Here's How The iPhone Space Bar Hack That Everyone Is Sharing Works

by Christina Marfice
Image via Christina Marfice

This is the easy way to move the cursor around when you type on an iPhone

Everyone with an iPhone/iPad/iAnything with a touch screen knows that the bane of this device, the downfall of any iUser, is trying to move the cursor around if you need to change something you’ve typed. With human fingers, it’s basically impossible.

Until now.

A viral tweet started a large internet shockwave of people who couldn’t believe they never knew how easy it was to move their phone’s cursor around a block of text to fix typos or make changes. Because iProducts tend to be not-so-intuitive, we’re all just finding out about it now.

People are pretty shook by this revelation, and complicated though it may seem at first glance, apparently, it’s super easy. Allow us to explain.

Simply press down anywhere on the keyboard and hold until the keys all turn grey, like this.

Then, you can slide your finger in the direction you need the cursor to move.

It glides in the direction you need basically effortlessly, and all of a sudden, typing long messages and then going back to make corrections is a breeze. Finally!

While some of the younger, phone-savvy crowd may have already been aware of this trick, the number of people losing it online shows this was not common knowledge until now.

A lot of the people online who are (like us) just discovering this trick say you have to press down on the space bar, but in reality, almost anywhere on the keyboard will work. The only exception is if it’s a letter that has variants or accented versions, like “n” or any of the vowels, because when you hold those down, you get the option to type those variations (another neat trick that will come in handy if you ever find yourself trying to type in Spanish).

And now you are one of the people who knows. You are tech savvy. You can type a novel on your tiny phone screen, and easily make revisions. You can wow your even older relatives with your iKnowledge.

Just try to keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility, and if you have that much to say, a phone call might serve you better than a text.