Your Cat Can Have Their Very Own Iron Throne

by Julie Scagell
MadeForPets via Etsy

Can you really call yourself a fan if you don’t own this ‘Iron Throne’ cat bed?

If you own a cat (but let’s be honest, they own you), you know they have quite the attitude. Of course, they will allow you to cuddle them briefly and only with prior written consent, but their personalities are precisely why we love them. You have to earn their love, often, and what better way to do so than with a very fancy cat bed?

Game of Thrones families rejoice. You can now honor the most regal and asshole-y member of your family by giving them a slumber area of the highest honor possible — an Iron Throne cat bed. Etsy shop owner Made For Pets is selling this hilariously realistic bed made for the king or queen your cat really is and we are here for all of it.

Image via Etsy/Made for Pets

You can tell by the look on this cat’s face they couldn’t be less impressed and we really wouldn’t expect anything less. No more questioning who the rightful heir is to the Iron Throne — your furry feline. If you have multiple cats, no problem. The designer says two cats can easily fit inside or “defend the ‘battle’ for this warm and honorable place.”

Image via Etsy/Made for Pets

Based out of Kyiv, Ukraine, the Etsy shop is run by Kate Agafonova, an experienced graphic designer who has an obvious flare for fashion and a keen eye for the detail needed to pull off something as iconic as the Iron Throne. And if you’re making a replica, you may as well make it for someone as cutthroat and fierce as possible — your cat.

Image via Etsy/Made for Pets

The bed is selling for $272 plus shipping and is made out of foam rubber, using soft fabric and a machine-washable cushion stuffed with a synthetic filler called sintepon, which is something, in addition to curtains and your favorite couch, cats love to scratch and kneed. The bed measures 24 inches long, 17 inches wide, and 31 inches high and weighs about five pounds. The only thing better is if this were made to go over a litter box. Get it? Throne?

Moving on.

If that price tag is a little too steep, here are a few more GoT items sure to get you and your pet in the mood for the series finale.

This ceramic “I Bark and I Know Things” pet dish by BkentProductions is sure to make your pet’s mealtime more wise and enjoyable:

Image via Etsy/BkentProductions

Or how about this “Night King” number for your pet made by SoFetchReccords? This seems especially appropriate for any pet who keeps you awake at night:

Image via Etsy/SoFetchReccords

Amazon is selling this adorable “The Hound” bandana, because we don’t want to forget about our other favorite four-legged friends:

Image via Amazon

Unfortunately for the ‘Iron Throne’ bed, even if you order now you won’t see it before the series finale on May 19, but if you’re anything like me you’ll be watching the entire series over and over until you die so it doesn’t really matter when it arrives. For the U.S., Made For Pets estimates around three to seven weeks plus processing time for your order to arrive, but — look at this thing — it’s totally worth the wait. (Also, that dog doesn’t know what smack down lies in his near future.)

Image via Etsy/Made For Pets

This seems like the perfect way to honor all that Game Of Thrones has given us. Oh, and also our cats.