Confused About The Difference Between Abortion And Morning After Pills? Watch This Video

by Christina Marfice
Via Lady Parts Justice League / Facebook

Leave it to a singing and dancing pill to give us an education we all need

The morning after pill is literally just a high dose of the same hormones found in birth control, so why exactly is it so controversial? Well, no surprise here — things like science and women’s health have not historically been the easiest things for certain politicians to grasp.

Since it was introduced in the 1980s, emergency contraception in all its forms has sparked debate. Much of that debate comes from the fact that morning after pills are often mistaken with RU486, a pill that induces medical abortions. In reality, morning after pills block pregnancy from ever happening. Still, the debate rages on, and politicians have gotten involved — in 2011, the Obama administration faced severe backlash for going against FDA recommendations and limiting access to emergency contraceptives. That debate doesn’t change the fact that Plan B pills are an integral part of women’s health.

And so, to make the whole concept a little easier to swallow (no pun intended), the Lady Parts Justice League put together a simple, fun little video entitled, “I’m Just a Pill.” The point is — you guessed it! — to educate those who think emergency contraceptive pills are anything more than just birth control, and especially those who think they’re something more sinister.

The video starts off with a true nightmare scenario: A woman is attempted to buy herself some Plan B, and the cashier is refusing to sell it to her because he thinks it causes abortion, and that violates his religious beliefs.

Via Lady Parts Justice League / Facebook


Via Lady Parts Justice League / Facebook

Preach, sister!

The video then launches into a song-and-dance routine — to the tune of “I’m Just a Bill” by Schoolhouse Rock, because of course — featuring a Vaudeville Plan B pill who’s here to give some folks, especially that cashier, an education.

Via Lady Parts Justice League / Facebook

She just wishes what we all do: That politicians would defer to, I don’t know, doctors and scientists when it comes to subjects like medicine and science.

Via Lady Parts Justice League / Facebook

And she points out this ever important fact:

Via Lady Parts Justice League / Facebook

This is the important part, and where all that debate comes from. Emergency contraceptive works after unprotected sex because even if an egg is fertilized, the pill prevents it from implanting in the uterus. That implantation is when pregnancy begins, and it can occur up to 72 hours after the egg is fertilized. Even without intervention, 50 percent of all fertilized eggs fail to implant on their own.

Our singing, dancing pill even manages to change that misguided cashier’s mind by the end of the video. We won’t give everything away — you have to watch to see what he learns but we will give you a hint: It has to do with the actual link between Plan B and abortions.