Absolution for Your Mom Guilt

Absolution for Your Mom Guilt

by Alison Bucalo
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Mom guilt. You’ve had, I’ve had, we’ve all had it. It’s a thing. Well, the truth is we’re all just doing the best we can and isn’t that all we can do? And I’d also like to remind you that “dad guilt” isn’t a thing, so maybe we should take a page from their playbook and stop worrying so much. Are you with me? Subscribe to Scary Mommy:

In this video, we’re sending a reminder to look on the bright side. Let’s say you got distracted and picked up the wrong kid from school – it happens! At least you picked up a kid! Or if you pretended you had your period every single day for two months to just get a few minutes to yourself in the bathroom and finish a show on your phone – hey, there is nothing wrong with that! Use what you’ve been given. Maybe you discovered that you don’t have to read your little one’s favorite book word for word and can even cut out entire pages because the bedtime routine just got shorter! Well, that could blow up in your face, but enjoy it while you can, you genius!

There are moments when you might go too far — for example, never use another mom’s guest towels to clean up a baby dump. Don’t give other mothers more work! You’re better than that!

But overall, give yourself a break and remember you’re doing the best you can. Look over at your partner when you’re starting to feel guilty and remember that he pats himself on the back if he just gets through the day! You deserve a pat on the back too, mamas!

So, go on and absolve yourselves!

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