If Toddlers Could Put Their Feelings Into Words

by Maria Guido
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Viral video shows what toddlers would say if they could put their feelings into words

Every parent has been at their wits end with a toddler they can’t figure out. If toddlers could put their feelings into words, life would either be a lot easier — or totally horrifying.

Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman, and Megan Grano are the brains behind the YouTube channel, The Break Womb. They are pros at making fun of the ridiculous parts of parenting — clearly they have endless inspiration. This week they are tackling the pacifier, and how freaking annoying it is when your kid just won’t give it up.

“We all started talking about wouldn’t it be amazing if the kids could just tell us what was so hard about it!? It would make their tantrums so much easier for us to tolerate. And the idea for this video was born.”

You know how you come home after a rough day and pour yourself a glass of wine? This is my glass of wine.

This is what I do to calm down. I can’t exactly go have a spa day.

You have your coping mechanisms, okay. You get to like, kick back and watch TV. Well guess what? I can’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, it’s on too late. I’m not allowed any screen time. And frankly, the plot lines are too implausible. Is this a functioning hospital?

“Molly was talking to Laurel and me about the trials and tribulations of getting her two-year-old daughter Valerie to give up the pacifier,” Megan tells Scary Mommy. “She had sleep regression, all sorts of tantrums. It was exhausting for Molly and her husband.” Been there. A lot of parents have experienced that moment when they start thinking they need to rip the pacifier out of their child’s grubby little hands. Spoiler alert: it usually doesn’t go well.

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