James Corden And The 'Frozen' Cast Perform Hilarious 'Crosswalk The Musical'

by Leah Groth
The Late Late Show with James Corden/Youtube

The cast of “Frozen 2” — including Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel — joined James Corden for his “Crosswalk the Musical” segment on The Late Late Show

This weekend Frozen 2 is going to dominate theaters in the biggest way. So what better way to kick off the major motion picture event then by gathering the cast for James Corden’s latest installment of Crosswalk the Musical?

In case you are in the dark about the late night talk show host’s special segment, it takes a popular musical and sets it in the streets (like in the middle) of a city. Previously, The Late Late Show debuted his version of Les Misérables, fittingly in the streets of France. Because Arendelle is a fictional town (sorry, kids) inspired by the Norwegian village of Arendale, James decided to bring Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaff, and the rest of the Frozen gang out to somewhere completely the opposite — um, Los Angeles — for the hilarious parody.

Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad joined Corden on Wednesday night, where they were surrounded by Los Angeles traffic. The idea was to have the Frozen 2 cast members play out some of the more monumental scenes from the original Disney film, as well as the sequel, while fighting against the evils of agitated drivers.

While Bell got to play her onscreen character, Anna, Corden took it upon himself to recast Queen Elsa — as himself. The OG Elsa wasn’t totally cut out of the project, however. The host allowed her to play the “coveted” role of Sven the reindeer.

“I’m sure James is going to be really great,” Menzel said to the camera, listing all the things she has to do — and all of her years of training — in order to get ready to sing all of Elsa’s famous ballads. “James just bought a blonde wig, so it’s basically the same,” she quips.

Bell confessed that her whole life has been leading up to this moment. “Ever since I was a little girl I have been running into crosswalks and breaking into song,” she jokes.

The hilarity continues, on, and on, and on, as the cast sings the songs we have all heard a millions times — then having to run off because of oncoming traffic. While Corden dressed up as Elsa might have been the best thing we’ve seen all week, Bell points out that Menzel should be playing Elsa and challenges the two to a sing 0ff. Naturally, the real Elsa wins. Corden is then forced to dress up as a snowflake — which is not a character, but whatevs.

Their renditions of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” and “For the First Time in Forever” are simply amazing. The cast also sings a song from the new movie, telling Corden that his snowflake character isn’t part of the number, but he finds a way to make an appearance anyway. But of course, “Let It Go” is the “showstopper” — complete with fake snow, Menzel jumping on cars, and commuters singing along to the tune.

Before you join all of the millions of children at the multiplex this weekend, do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to watch Crosswalk the Musical: Frozen.