Actress Jaime King Shares Sweet Message About Son Wearing A Dress

by Thea Glassman
Image via Paul Archuleta/Getty

Jaime King had an inspiring message about her 4-year-old son rocking a dress

When Jaime King hit the red carpet for the premiere of The Incredibles, she brought her 4-year-old son James along with her. The little one posed for pictures with his mom, all while rocking the prettiest of pink dresses. Later, the actress took to Instagram to share a snapshot of the two together — and offered up a very sweet, very important message along with it.

King began her post by expressing how much she loves her son and noted that he helped pick out both her lipstick and her dress (truly A+ choices all around). She then added the hashtag #ifyoulikeitwearit, which very simply and very powerfully knocks down all gender norms and expectations.

King has been vocal about her distaste of gender stereotyping and happily embraces whatever James is into.

“My son loves pink. I look at him and he’s not one way or another,” she told Stylecaster. “He’s just like David Bowie. He wants to wear sparkles and pink and bright, vibrant colors, and yet he’s in love with beautiful girls. But specifically, just a lover of everyone.”

The actress even started her own gender-fluid clothing line for kids in 2016, which was the very first of its kind. King explained that she hoped the brand would emphasize the “importance of every child’s self worth, happiness, and the joy of that love being shared with all.”

A-freaking-men to that.

Clearly, King’s message about self-love and acceptance is working at home. James truly looks like he’s living his very best life right now. Seriously, the mermaid costume is ~fire.~

So, where does King’s judgment-free, totally accepting attitude come from? She gives a whole of credit to her own mom.

“I always remember feeling attracted to everyone. A stronger leaning toward men, but attracted to everyone,” King told Stylecaster. “My mom never judged me when I had relationships with girls…she was creating a safe space for all of us with little money and little time, but with a lot of love. So much of my inspiration is from her.”