Watch This IKEA Commercial At Your Own Risk, Moms

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

IKEA commercial makes moms weep forever

I took a picture kissing my 5-year-old on the cheek a few weeks ago, and he rolled his eyes. At that moment, I was reminded that he wouldn’t be a little boy forever. Soon, he probably won’t need me to climb into bed and read him a story so he can fall asleep. He probably won’t want me to walk him all the way up to the door at school. He’ll probably stop saying things like, Mommy — I love you most.


IKEA knows this time is coming. And their new commercial reminds us all, no matter how big our children get, they never stop being our babies.

Yes, I know that’s cliché. Just watch the video.

Thanks a lot, IKEA.

BRB, sobbing forever.

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