanie 1 year ago

I was so happy I could cry whe I read this and saw I was not the only mom feeling this way

Mary 1 year ago

Definitely! I’m a Play-doh, book reading, block building, coloring, hang out at the park Mom. I love to play hairdresser or doctor, especially when I’m the client or patient. But if I have to pretend, I’m done for. You are definitely not alone. My kids are 9 and 13, still super creative and I don’t think they have turned out badly because I wasn’t able to play pretend.

Mikki 1 year ago

I enjoy my child, but I don’t enjoy playing. There’s a big difference between the two and to conflate not wanting to play with not enjoying our children is exceedingly presumptuous. Not everyone is good at playing, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t good at other things.

Mikki 1 year ago

Thank you so much for this!!!! I HATE playing, I have no sense of imagination at all. I’ve just told my daughter that I’m not very good at playing when she asks. We usually colour, or talk instead. Thankfully my husband loves playing and is very good at it so I don’t feel super terrible when I tell her I can’t.

Jenn 1 year ago

I too thought this was only me. Thank you.

Carey 1 year ago