James Corden Gifts Us All A Boy Band Parody Hanukkah Anthem

by Leah Groth
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James Corden’s faux boyband makes a parody music video for an unforgettable Hanukkah anthem

James Corden might be one of the funniest and most clever dudes in the world. From his brilliant “Crosswalk the Musical” series (um, have you seen his Frozen 2 or Harry Styles segments?) to his willingness to put on a catsuit and sing alongside Taylor Swift and Jennifer Hudson in Cats, he proves time and again that he is willing to do anything to make us laugh. This week, that translated to forming a parody boy band consisting of some of our all-time favorites — Zach Braff, 44; Charlie Puth, 28; Christopher Mintz-Plasse, 30; and Josh Peck, 33 — in order to reinvent the Hanukkah anthem while paying homage to late-’90s boy bands such as 98 Degrees, *NSYNC, and Backstreet Boys. (Seriously, how does he come up with these ideas?)

The group, aptly dubbed Boyz II Menorah, perfectly nails a performance of “A Week and a Day,” which aired on The Late Late Show with James Corden. Brace yourself, it is epic — and they are everything we never knew we needed from a boy band.

Corden opens the video with a rap, during which a wholesome-looking girl gazes out the window at nothing. “Got a week and a day of love this Hanukkah, girl,” Peck sings, followed by Mintz-Plasse who adds, “Got a week and a day to show you how much I care.” (FYI, that’s how long Hanukkah lasts; this year, the annual jewish holiday kicks off Dec. 22 and continues through Dec. 30.)

“Got a week and a day of presents for a girl that shines brighter than any menorah,” croons Puth. “When you light the candles, baby, I wanna be there,” Braff adds.

Clearly inspired by New Kids On The Block’s ’90s hit “Step By Step,” Boyz II Menorah start going through the candles of the menorah. “Candle one: You strike the match and say the blessing / Candle two: Your sparkling eyes reflect the flame / Candle three: Your perfect lips sing out the prayer we’re both expressing / Candle four: You make a latke and you call it my name.”

Then, the group spins around on a life-size dreidel — because, of course — before singing the chorus.

“When the world gets sad, our hearts will free us,” they sing and dance, perfectly choreographed. “Just like Judas Maccabeus / When you light the candles, baby, I wanna be there.”

Continuing with the next candle, they sang, “Candle five: Oh girl, you spin me like a dreidel / Candle six: You pick me up when I fall down / Candle seven: Then you wrap me up like a blintz and rock me like a cradle / Candle eight: Your eyes are fires that make me melt. You’re lovin’ is sweeter than Hanukkah gelt.”

“Baruch atah ah don’t know how you do it,” Braff sings. “I got a week and a day of love for you this Hanukkah, girl.”

In addition to the amazing lyrics and extra-special dance moves, the Boyz sport some pretty on-point ensembles. Even Corden looks straight out of an authentic ’90s boyband video wearing an all-white, hooded tracksuit, with one leg of his pants pulled up.

In addition to giving us all a new Hanukkah song to love and cherish, we are so appreciating the ’90s nostalgia.

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