Pixar Reveals Cast For 'Incredibles 2' And It Was Worth The Wait

by Megan Zander
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The long-awaited sequel will have many of the original actors along with some new voices

The first Incredibles movie came out 14 years ago (yes, seriously) and ever since then we’ve been eagerly hoping to get an update on the lives of our favorite family of Supers. Thankfully, the wait is finally over. Disney/Pixar released the cast list for Incredibles 2 this week, and it looks like great new voices and characters are joining the ones we already know and love.

Because Pixar is king when it comes to animation, the cast announcements are a playful nod to the super popular Google Arts & Culture app, showing how much of a match each actor or actress is for their cartoon counterpart.

Holly Hunter is back as Helen Parr aka Elastigirl.

Craig T. Nelson rejoins the cast as Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible

Sarah Vowell is back as everyone’s favorite sarcastic teenager who can also throw force fields upon her enemies.

We can all exhale now because Samuel L. Jackson will play Frozone once more.

We’re pumped to see that fashion designer/defensive weaponry genius Edna “E” Mode will once again grace us with her presence. But we had no idea that she’s voiced by the film’s writer and director, Brad Bird.

Huckleberry “Huck” Milner is taking on the role of Dashiell “Dash” Parr. If I ever have another set of twins, they shall be called Huck and Dash.

Of course there will be some new faces joining Frozone and the Parr family on their adventures. Better Call Saul‘s Jonathan Banks is Rick Dicker, head of the Super Relocation Program who helps the Parrs keep their Super identities a secret until his agency is shuttered.

The forever flawless Isabella Rossellini is the voice of Ambassador, who speaks out in favor of Superheros becoming legally recognized.

Sophia Bush brings voice to Voyd, a young super who can make objects disappear and reappear and is a big fan of Elastigirl. Using the “superfan as villain” plot device again? We doubt it.

Bob Odenkirk and Catherine Keener join the cast as brother and sister Winston and Evelyn Deavor. He’s looking to bring Supers out of hiding by changing the public opinion of them and she’s a tech genius (we see what you did there Pixar, and we’re here for it).

We’re thrilled that Bird’s not afraid to make an animated movie with a powerful feminist message. While Incredibles saw Helen Parr trying to hide her identify as Elastigirl in an effort to fit it, only turning to her powers to save her family, Incredibles 2 promises to be different. Speaking to EW, Holly Hunter explained how excited she was to see her character’s growth in the sequel. “She throws down the gauntlet in this one … women have for so many generations been brought up to not be ambitious or to not be competitive, and it’s fun to see Helen basking in those two arenas in much the same way that we give men license to do.”

Incredibles 2 lands in theaters June 15, 2018. You’ve got some time until then to decide what to wear. Just remember:

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