The Inaugural Class At LeBron's School Will All Go To College For Free

The Inaugural Class At LeBron’s School Will All Go To College For Free

Jason Miller/John McCoy/Getty

All 193 students in the inaugural class of LeBron James’ I PROMISE School in Akron, Ohio have been offered free tuition to attend Kent State University

College is expensive. So expensive that the current student loan debt in the United States is estimated at $1.6 trillion. The financial burden of college makes it difficult for many children to attend a 4-year program, and those who take out loans are often paying them off for the rest of their lives. Basketball star LeBron James wanted to give the inaugural class of his I PROMISE School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, an opportunity that every child deserves — to attend college without the financial burden. All 193 students, currently high school juniors, learned this week that will be able to attend Kent Sate University in Ohio, where they will receive free tuition.

Students were surprised with the exciting news during a college visit to the Ohio university campus. After listening to moving speeches by administrators, students were asked to lean down and pick up envelopes under their seats. As they read the news that their tuition for the entire four years as well as one year of room and board would be covered, their eyes widened and many erupted in cheers.

Thankfully, there were cameras rolling to capture the joy and excitement they experienced when they were informed. Additionally their parents were able to watch the live feed from a separate room, many bursting into tears.