Is This School's Viral Sleep Schedule Helpful, Or Hilarious?

by Maria Guido
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This sleep schedule will either help you or make you LOL

An elementary school teacher from Wisconsin posted a suggested sleep schedule for parents to use as a resource at the beginning of the school year. She posted it to the Wilson Elementary Facebook page where it went viral. Take a look and maybe you’ll understand why.

Who made this sleep schedule? Garfield?

I may just be speaking from a place of jealousy, because my kids don’t sleep. But 6:45 p.m.? Most working parents have barely finished work and fed the kids by then. How do parents adhere to a schedule like this? Do tell. Also, I love how ages five through eight just cap out at 9 p.m. If your kids don’t go to bed by then we’re not even talking to you. You’re hopeless.

The most amazing thing about this post was how many parents were chiming in saying it closely mirrors the schedule they stick to. Huh? Am I just doing this whole parenting thing wrong? I think I am. Kudos to anyone who can manage to get their kids in bed before Jeopardy. I haven’t been able to watch Jeopardy in years. Here are some commenters who totally think the schedule is right-on:

I applaud the teacher for posting this, and I think its pretty realistic.

Good to know I’ve been doing things right, thanks for sharing.

Looks pretty close to what we did, and never had a problem.

Absolutely “spot on.”

“Spot on?” Really? I knew I should’ve sleep trained.

This is very realistic however my kids go to be earlier then recommended. I have a 3 and 9 year old and they are both in bed by 8 every night and up at 7. I have a friend with 4 kids and they are all in bed by 7.

Now you’re just showing off.

Here are some reactions from people who are clearly in my fail-tribe:

HAHAHA! That’s funny!


Lol! Really?


If the mixed reactions prove anything, it’s that there are MANY ways to parent. Some give you freedom at 7 p.m., some don’t.

I think I’m in the wrong tribe.

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