Instagram Accounts Show The Diversity Of The Body Hair Movement

These Instagram Accounts Show The Diversity Of The Body Hair Movement

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LEFT: lady.mari.lace/Instagram; CENTER: Harnaamkaur/Instagram; RIGHT: they.them.ryse/Instagram

When it comes to the body hair of women (and non-binary folks), it seems everyone’s got an opinion. You don’t have to get too far into a conversation about beauty standards before women’s body hair comes up. Actually, it comes up when we talk about just about anything — wearing skirts/shorts, pre-sex prep, and even things to do before giving birth.

But more women than ever are rejecting archaic beauty standards and the societal pressure to remove body hair. They’re doing it for all kinds of reasons. Some hate that shaving is another unnecessary expense. Others are tired of the frustration that comes with razor cuts or hair removal chemicals. And some are even motivated to accept body hair as a normal part of the human experience that shouldn’t have accompanying shame.

Embracing body hair is much deeper than rejecting shaving or waxing — it’s a commitment to loving yourself despite social norms.

Whether you’re battling polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or a different hormonal condition, you’re too busy to care, or just plain love the #bodyhairacceptance movement, we’re celebrating your freedom to be fuzzy. Don’t get us wrong. There nothing wrong with shaving, if that’s what you want to do. But these Instagram accounts celebrate body hair in the most empowering ways.

Get Hairy February

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We don’t need to need keep spending our time or our money on trying to meet the expectations of a heteronormative, white washed, patriarchal standard of beauty. We just don’t. It’s economically disempowering. It’s often harmful to our health. And it undoubtedly causes stress and anxiety. @gethairyfebruary is about reconnecting to your body, challenging expectations and shining a light on just how widely inequality permeates all aspects of our lives. It’s not our responsibility to correct this inequality but we can liberate ourselves by untangling the varied ways the male gaze has permeated our own vision of ourselves and the women and femmes around us. . . . Via @lonelylingerie . . . #gethairyfebruary #itsnotforyou #intersectionalfeminism #transinclusive #mybodymychoice #feminist #feminism #letitgrow #bodyhairdontcare #womenandfemmes #selflove #bodypositive #genderequality

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Get Hairy February is a campaign based out of Australia that encourages women and femmes to take a month off from shaving in support of ending violence against women. Even if you aren’t ready to nix shaving completely, a one month break for a worthy cause might be manageable.


Body Hair Love Affair’s IG page is a visual extension of their blog, which gives folks a place to find solidarity and comfort surrounding shave-free life.


Self-described performer, writer, and theatre-maker Travis Alabanza embraces both the masculine and the feminine qualities in the world. They are a great example of body hair diversity for individuals who don’t fit the gender binary.


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I have some pretty hairy armpits and I have no shame ✨ . I believe that everyone should be able to do whatever they want with their body hair without judgement, so I have a problem with the narratives society writes for us about our own body hair. . Because it blows my mind that I have thick, long hair on my head and everyone loves it. . And I have thick, long eyelashes and everyone loves them. . But the thick, long hair under my armpits is shamed and frowned upon… it’s not fair! . Sharing my story here on this account a short while ago and hearing the stories from all of you inspired me to speak more about this! . So I made a quick YouTube video about my philosophies on this and why I don’t shave. Click the link in my bio, then click ‘YouTube’ to check it out 🙂

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Mickie gives us so much more than body hair support. She also has a YouTube channel where she discuss sex, body acceptance, and challenging social norms. Check it out.


Ericka Hart is a breast cancer survivor, sex educator, and speaker who provides a platform for visions of queer Black womanhood. Talk about inspiring!


Mei Mac is located in the UK, but exudes global vibes of awesomeness. She is an actress, aerialist, and singer who supports the freedom to grow (and color) your body hair.


Chances are you’ve seen Harnaam around. This British-Sikh Beauty is challenging traditional concepts of femininity by embracing body hair related to PCOS one motivational speech at a time. And her IG is powerful AF too.


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A few months ago I grew out my arm pit hair, just as a personal experiment. I wanted to see how it made me feel and how people would view me. I had been shaving my pits since hair first started growing there, I had never seen a female with hair under their arms when I was younger so I felt like I had to shave it all off to be like everyone else. It's only in recent years that I started to question this. Anyways! I didn't shave for 2-3 months and I loved how soft and silky the hair got. I didn't feel self conscious and I proudly showed it off every week while swimming. Sadly I did get a lot of stares and snide comments. The only reason I decided to shave again was the sweat. I got sweatier under my arms and I wasn't a fan of that. I will probably grow them out again, maybe when its a bit cooler.

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I love that Ally is comfortable displaying her body proudly. Size diversity is one of many things that makes the body hair movement so empowering.


Goddess Pits has a kick-ass collection of bodies with body hair. Be careful though, a few are NSFW.


Free the natural is beautiful — and I’m not just saying that because of the body hair.  I could scroll through her images all damn day.


Body hair and baldness — it’s a pretty cool mix. Africa Brooke’s page shows us just how awesome the combination looks.


Bebeardiful_x is a proud plus-sized PCOS warrior. She’s even been featured in Allure magazine. Pretty awesome and totally badass.


In addition to body hair, Sushma’s page gives images of her acting, singing, and living life to the fullest — all of them inspiring and relatable.


If you looking for an IG account that shows you how sexy you can be with body hair, this is the page. Who knows, you might even learn a few things.


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Sometimes it’s hard to stay unapologetically me… — I’ve just started this journey of self reflection, self discovery, self forgiveness and my mental wellbeing. — I didn’t always love the human I am… in fact I quite hated hair, my name, my skin, my voice, my emotions (I’m super sensitive)… I hated being me, I hated being black, I hated my sexuality… — This is a lifelong journey I am on and some days I will stand firm and other days I will bend… but I refuse to brake. — Today I had a few moments of self doubt… thinking to myself… “I bet I annoy every one around me” “gosh you talk so damn much reesie!” “She didn’t say anything as she walked passed… did I do something wrong?!” — These thoughts and more I’ve battled my whole life… the difference is today… yes they came, but I did not allow them to rule. I did not allow them to take over. I may have bent a little but I did not break. — This is me bare. I am who I am. I am me. I am black and prouder than ever. I am queer and don’t want to explain it. I am what I and I alone allow myself to be. —- ▪️▪️▪️ #progressnotperfection #roadtorecovery #presentoverperfect #unapologeticallyme #unapologeticallyblack #blackgirlmagic #leghairdontcare #bodyhairdontcare #queer #loveislove

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Reesie is a social justice educator who discusses mental health, good vibes, and queerness. Oh, and they also sport some body hair.


Nothing to see here, just a Polish chick advocating for body hair acceptance with great photos and bilingual captions.


This IG is great if you’re looking for a profile that advocates for holistic health topics like veganism,  yoga, and self-love. Plus, Monica lives in Costa Rica so the images are absolutely beautiful.


An IG doesn’t have to be extravagant to have good content. If you wanna look at everyday images of yoga poses, nature, and cool shirts, this is the profile for you.


Bianca is another plus-sized woman giving us all kinda sexy vibes. Add body hair support and what more could you ask for?


Two words: Pink Pubes. What more could I possibly say?!