Instagram Fails Remind Us To Maybe Skip The Gingerbread House This Year

by Megan Zander

Think building a gingerbread house is a family-fun activity? Think again.

We know better, and yet every year, we make the same mistake. Who knows if the combination of Christmas carols and the sugar from all those peppermint mochas put us in some sort of trance, or if we just can’t shake the idea of having that Hallmark Christmas evening with the family. But whatever the reason, families can’t stop themselves from trying to make gingerbread houses in December, even though they always end up a total wreck.

Whether you play it safe with a pre-assembled gingerbread McMansion or pretend you’re an engineer and try to build one from scratch, the night is likely to end in tears. Few things are as boring as waiting for cement to dry, even if that cement is made of sugar. And even if you somehow manage to get your gingerbread house to stay upright (magic?) it’s not like you’ll be excited to dive in and eat it after your kids have had their germy, sticky fingers all over every inch of it (Not to mention licking all of the candies before placing them on, for extra staying power.)

For most of us, seeing those cookie walls and roof stay in place is a holiday miracle that only happens on the box and in commercials. Don’t believe us? Just check out these #gingerbreadhousefail posts from Instagram and see for yourself.

This kid knew the house didn’t stand a chance.

When all else fails, blame it on the dinosaurs.

You envisioned an afternoon of bonding, they got bored after eight minutes and left the pieces in shambles. But on the bright side, at least they left the candy.

“Shit, he’s crying! Quick, grab Mr. Wheels.”

Don’t even try using the five second rule.

Yup, that looks about right.

Still tastes great though.

Commencing toddler meltdown sequence in 5…4…3… .