Latest Insta Trend: Giving Your Baby That Old Bear You Loved

by Megan Zander

One stuffed animal, two generations of love

If you just couldn’t bring yourself to throw out your old teddy bear, you’re in luck. Having kids of your own gives you the unique chance to see your favorite stuffed animal get the love the deserve once more.

Parents on Instagram are sharing photos of their kids cuddling with their old childhood teddies and stuffed friends using the hashtags #myoldteddy and #myoldstuffedanimal. The results are so cute that you’re going to want to climb up into the attic and look for your own box of old stuffed buddies.

This dad gave his baby girl his old teddy. Excuse me, I think my ovaries just exploded.

Man’s best friend, and baby’s too.

This bear may not be much to look at, but it still smells like Mommy.

She likes her dresses pink and her bears vintage.

It’s amazing that a bear that old still has its nose.

Already best buds.

That bear is super worn, but let’s call it “well loved.”

No takesies-backsies, this bear is hers now.

It’s like the baby is checking to make sure the bear is okay.

These belonged to grandma before mom!

I admit I still have my own teddy bear from when I was a year old. One eye is missing,the other is cracked and his nose is hanging on by a string. At first glance the fur he has left looks grey, but the fold of his tail nub shows the snowy white he used to me. Teddy lives on a high shelf in the basement, because I always thought my kids would favor their newer, prettier stuffed friends more. But it looks like it’s time for introductions, because clearly babies and kids can tell when a stuffed animal is special, no matter how old and worn they may be.