Images Of Disney Princesses As Parents Show What Comes After The Storybook Ending

by Ashley Austrew

Artist Isaiah Stephens perfectly reimagines Disney Princesses as parents

Everyone knows the Disney version of Snow White or Cinderella, but have you ever imagined what happens after they ride off into the sunset with their Prince Charming? Well, you’re in luck. Artist Isaiah Stephens has created a set of illustrations featuring Disney princesses as parents, and they’re pretty much the most perfect thing ever.

Stephens created the set in conjunction with Mother’s Day, but the illustrations have only increased in popularity since then. Each one features a well-known Disney princess in a scene typical of motherhood — breastfeeding, changing a diaper, and yes, even giving birth. Here are a few favorites from the collection:

Bet Aurora is wishing for that eternal slumber right about now.

A whole new world, indeed. But at least their magic carpet won’t get stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital.

Oh, Ariel – you poor, unfortunate soul. If only that baby knew how to use a dinglehopper.

Too bad Belle already broke the magic curse. An enchanted talking breast pump would’ve been cool as hell.

Is Elsa wearing yoga pants? I’m pretty sure she’s wearing yoga pants.

Stephens shared the illustrations on his Instagram and Facebook pages, where they’ve since amassed thousands of likes. There are nine total in the parenting set, but Stephens has also drawn Disney princesses as characters in Titanic, Star Wars heroes, and even as Easter Peeps — oh yes, he went there.

The mom princesses are particularly funny because they lend a little bit of reality to these iconic stories. I mean, looking at them, you can practically hear Mulan touting the benefits of gender-neutral toys, or Rapunzel yelling at her teens that they shouldn’t complain about curfew because she was locked away in a hidden tower when she was their age.

The images are just for fun, but they’re also kind of a hilarious “where are they now” featuring our favorite characters from when we were kids. We may never get The Little Mermaid 4: Mom Escapes Back to the Sea For Some Motherfucking Peace And Quiet, but at least we have these to show us what it looks like when toddlers crash a princess’s happily ever after.

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