These Inventions Make Life With A Toddler Way Easier

by Team Scary Mommy
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Toddlers are complex creatures who have very little patience and even less impulse control. When you’re in the trenches of toddlerhood, it can feel like you’re constantly walking on eggshells just to keep them from having a five-alarm meltdown in the middle of the grocery store. We’re not gonna sugarcoat it, toddlerhood is no joke. Fortunately, there are a few things that can make those rocky years a little easier.

Here are 15 of our favorite inventions to help keep the peace during the terrible twos, threes, and let’s be real, fours.

Note: Prices reflect pricing at time of publication and are subject to change.

1. This play mat is so functional it will make Mary Poppins jealous. Transforming from a mat to a storage bag makes cleanup so easy a toddler can do it. Which is basically the dream, right?


Make it yours for $13.48 (originally $20.22).

2. Nothing makes life easier than the ability to check your toddler’s temperature by looking at a sticker on their forehead.


Help keep your kids healthy for $11.44.

3. This bowl is impossible to spill, which makes it perfect for toddlers. Maybe get a few for your big kids, too. Just sayin’.


Keep spills to a minimum for $7.99 (originally $13.59).

4. Speaking of spills, better get this cup, too. It’s completely spill-proof, unlike your toddler.


Get a 2-pack for $11.29.

5. If you plan to take your toddler to a restaurant, these disposable placemats are a must. They stick to the table so your little nugget can’t repeatedly throw them on the floor.


Put a 12-pack in your toddler bag for $3.88.

6. It’s a lot easier to keep a toddler from getting out of bed 37 times when they have a seriously awesome night light.


Keep your toddler in bed for $16.99 (originally $28.99).

7. Toddlers are like cats, they can get into anything. This 46 piece childproofing kit will help. Maybe.


Secure your home, kind of, for $5.98.

8. Sometimes you need a gate to keep them in, other times you need a gate to keep them out.


Make it yours for $59.00.

9. Does a toddler need a tablet? Probably not. Is it a seriously helpful distraction while waiting an hour for the doctor? Absolutely.

Image via Walmart

Distract your toddler for $55.99 (originally $111.98).

10. They want to help in the kitchen, and you want them to be safe. This kitchen helper step stool makes both possible.


Take it home for $125.96.

11. Spoons that turn white when food is too hot. GENIUS.


Get an 8-pack for $12.76.

12. There’s nothing cuter than a clean kid in a hooded towel. Oh, and they seem to really like them, too.


Grab one for your kiddo for $11.00.

13. Markers that only work on special paper? Yes, please.


Keep your walls clean for $7.99.

14. This amazing faucet extender, because your bathroom isn’t going to soak itself.


Make it yours for $7.65.

15. These flushable targets are awesome for perfecting their aim. Maybe grab an extra pack for your husband, too.


Get a 12-pack for $4.99.

Toddlerhood is hard even on the best days. There is no telling what will send those precious pumpkins into a fit of rage, leaving everyone exhausted and ready for bedtime. With a little luck and a lot of bribery, it’s possible to make it through to the preschool years, mostly unscathed.

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