The 'Invisible Challenge' Is Confusing Dogs With Plastic Wrap

The ‘Invisible Challenge’ Will Inspire You To Confuse Your Dog With A Plastic Wrap Wall


Dogs are really confused by the “Invisible Challenge,” but we can’t stop laughing at these videos

The internet is the best when the internet is just a big, happy place full of dog videos. Everyone on Twitter is doing something called the #InvisibleChallenge, and we can’t stop watching these dumb videos. To participate in the Invisible Challenge, cover a hallway or open doorway with plastic wrap and then let your dog do its thing. The internet called it “cute, but cruel” and like, it’s about as cruel as forcing your dog to wear reindeer ears at Christmas, so not that cruel at all actually. And completely hysterically funny, to boot.

Most dogs stopped to “inspect” these bewildering plastic wrap traps. They were so perplexed by this invisible barrier that in terms of confusing-situations-for-dogs — we’d put it up there with snow, gopher holes, and being introduced to kittens.