I Completely Disagree With Everything About This Article I Never Read

by Joanna McClanahan
Richard Drury / Getty Images

I am offended that this site would even publish this article that I didn’t bother to read.

Please don’t bother encouraging me to even skim it. The 8–12 words in its headline already tell me everything I need to know about this subject that, as it turns out, I’m also an expert on.

I refuse to even open this sensationalist piece of clickbait. I can already tell you all the ways it’s offensive. Never mind the fact that every one of these issues I’ll bring up are discussed in this very article I’m commenting on. I see no irony here whatsoever.

Besides, I’ve read a few of the other top comments on this post; some I agree with, and some I vehemently disagree with. Some of these people should not even be allowed to have children!! I am basing this off of a few sentences they wrote and see no problem with getting irrationally worked up about all of this!!! More exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure, I have a lot of stress going on in my life right now, and I’ve been looking for a place to unleash all of my suppressed aggression, but that has nothing to do with this perfectly rational tirade about this article that, I’m like 98% sure, was complete garbage!!

I will definitely be unfollowing this page and encourage others to do the same. I mean, I will leave after I continue to fight with people in this thread, which, again, has nothing to do with the fact that the world is burning, or that I have a lot going on right now and probably some unchecked anger management issues!

This post originally appeared on Sammiches & Psych Meds.