Woman Who Lost 350 Pounds Refused To Let Body Shamers Ruin Her Vacation

by Cassandra Stone
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Her response to the body shamers teaches all of us a valuable lesson

Going to the beach should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for everyone, no matter what. Putting on a bathing suit isn’t always easy for everyone, though, but who cares, right? We’re there to have fun. So we suit up and we enjoy ourselves. One woman refused to let body-shamers ruin her recent vacation to Mexico, letting the world know she had a blast regardless.

Jacqueline Adan, a fitness blogger who recently shed 350 pounds (!!!!) took to her Instagram account to share her experience.

“When we were on vacation in Mexico a few weeks ago, it was the first time I had worn a bathing suit in a long time, and it had been even longer since I wore a bathing suit without a cover up,” Adan writes.

She said she was nervous to remove her cover-up (and really, is there a woman alive who doesn’t get a little apprehensive when That Moment comes around?).

“I still felt like that same 500 pound girl…then it happened,” she writes. “A couple sitting by the pool started laughing and pointing at me and making fun of me as soon as I took my cover up off.” Because people are assholes. What kind of garbage humans do such a thing? As far as we know, beaches and pools are for everyone.

Her response to the body shamers is the epitome of grace.

“I took a deep breath, smiled and walked into the pool,” she writes. “That was a huge moment for me. I had changed. I was not the same girl anymore. Yes I still have a lot of loose skin, I may still feel insecure at times, and yes I may still get made fun of.”

This is a woman who busted her butt to lose an enormous amount of weight. She admits that while she was bothered by it (because she’s human), she’s not going to let “people like that” affect her.

“I am not going to let what other people think of me stop me from living my life. They do not know me. They do not know how I have worked my ass off to lose 350 pounds. They do not know how I am recovering from major surgeries. They have no right to sit and point and laugh at me. That’s why I smiled.”

Adan’s response packs a serious punch. Kindness and confidence will take you farther in life than being petty and cruel. Her post concludes by getting to the heart of the matter.

“It does not matter what others say or if they try to doubt you or try to bring you down. What matters is how you react to it. How you feel about yourself. Loving yourself just the way you are is hard. Others might not like that. That’s ok.”

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