Jada Pinkett Smith Has Family Cracking Up During Anesthesia Rant

by Madison Vanderberg

Jada Pinkett Smith gives a hilarious anesthesia-induced sermon at the end of a colonoscopy

Jada Pinkett Smith underwent a routine colonoscopy (ladies you gotta get them starting at age 45!) and with a routine colonoscopy comes anesthesia and with anesthesia, comes a deranged rant lovingly filmed by your family. As Jada was coming out of the procedure, her family turned the camera on her while she gave a sermon high on anesthesia that was so funny, her 23-year-old son Jaden nearly fell out of his chair watching it back later.

The video, which was shared on Jada’s Red Table Talk series, was titled, “Jada’s feeling ‘extra good’ after her first colonoscopy.”

In the video, Jada is recovering, full-on loopy-eyed anesthesia stare as she waxes poetic about a procedure she refers to as “sticking cameras in your booty.”

“You know, that’s a little, that’s a little cumbersome, you know?” Jada shared, eyes closed, words — a little — slurred. “For a moment, I had a bit of a panic when I first started. I was just like, I got scared, but I just want people to know that it was a very easeful process. I feel good and I feel extra good because I’m on the other side.”

“I’m so relaxed…I feel great,” she concluded.

The colonoscopy wasn’t supposed to be funny, it was supposed to remind you to go get your cancer screenings.

Jada played the video during an episode of her show Red Table Talk because the episode was about “the unexpected ways our gut health can impact our lives,” but her co-hosts for the day, her son, Jaden Smith, 23, and her mom, Adrienne Banfield Norris, 68, were dying laughing. Jada practically fell out of his chair. I don’t know what did him in, was it “sticking cameras in your booty” or describing said booty cameras as “cumbersome?”

The whole episode (which you can watch here) was really informative, with the family sitting down with gastroenterologist Dr. Fola May and dietician Nancee Jaffee, where they all discussed the various things that are plaguing their stomachs. It was also during this segment that it was revealed that Jaden eats pancakes every day and yet, cannot figure out why he has stomach pains, which is peak 23-year-old son energy right there.

Jada’s husband Will also vlogged his recent colonoscopy experience (he found a polyp, so it’s good he got the procedure done) and we’re thankful that this couple is spreading awareness about a procedure that people avoid because it seems uncomfortable but can literally save you from getting colon cancer! Bless the Pinkett-Smith fam for turning their colonoscopies into content. Don’t fear your colonoscopy, be like Jada, get the anesthesia, it’ll be funny!