GIFs Of Actors Overreacting In Old Informercials Are Your New Favorite Thing

by Maria Guido

Twitter account tweets GIFs of old informercials

You know what you need in your life? Some laughter.

I stumbled upon a Twitter account today while looking for some inspiration for a story. She retweeted a few images from it and I went down a rabbit hole of laughter.

I’m not even sure if these ridiculous informercials even exist anymore, but there was a time — before DVR’s and endless cable channels — where there would be blocks of hours when there was nothing on. It was usually in the middle of the night. If you had insomnia, or were up sick, or just didn’t want to get up and change the channel, you would be treated to some of the most horribly acted infomercials, ever.

Those were the days. For those of you who are too young to have seen these yourselves, you’re welcome. For those of you who remember just how bad these were, you’re welcome, too.

You didn’t even try.


Who does this?

LOL, no.

Overreaction, party of four.

The worst.


God damn it.

These poor little idiots.

You really need a non-stick pan.

The infomercial is an art form. Clearly.