'Instagram Husband' Video Hilariously Mocks The Reality Behind Social Media

by Ashley Austrew
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When you’re scrolling through someone’s perfectly curated Instagram feed, it’s easy to forget the work that goes into making some of those shots look so whimsical and perfect. That’s why this hilarious video is here to clear up those misconceptions and remind you that “behind every cute girl on Instagram” is an Instagram husband, and also “probably a brick wall.”

The video is formatted like a documentary and explores the plight of the so-called “Instagram Husband” — the partner whose responsibility it is to take all of those super fashionable #OOTD (outfit of the day) photos.

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In it, the men introduce themselves and then talk about their roles as professional Instagram Husbands. They explain the many hardships they face, like having to delete all the apps on their phone to make room for more pictures, or the pressure to always comment on their wives photos before anyone else does. Surprising though it may be, the job affects their real-world lives too. For example:

They’re always late because of shoe pictures.

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“We used to eat our food. Now, we take pictures of it.”

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“I’m basically a human selfie stick.”

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The video was posted on YouTube earlier this week by The Mystery Hour, a Missouri-based comedy group, and has racked up over 2.5 million views since Tuesday. The group also started an Instagram Husbands Tumblr and encourage all of the suffering husbands out there to “find help at” The site, so far, is basically a collection of funny photos and “Instagram Husband Struggles.”

The whole thing is tongue-in-cheek, of course, but you have to admit they’ve latched onto something kind of brilliant. Ten years ago it would have seemed ridiculous to take a photo of your latte or your feet. Now it’s just a thing we do all the time. There are professional Instagram models and bloggers who use the service to document their every picture-perfect move. We have to laugh about it, if only because the trend is so absurd.

Instagram is a fun way to connect, but it also puts real pressure on people to make their lives look perfect, stylish, exciting, organized, and full of adventure all the time. Little things like this are a good reminder that we should never take any of it too seriously. Oh, and if you have an Instagram Husband, maybe give him the day off. I’m sure his picture-taking thumb is exhausted.

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