Being Naked In Front Of Your Kids Is NBFD.


Being Naked In Front Of Your Kids Is NBFD.

by Julie Kottakis
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Madge the Vag talks to pediatrician Dr. TJ Gold about whether it’s okay to be naked in front of your kids. Subscribe to Scary Mommy on YouTube:

WATCH: Is It Okay To Be Naked In Front Of Your Kids?

You may like being in the buff, but what do your kids think of your muff? And will they become nudist when they grow up? Have no fear, Madge the Vag is here and sat down with pediatrician, Dr. TJ Gold, to chat about nudity at home.

Dr. Gold says that whether it’s ok to be naked in front of your kids is about your family culture. Dr. Gold explains that children under the age of 2 years old do not understand the significance of being naked. By the age of 3 parents should start teaching children about body parts and appropriate behavior. Here are some tips on dealing with nudity around your kids.

There’s a Time and a Place. Dr. Gold says that while it’s appropriate to wash your hands in front of your neighbor, it’s probably not appropriate to wash your butt in front of them. It’s important to talk to your kids about what private nudity is and why sometimes, it’s important to put your pants on.

Nudity is Natural. How we react to nudity and our own bodies dictates how our children feel about their own bodies. If we cover with shame, our kids may learn to think that our bodies are something shameful. Remember, children don’t attach all the emotions to nudity and bodies, like we do.

When to Put Your Clothes On. As your kids get older and start covering up, it’s a good sign that you should start covering up too. If you have any questions or comments, email Madge the Vag at

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