Show This Pregnancy GIF To Your Partner The Next Time They Say You're Whining Too Much

image via Shutterstock

GIF illustrates why pregnancy takes such a toll on the body

After seeing this GIF that showcases the internal changes a women’s body experience during pregnancy, I guess it’s finally time we start giving women some respect. Because not only are they superheroes, they’re also apparently transformers!

When it comes to pregnancy, we guys put on a good show. We offer support, we make late-night store runs to satisfy weird cravings, we even attend ultrasounds and doctor’s appointments. But we don’t really understand what’s going on inside women’s bodies.

A GIF making the rounds on Reddit and Imgur finally gives us an inside view of pregnancy and some of the hardcore stuff that goes on in there when a baby starts taking up space. It’s not a pretty sight, and if you’ve ever rolled your eyes when a pregnant woman complains about how she’s feeling, here’s your wake-up call.

According to Mashable, the GIF is brought to us by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It’s part of an interactive tool that lets users follow the changes a pregnant body undergoes from start to finish.

Pregnancy is wacky enough from the outside, and, as I mentioned earlier, it’s not easy for dads to understand all the crazy stuff that’s going on internally. And I’m not just talking about her mood swings! HEY-OH!

The first time my wife told me she was pregnant, I thought she was mostly using it as an excuse to have impromptu vomiting fits and eat as much ice cream as possible. But it turns out there’s actually a lot happening in there! Just look at the way that kid comes in and pushes all that useless, life-sustaining hardware out of the way.


Unless you’re a caveman, you probably (hopefully) already suspected that pregnant women were undergoing some major changes during those nine months, but unless you’re actually Superman, you probably didn’t have any idea of exactly how much on-the-fly renovation was actually happening. I mean, look at the GIF again; entire organs are squeezed out and relocated to entirely different regions of her body just to make room for the new kid in town.

I used to think my sons were overbearing now, but after seeing this graphic, it’s clear that being needy pains in the asses starts at conception. After seeing what they put my wife through, I have half a mind to go put my kids in time-out right now!

Oh, and guys, the next time you see a picture of a pregnant woman who hasn’t quite regained her pre-baby form yet? Remember this GIF. I’m guessing that if drinking a six-pack shifted your internal organs into new and exciting places, it might take you a little more time to get rid of that belly.