These Moms Nail Why You NEVER See A Mom In A Princess Movie

by Julie Scagell
Image via YouTube/IMomSoHard

You know moms wouldn’t put up with half these shenanigans

Do you ever wonder why there are so few moms present in our favorite Disney movies? Los Angeles moms Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of IMomSoHard took a stab at why this may be and what some of the classics might have been like if moms were in them.

Spoiler alert: they would last exactly “seven minutes”

This dynamic duo is never shy about voicing their opinions on everything from motherhood to Spanx and everything in between. But their new video titled “I Princess So Hard” may be the best one yet. Seriously, half the stuff that happens in those movies wouldn’t fly if a mom was around because, well, we don’t put up with this sort of shit.

Take, for instance, Aladdin. You want to hop on this guy’s rug and fly off into the night? Think again, pal. “Oh, Jasmine. You think you’re gonna go on a magic carpet ride with this guy?” they say. “Let me tell you something, Jasmine, if you rub his lamp, it is not a genie that comes out!”

Truer words have never been spoken.

Image via YouTube/IMomSoHard

And what about Frozen? Fine, the mom dies (a common and may we say sadistic theme of most Disney films) but if she were there for the whole movie, she’d have had no time for Elsa’s antics. “Elsa, you get out of that room, you’re gonna have to deal with it,” they envision Elsa’s mom saying. “Life is hard. Put on your gloves … everyone’s got something. Suck it up! Don’t touch your sister! Now get out here and go to soccer practice.”

Seriously quit your bitching, Elsa, and suck it up.

And of course we can’t forget about Cinderella. “That glass slipper is just like a metaphor for immature love,” Hensley comments. It may be all exciting at first but eventually “you’re going to end up in a Clarke.”

Image via YouTube/IMomSoHard

Though Smedley does point out, “if some guy buys me designer shoes on the first date, I’d ‘lean in’ to that.” Look, we never said their ideas were full-proof.

The bottom line is, “You don’t want to have it in her head that some man’s gonna come in and magically make your life happy and better,” Hensley says. “Cause let’s be honest about that…” Smedley quips sarcastically. We all want our girls to feel like a princess — but “with an advanced degree and a love of travel.”

Amen to that.

Image via YouTube/IMomSoHard

And don’t think Nemo is safe, either. If Nemo’s mom were in the picture, you know she’d be saying, “Nemo, if you touch that butt, I promise you, you will not leave the anemone for seven days!” Smedley says. “You’ve got that little girl that inks herself’s birthday party in two days … its choices. It’s all about choices!”

I don’t know about you, but I’d watch a Disney movie these two are in any day.