Why I Love My Body

by Rachel Miller
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See that belly right there? It’s still round from growing a 9lb 3oz baby for exactly 40 weeks.

See those stretch marks? Those are from making entire human beings, three of them to be exact.

See those swollen fingers? That’s from carrying around so much fluid while growing my last baby.

See that fold between my hip and my stomach? That’s new.That’s because my first child was 8lbs 10oz and the next two were 9lbs 3 oz. It wasn’t there before, but it’s a beautiful reminder that for 30 months of my life, I had two hearts beating inside my body.

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See that baby smiling at me? Isn’t it incredible? I grew him and loved him and nurtured him with my body.

My body began six human lives and birthed three beautiful, full term babies. It stretched and grew and supported three babies while providing the nourishment each needed to grow into a healthy baby who is now a healthy child.

My body became a canvas that tells the story of the creation of three tiny little human beings.

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It’s amazing, isn’t it? My body?

Never again will I look at my body with disgust.

Never again will I focus on my squishy stomach or my stretchmarked thighs, my used-to-be-a-lot-perkier breasts, the way my underwear cuts into my hip… never again will I see those things as ugly.

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Now I look at my body with respect and see it for the beautiful, awe-inspiring thing that it is.

I mean, seriously:

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I grow human beings.

What’s your superpower?

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