If Adults Acted Like Toddlers

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Toddlers act like total jerks — it’s okay to admit. Really, it is. There’s always the person that wants to say, “no, toddlers act like toddlers,” to which I say “exactly.” Toddlers are jerks.

It’s the only time in life you are allowed to throw food off your plate, yell at anyone you who annoys you, and be generally disgusting without apology. The actions of a toddler are so much more clearly disturbing… when executed by an adult. Then all of a sudden it’s really clear that all those little quirky things they do are actually just really, really annoying.

The playing with food.

The complete lack of regard for personal space:

The random tantrums:

The new video from the Story of This Life YouTube channel is all about how absurd it would be if adults acted like toddlers. And it’s hilarious. Don’t you wish you could remember this freedom?

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