21 Hilarious Tweets That Every Introvert Will Appreciate

by Joanna McClanahan

It’s not that introverts hate all people. It’s just that peopling exhausts us — especially meeting new people. We dread icebreakers and the thought of making small talk makes us queasy.

Some interactions are more exhausting than others, and we prefer to reserve our energy for meaningful interactions and relationships. And when we’re done peopling, we need alone time to recharge.

Here are 21 hilarious tweets that sum up what it’s like to be an introvert:

We rely on our phones to help keep us at a safe distance from people:

But we never want to actually talk on the phone:

We want there to be more kindness in the world:

But from our safe, isolated spaces:

We dread leaving our safe spaces:

And live in constant fear of party invitations:

In fact, we’ll look for just about any reason to cancel:

Literally any generic excuse:

And when we don’t cancel, we get more anxiety with each additional person:

Parties definitely intensify our fear of small talk:

And that might make us come across as kind of awkward:

We’re usually in a rush to leave as soon as we get there:

There’s really only one kind of party we enjoy:

We enjoy it a lot:

Not that it matters to us if you understand:

But at least we understand each other:

We’ll avoid contact with others at all costs:

Seriously. AT ALL COSTS:

We especially like to avoid awkward physical contact:

And opening up isn’t really our thing:

Not that it will stop us from complaining about it:

Being an introvert is like living in a prison we’ve built for ourselves, but we like it that way. We’d rather eat sand than have awkward introductions or talk about the weather.

But the good news is, once you overcome the walls we’ve built, you’re in for life. Sometimes we just need an extrovert to adopt us to help us get there.