People Started Giving Shoes Personalities, And It's Your New Favorite Thing

by Cassandra Stone

These hilarious shoe store photos will make you laugh and want to play along

Every so often, the internet provides us with the kind of gem that leaves us saying “Oh my God, why didn’t I think of that?” That most recent gem is a creative and hilarious Imgur/Snapchat photo compilation of shoes. Yes, shoes.

Why? Because we don’t choose our footwear; our footwear chooses us. It embodies who we are. One look at the shoes that adorn a stranger’s feet and you immediately know almost everything there is to know about a person. One look at this these “If The Shoe Fits” stories, and you’ll know while we’re kidding (of course), the person who snapped these may be onto something.

Originally uploaded by Imgur user Ghostify and then shared on Imgur’s Facebook page, these photos and their accompanying descriptions are here to make your day.

Life goals: eventually be a Krista.

Brendon is definitely still single but wants to take you to church on Sunday to meet his mom.

Gag, I think I dated Cameron in 2004.

Three cheers for Sylvia. We all have a little inner Sylvia in us, don’t we?

Raise your hand if you can immediately conjure up 3 “Carters” in your neighborhood alone.


Wait, is Casserole Carol Brendon’s mom?

After the images went up on Facebook, everyone in the comments section began joining in the fun. Because honestly, it’s irresistible.

You’re brave if you mess with a woman in platform flip-flops.

We all have a Rachel in our lives. If you don’t, you should.

Rescue ferrets and “Kick Ass Kale Chips.” OMG DYING.

If I could get riding boots to zip all the way up my own calves, I would gladly play the role of Harper.

Windex-ing white sneakers? This could not be more spot-on. BRB, showing this to all dads everywhere.