Boy Helps Choking Friend Thanks To Life-Saving Lesson From His Dad

by Cassandra Stone
Image via WMUR

The 11-year-old boy took quick action to save his friend from choking

There are few things more panic-inducing than watching someone begin to choke. Fear didn’t stop one young boy from taking quick action to help save his friend who started choking and couldn’t breathe.

11-year-old Jack Mongeau was sitting in science class when his friend and classmate Bella Moran began to choke on a lollipop. She put her hands around her throat to signify to Jack that she was choking. “She was trying to say, ‘Help me, help me,’” Jack told WMUR 9 News.

While many grown adults would immediately panic, Jack immediately performed the Heimlick maneuver instead.

As if saving his friend from choking wasn’t awesome enough, Jack actually recently learned the Heimlich from his dad, who is a licensed nurse’s aide.

Image via WMUR

“I stood in front of him and he (pushed in on my stomach) a couple times, and then it came out,” Bella said. Bella’s own dad is super grateful to her pal Jack and his dad.

“Very grateful and thankful to his dad for teaching him that,” James Moran, Bella’s dad said. “That’s pretty awesome.”

Jack’s proud dad, Steve Mongeau, asked his son if he’s going to call himself a hero for what he did. “He says ‘You know, there’s policemen and firemen who do it every day.” Which is fitting, because Jack says he wants to be a state trooper when he grows up.

Image via WMUR

As for Bella, she’s thankful her buddy not only came to her rescue right away, but had expert knowledge on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver the right way.

“I knew he would help me because he’s my best friend,” she said.