These Hilarious Moms Talking About Wearing Spanx Are All Of Us

by Valerie Williams
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These funny moms spit truth about the awfulness of shapewear

Guess what, ladies? We have new Mom BFFs, and they talk about all the topics close to our hearts — periods, nipple hair (Jesus Christ, why does that happen?) beauty routines, purses and hemorrhoids. They cover all the important territory and their latest video is so scarily spot-on I feel like they spied on me before filming it. They take on the ridiculousness that is body shapers.

And if you’ve eaten or drank recently, be prepared to snort it out. This is solid gold.

According to Someecards, Los Angeles moms Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, both originally from Nebraska, are dedicated to keeping it real with their insanely funny takes on all things women and motherhood. Their Facebook page, IMomSoHard, is full of videos and memes that will make you die laughing because not only are they funny, they’re extremely real.

Their most recent video about wearing Spanx and other tortuously uncomfortable shape-wear captures every thought you’ve ever had while cramming your back fat into those painful medieval devices.

“I’m wearing multiple Spanx right now,” confesses Smedley at the start of the video. The pair discuss the indignity of wearing smoothing undergarments but also admit that they love “beige” foods too much to lose weight. Smedley’s casseroles made of butter mean the women have to wear corsets with boning in them.

Worth it.

Hensley says she has to enlist her husband to help her into her shape-wear, saying it’s the “worse” part of “for better or for worse” prompting Smedley to ask why Hensley’s corset doesn’t have a zipper instead of hook enclosures. Hensley gasps that a zipper would catch her back fat and I’m all, duh.

Then, they bust out of the big guns. Smedley teases, “Speaking of beige and delicious…” and the next clip includes the moms in all of their flesh-toned undergarment glory. Hensley cradles her mid-section exclaiming, “See? You can have all this and still eat casserole,” with Smedley adding, “All you gotta do is wear three Spanx!”

Hensley then happily extols the benefits of her layers of shape-wear noting the handy pee holes (which I found on shapewear I wore to a wedding this summer — score) and showing Smedley, who has her own “situation” going on in the crotchular area. Her Spanx feature hook enclosures dangerously close to her lady garden, which she fears might slice off her labia if pushed too hard. A valid concern, tbh.

For their finale, Smedley helps Hensley into her corset-like shape-wear as she expresses concern over her pubes bursting forth from her Spanx on camera, “French Revolution-style.” Smedley crams her into it with the women declaring the end result akin to Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire body.

Annnnd, now I’m dead.

These moms are providing a public service as far as I’m concerned. We all have these thoughts, but we probably don’t express them. And if we do, we definitely aren’t as funny as these two. But as the moms explain, “If we didn’t laugh about it, we’d cry. And how funny is crying? Not very.”

Take off the Spanx, ladies. Your work here is done.

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