Instagram Account Imagines Barbie As A Millennial Mom

by Megan Zander
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Tiff the Barbie is the cool mom we all want to be

Instagram is full of beautiful people with seemingly picture perfect lives, kind of like living Barbie dolls. But no one is rocking the stylish moms of Instagram thing better than this actual Barbie doll named Tiff.

Ruffled bikini, cute baby bump and a trendy doughnut float? This Barbie is #stylegoals.

With over 11,000 Instagram followers and counting, people are obsessed with Tiff the Barbie, her husband Ken, and their two adorable kids Wyatt and Kelly.

“I got started with Tiff’s story little by little,” the genius behind the account who is choosing to remain anonymous tells Scary Mommy. “When I first started I wasn’t planing on her getting married and having kids, actually I wasn’t planning on anything — it just happened.” Everything changed when Tiff met Ken. “Once I bought a Ken I figured why not give her a boyfriend. Then Ken popped the question, then marriage, then kids.” As much as they enjoy creating Tiff’s photos, they completely get how wild the situation is. After all, it’s not everyday your doll hobby goes viral. “It sounds weird talking that way about a BARBIE,” they joke.

Every single photo in the feed is making us want to drag our old dolls out of the attic, but we particularly love the ones that show Tiff pregnant and doing typical mom things.

The creator of the account says they love taking all kinds of photos with Tiff and her crew, but they have a soft spot for the pregnancy snaps. “It’s very hard to choose because I like all the pictures I post, if I didn’t like them I wouldn’t post them,” they say. “My favorite picture theme I guess would be the pregnancy pictures because they are fun to take and fun to post.”

Tiff’s secret to preventing stretch marks? Cocoa butter.

Every mom is guilty of the “baby’s first messy meal” pic, even Tiff the Barbie.

We spent hours as a kid playing with our Barbies inside, but Tiff’s creator says the key to coming up with new ideas is getting out into the world. “Going out and exploring, that’s the easiest way for me to get inspiration,” they say. “Even when I go to the store and I see a really cute family or a scenario I think ‘Hey, I want something like that for Tiff,’ and then I just go out and do it. I try to make pictures as real as they can be so humans like us can relate to it somehow, I want people to get attached to Tiff’s family and feel like they know them.”

Sure it’s a plastic doll, but what mom hasn’t walked in on their toddler doing this exact thing, right down to wearing our shoes?

Playing with Barbies as an adult can still take up the bulk of your day, just like when we were kids. “It takes about 30 minutes to set up,” explains Tiff’s creator. “It also depends on how many props or dolls I’m using. I also have to edit and think of a good description. That would be another 30 minutes, so I would say about an hour or more (per photo).”

The only thing that would make this photo more realistic would be two teeny, tiny glasses of wine.

Spa day? We’re officially jealous of a plastic doll.

Like many moms, Tiff’s not sure if she’s done having babies. “Probably but not anytime soon!” her creator muses. In the meantime we’ll be checking her feed and marveling the fact that even as a mom of two, Barbie is still our role model.

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